Chapter Five- Rachel

As I got onto the bus, I thought about Jordan. He always sat at the back alone. She had always wanted to have conversations with him. He was really interesting to talk to. I think I'll sit with him today. I thought to myself. As I walked past my usual seat, I told my friend Mackenzie I was gonna sit in the back today. She gave me a kind of, With that weird kid that doesn't talk to anyone? kind of look. I smiled at her and kept walking.

I noticed Jordan looking down the isle and seeing me walking towards him. He had a look of absolute confusion on his face, and I had to stifle a laugh. This is going to be interesting.  I thought to myself as I walked toward him.

I stopped in front of his seat and asked, "Hey Jordan. Mind if I sit here today?"

He gave me a kind of look and made a noise like, "Guhh..."

"Uh... Jordan?" I replied, not really sure what he was saying.

He kinda blushed a little and said, "N-no. I don't mind at all."

I sat down next to him and examined him a little. He looks cute today. I thought to myself and smiled at him. He was wearing faded low-top Converse, the kind I had always wanted, a Sword Art Online t-shirt that I absolutely adored, some faded jeans with a tear at the knee, and a simple black hoodie. His hair was a little messy, as though he had just gotten out of bed. He had a thin cut on his cheek and his face was a little scratched up. I silently wondered what had happened, but thought better than to ask.

I wonder if he knows I like him... I thought as I looked at him. 

At that moment he looked up at me, smiling, and said, "How was your weekend?"

I smiled at him and told him about all that had happened. About how my Uncle had come over and they had gone to the fair. He listened intently and laughed when he should have and didn't when he shouldn't. He was a very good audience. 

I wonder why no one talks to him. I thought as he told me about his weekend afterwards. He sure is interesting enough. 

Jordan and Rachel didn't know it at the time, but this was going to be the beginning of a long, happy friendship that they had both wanted for a while.

The End

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