The Story of Sam

Aakasamurai is my Emerald Illuminaire on a website called Mythodreas.
This is his backstory and where he came from. :'D

Emestar is home to many different kinds of pets. However, not all of them are domesticated. Many years ago, there was a wandering pack of Illuminaire in the beautiful lands. They would pillage the shops and homes of Emestar and the islands. They would hunt any type of creature, feral or domesticated. They were a force to be reckoned with, a faction to be feared. Samurai was born one spring morning to proud parents. His father and mother were not high-ranking Illuminaire, and they held little influence over the pack. Samurai was one of five, the strongest and biggest of the bunch. Samurai's four siblings were much weaker than he was. The chill of the winter soon killed them all, leaving just Samurai. His childhood was a lonely time, but he learned to embrace the cold. The ways of the Emestar Pack were to fight and train their young. Samurai, deemed special because he was the only pup to survive, was trained by the leader himself. He received the highest education of the other Illuminaire his age. Because of this, the young Samurai grew to have a large ego. Samurai grew to learn from the leader that all who opposed him should be punished and dealt with properly. Of course, by this, the leader meant to strongly reprimand the individual, but Samurai took things to a greater extreme. The one Illuminaire that dared to cross Samurai lost his life. Samurai had led the fellow young Illuminaire deep into the pack's territory, toward the islands. He feigned innocence, stating that he merely wanted his colleague to see the view of the sunset on the horizon. Before the young Illuminaire could respond, Samurai pushed him in the water, knowing well that Illuminaire could not swim. In order to keep the blood off of his paws, Samurai simply walked away, not giving in to the young Illuminaire's pleas for help. Word soon got around that the young Illuminaire was last seen with Samurai. The latter paid no mind to the rumors, thinking himself as like unto a god for disposing of the offender so cleverly. However, things came to a head. Samurai was confronted by the leader as well as his heartbroken parents. His poor father and mother had lost all of their children, and now they were convinced that their surviving son was a killer. He was, but there was no way he was going to admit to it. Samurai had enough evidence to prove that he was not the killer, anyway. But there was no trial. Samurai got no say in his own defense. His sentence was immediate exile. Samurai was instantly surprised; the pack would let a murderer go instead of killing him, when many other Illuminaire were executed for simpler things. He wasn't going to complain. Samurai stuck his nose in the air and outright declared that he was better off as a one-pet pack. He left Emestar that very night and headed for the big city life of Mythopolis. Adjusting to the new life in Mythopolis was challenging for Samurai. He stumbled around for days, unable to find any prey suitable for hunting. Every pet there seemed dignified and civilized; something would have erupted had Samurai hunted an important pet like those of the city. One day, he was discovered by Aakacub, an elite and veteran human of the world of Mythopolis. No pets were with her, which surprised Samurai. Surely she should have had some that were at least twice his age! "Come here, guy," she had said to him, holding out an upturned palm. "I won't hurt ya." Samurai stepped forward and instantly gave into the girl. She must have had an Illuminaire before; she knew exactly how to treat him. "I'm Samurai," he simply growled when it was his turn to introduce himself. "Seems a little dark!" exclaimed the strange girl. Her green eyes shone as she spoke her next line. "I'll call you Sam for short!" Some would say that was when the grand adventures of Samurai ended. But he disagreed. That day marked the beginning of the grand adventures of Sam.
The End

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