The story of the two blind men guiding each other across the road

This story is a parable about friendship getting you through and comradship.

“Hello, is someone there? Could you help me across the road please?” A man standing at the side of the road asked. As a  heavy flow of traffic speeded past him, inches in front of his nose.

“Of course I shall” a second man replied, as he linked arms with the first man and stepped into the road.

As they do so the first man says “I have been waiting by the side of the road for hours, calling out to everyone, but no-one had paid any notice except you” the second man was silent so he continued “I need help across the roads for I’m blind and weak, but no-one listens when I need someone to be my eyes” 

“Ah, that is a coincidence, so I’m I” the second man replied. They walked along without speaking for a couple of seconds thinking over what the other had said. But it didn’t affect them at all.   

“I don’t know why I bother with life, it’s so hard and I don’t get any credit for trying, sometimes I think how easy it would be to walk into the path of a car right now”

“No, don’t do that, then there will be no-one to guild me to the other side” the second man argues.

“Alright, for your sake I will not so I can see you safely to the other side.” The fist man relents. They walk along in silence for a few more second thinking over this new change of events. 

          “sometimes I feel the same way, there is no space for blind people in the world of today, no purpose we can serve that will do any good , would anyone miss me if I were to do it?” the second man said. 

“Don’t for then there will be no-one to guild me across” the fist man repeats.

“I shall not for your sake I shall see you safely to the other side” the second man relented.

The two men guild each other across the road. Narrowly avoiding the speeding cars all around. When they reach the other side the first man turns to the second and asks “what were you doing crossing a motorway anyway?”

“I was saving you” the second replied. 

The End

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