Chapter Two- Jordan

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I woke up and slammed the off button on my alarm clock and groggily sat up in my bed. I turned and looked at the clock and muttered, "5:00? Great. Thing's still busted."

My alarm clock had this crazy idea that I always had to wake up an hour early. "Well, at least now I have time to shower."

I slowly got out of my bed and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. As the warm water dribbled down my face, I thought about a lot of stuff. Mostly what was gonna be on the math test I completely forgot to study for the night before. But, some other stuff did cross my mind while I was thinking. Rachel was one of those things. I had been thinking about her more and more over the past couple months. She was just so... perfect. She was the only one who seemed to really accept me at school. Most people just tolerated me. Except for the tenth graders of course. They downright hated me. You see, my school is so small, they use the same teachers for every grade, and I'm in advanced history, so I get to be in a history class with the tenth graders. 

The tenth graders all hate me because I'm smarter than most of them, but I'm a grade lower. They constantly call me annoying and play some very cruel pranks on me all the time. Except for Rachel of course. Did I forget to mention she's a tenth grader as well? Probably. But, that might also be why I think she's so out of my league. 

As I got out of the shower and started to brush my teeth, I heard a soft knock on the bathroom door and my sister's voice saying. "Hey bro, I need to get in there and take a shower." 

I took the toothbrush out of my mouth and replied, "A couple more minutes Haley. I gotta finish brushing my teeth then fix my hair."

"Okay. I'll wait for a bit." She replied and returned to her room.

After I was done in the bathroom, I walked to my sister's room and knocked on the door and said, "Haley, the bathroom's all yours." Then I walked back to my room to get dressed and get ready for school. 

The End

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