The Story of the Mansion

...And here, on your right, we have the Bloody Rose Mansion...

"But ma'am," the perky young girl chimed, "There's nothing here!" 

The tour guide smiled at her, laughing to herself as she replied, "The memories that are held on these grounds...oh, my dear...I can assure you, there is.  There is quite a lot here." 

The little girl looked puzzled, flashing crossed eyebrows at the guide, who then jerked her thumb at the lot.  Only, the lot was no longer empty.  Instead, a tall Victorian-style home sat on the lot.  Blood-red roses decked the front garden, a number of black ones on the porch.  Gasping, the girl's eyes nearly popped out of her head as she stared at it.  She shut her eyes tight, then flashed them open again...but the house was still sitting there.  Turning to the guide, who bore a smug grin, she began gaping like a fish. 

"Would you like to hear the story?"  the guide asked eerily, the side of her lip pulling up into a smirk.  

Too afraid to open her mouth, the girl sank in her seat and nodded slowly.  

...Brace yourself...

The End

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