The Story of Sally Cult

The character is Sally Cult. She resently moved to new york, and because of the overwelming stress, is in her new room unpacking clothes to take her mind off it.

I was standing there unpacking when I heard mom call "Come here, Sally". I set out to find my mom when I noticed another room that I hadn't seen before. I didn't go in then because of my moms request but put it on my to dos list.

I fond my mom in the dinning room. The room had red walls and a bright pink carpet that my mom adorned, but i hated. In the middle of the room was a purple table and a cople chairs, nothing else.

My mom told me that someone had slide this note under the door but when my mom opened it no one was there. I toke the note from my mothers hands before she opened it. As a left she said "love ya".

It read: Dear Sally, I want you to tell no one about the room you have or will discover. Inside lays the mysterys of the world. If the wrong pearson should enter it all inside will die! Gaurd it with your life, and tell only those required to protect it. And meet me there as soon as you get this note, for there is more to disscuse.

The End

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