My father drove through the night in order for us to make it back on time; a lot can change in three short years. Sure there could be more beneficial things I should be doing tonight like unpacking my room or getting ready for my first day back at Evermont High but, I like this idea better. Thankfully Oliver does, too. "Hey beautiful." A voice calls from the hallway before my room. I smile instantly, and spin around, briefly taken aback by how tall he had become. I knew his voice without a doubt, he was still my best friend after all. Wearing dark wash jeans and a navy blue cotton shirt, I watch him smiling back at me, and then step into my room. His tawny colored hair still as short and as curly as I remembered. His dark brown eyes treading over my body with an obvious look of approval. "Damn, you're really here."

"Sure am." I say, and then close the distance between us. Our arms wrapping around each other like they always had, and I nuzzle deeper into his chest. Which, if I were being honest, was a lot more muscular than before.

             "I missed you, Ri. I am so glad you're back!" I could hear the break in his chest as he spoke, his arms squeezing slightly tighter as he did.

"I missed you, too" I admit. He held me a minute longer before releasing me. Shit, the party! The thought flashed in the back of my mind.  "I just have to grab my phone, and then we are good to go."

           "And you're sure this is what you want to do?" He asked, crossing his arms, and then recrossing them as he did. "You wouldn't rather hang out here, and unpack?"

I turned around after pulling my phone from its charger, and shoved it in my pocket. "I'm sure." I said, and picked my jacket up off my desk chair just in case it gets chilly tonight. I had only been back long enough to put my own boxes in my room, I hadn't had the time to check the weather, and I was wearing cut off shorts, and a shirt. "Why? Are you changing your mind about going now?"

           "Definitely not." He said almost, too quickly. His eyes moving over my me, again triggering my own to roll in embarrassment. "I think I'd rather show you off."

"Oh really?" I laugh. My arm wrapping around his as we walk down the hallway, and out of my new house. "Oli, you're going to make me blush." Wait, hold that thought. Why was Oliver about to make me blush? I wonder briefly as I step up into his truck. My eyes following after him as he walked around to his door. My inner mind taking in just how much he had changed since freshmen year. It was definitely a good kind of change. And when his door opens our eyes meet, and as if on cue, I blush uncontrollably.

             "You know what?" He asks after a couple minutes had passed. I turn from his window, and stare up at him. His dark brown eyes, rich like chocolate, staying busy taking in street signs and the road in front of us.

"What?" I answer, thankful that he is driving so that he had to stay focused. Giving me time to think about what the hell I had blushed for? Oliver is my best friend. Just. My. Best. Friend. Our appearances may have changed but, our friendship hasn't. It can't! Right? My inner mind reels over on itself struggling not to think too much into it. 

             "Maybe I like making you blush." His voice is teasing as it is familiar.

              I ignore him, and turn back to look out the window. That wasn't a need to respond kind of statement, and I definitely didn't need to respond. Outside, rows of well managed homes, and brand name cars all new, line the street. It was a short drive, and fifteen minutes later we pulled into a long graveled drive way, and parked the truck. A tall overly white house - scratch that, mansion - with tall marbled pillars, and high arched doorways, sat nestled atop a hill in front of us. My mouth dropped open almost instantly. Holy crap! My inner mind does a happy dance. This can't be where the party is, can it?

"Are you ready to meet everyone, again?" Oliver smiled, while walking over to hold his arm out to me. I smile, and take it. "It's not too late to turn around and run."

               I shake my head, and roll my eyes. "I'm ready." I say and bite my bottom lip. Oliver watching me intently all while I do. I pretend not to noticed, and turn my attention back up at the hotel of a house. Only faintly can I hear the music from inside as we make our way up the gravel path. Well. I think to myself, take in a deep breath, and let it out. Here goes nothing.

The End

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