The Story of Storey


 I glance at the school poster. It reads:

                                                       ROMEO & JULIET

                                                    sign up for try outs

                                                    at the back table in

                                                          classroom 2

    I want to sign up for it but I know that I won't get a part. I look terrible and I get scared to talk or sing in front of large crowds. Plus, I hear there is a dancing scene and i'm no good at dnacing.

    I look down at my skinny body. I'm wearing ankle socks with black converse. I'm also wearing our school uniform which consists of a black, white, and red plaid skirt, tie, and vest with a white polo shirt. The guys uniform is the same except they wear khaki pants.

    "Hey!" someone yells in my ear.

    I am startled by the sound but I quickly regain my composure.

    "Do you always have to sneak up on me like that, Aubry Claire Kross?" I say, trying to look angry but as soon as I see her face I crack up.

    Aubry looks like an Egyptian godess. She has jet black silky hair. Her eyes are light blue and her skin is tan. She has light pink lipstick on, black mascara covering her long lashes, and black eyeliner which really makes her look like a godess. She also has on a broze colored eye shadow. Her teeth are perfectly white and straight. She isn't muscular but she has that beach body that every girl wants. Oh, and she's filthy rich.

    I, on the other hand, have frizzy brownish hair. I have alot of natural colors in my hair. My skin is more olive. I have brown eyes like melted chocolate. I don't wear make up. I;m not rich but i'm not poor. I'm right between.

    "So," she says, interupting my thoughts, "you should totally try out for the part of Juliet. I hear Scott O'Connell has the guarunteed spot of Romeo!" she finishes, squeezing my arm.

    I look at her and smile. Scott has been my crush since seventh grade (i'm in ninth now). He has green eyes that are so sharp they are like knives cutting through you. He has tan skin; sandy colored, curly hair and he has some muscle but he doesn't look like he's on steriods like some of the other tenth grade guys. He is by far the most popular person in school. His smile is perfect and it melts me everytim I see it.

    The only yhing is, i'm Little Miss Nobody. Literally. That's my nickname here.

    My smile fades.

    "Shania will probably be Juliet. I'm not good enough," I whisper, than I walk away. "I gotta get to class," I say over my shoulder.

    Another thing about me is that my name is Storey Graces Ricardo, and this is my story. I'm pathetic I know. But some people say writing it down makes you feel better. Enjoy reading my messed up love life, haha. That wasn't was a sarcastic laugh.


The End

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