Is it real?

I woke up and noticed i was in bed. "What happend yesterday"? I asked my mother. She didn't aweser me and she had a trobled exspression. Shortly after she picked up the phone. She was cooking so she put it on S-phone. "Maim we got a phone call yesterday that your daughters missing... we couldn't do anything then because of so many other crimes yesterday."

I ran to the mysterous room and fond it was really there. When i opened it it was completly yellow still but the beds were gone and the chairs and table were in the middle. Again the guy was there. He saw me and gave me a smile, having obviously gotten over yesterdays argument.

"Please sit". He said in his distinct voice. "Why can't my mother hear, see, smell, or even feel me!" I shouted at him. "I've already told you most of it but i suppose i should tell you the rest when Your'e rested!"

Then in front of me apperd a glass ball with a rainbow inside as it seemed. A feeling to touch it overwhelmed me and i did. Right then a voice said "Hello i'm the house keeper, i suppose you'd like to go to a white room with nothing in side". Ahh it read my mind! I jumped back starteld. The glass ball came closer again and said, "Sorry, I really am but please follow me". With that i followed her though doors and doorsuntill we reached the room she described.

Now when she left i was alone in a white room nothing else. I sat down on the floor and cryed. whats next i'm stuck in this white room for a century. I kept crying untill i fell asleep.

I woke up in the white room. I waited there for hours untill the boy came in and said "would you like to know now that you're calmed down?" I then said, "yeah", in a small tone. I felt like a little kid getting teased by a bully. This dude kept getting on my nerves!

The End

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