Trapped in a Hell


Before my human left, she finally gave me food. Finally! I was dropping hints all day! I ran in the bathroom, also known as the neutral area, and guess what she did? She locked me in there! With my food and litter on the other side of the door, and Snuggles in the adjoining bedroom, I realized I was trapped. There was nothing left to do. Well, except make some peace between us. I look up and there she is. Staring at me from the bed. It's like her throne or something. Women. Anyway, I don't want to go in her territory, so I walk to the edge of the bathroom to get her attention. She growls, so I back off a little. She lays down, so of course I assume it means I can approach her. WRONG! She comes charging at me, hissing. This little runt of a cat comes running towards me; fangs and claws ready for the attack. I freak out and swipe her just to get the first word in. We had a- erm how should I say this, quarrel for a good ten minutes. She backed down, finally, and I sat on one side of the room, and she on the other. Three hours later, my human comes barging in the door and I get all excited. She remembers us! I glare at her, and she loves on me to make it better. I love her.



First of all, my human has officially betrayed me. She locked himmy up in here. It''s all some kind of plot she planned. Well, she locked him in my bathroom today, you know, where my food and my litter are? Yeah, there. I give him a nasty look, but he doesn't seem to understand I loathe him. Actually, I like him. A lot. But nobody can know that. Shhhh. I growl when he starts to come closer. We had our clean fight. Nobody scratched nobody else. It was clean. Don't listen to him.Anyway, my human comes back and I'm showing my anger towards her, but she doesn't understand. Poor human. Instead, I run to greet her, knowing she'll be broken hearted in the end. Oh, what would they do without us?

But if she does it again...Ohhhh.....

The End

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