the story of nietzsche and the glass jumper

"SILENCE" shouted my head teacher whilst our classes bounded noisily into the room. Boys and girls giggled and schemed how they could next annoy the teacher, all this happened whilst i was day dreaming out of the window letting my thoughts wonder

"Hey Nietz, NIETZ!!" my friend shouted, his name was Samfar, such a legend was Samfar and his glass jumper. No one else had a jumper like his, this was because it was made of glass.

"Whats up Sammy" i asked him whilst i was eyeing his glass jumper. 'nothing mate, just waking you up from your slumber." I had always been jealous of Samfar's glass jumper, the reason being was because it was made of glass. I always asked myself what i found so special about his glass jumper, i really suppose it was because it was made from glass.

I suddenly decided that i wanted Samfar's jumper for my own, i began to hatch a scheme to steal his jumper from him. After class i followed Samfar towards the staircase, hoping that from here i could jump him and steal his jumper. I leaped forward to grab hold of him, but pushed him down the stairs but i still had the jumper in my hand, somehow? i leapt from the window.

" I have the glass jumper" i shrieked as i fell from the window. The birds laughed and laughed, and then there was no more. The glass had shattered. The jumper's jumper had jumped. And i had jumped my final jump of jumpiness from the window onto the glass pieces. And then, with deathly glassy glee I rejoiced! I was one with the glass, and the glass was one with me, for i had formed my own glass jumper etched within my skin.

The End

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