The opening of doors

She went straight to the freacky room, still wondering if she was making the right decieson. She bursted in to find the room completlly yellow. In it there was tons of yellow beds. Each on had a lump under a blanket. In the back were doors that she never saw outside the room. On one side was a boy about her age with a muscular body and a kind and good looking face.

It was a bit to much to take in and she started to fall when the boy ran with a uknown speed and catched her. He then caried her to a table with two chairs. He put her in a chair and sat down in the other. "Hello i'm quite sorry for giving you the weird note that would compell you to come". He said with a kind and perfect voice. I responded, "Don't try to flatter me just get on to the point why and how i'm here!" i exsclaimed.

He told me that any creture that was diffrent could come here to rest, play, ect. When i asked what was diffrent with me he said nothing and changed the subject. He gave me a map to exsplore and i ripped it up and said, "I have a normal life in a normal world that i would like to go back to". Anger changed his exspression, "If it were that easy i would have done that years before but no one can leave once someone wants them here"!

The End

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