Bert the Elastic Bandit

Things have really gotten a lot better for me since I was born on that cold night in the back of an abandoned Chevy.  My family was taken from our home on wheels by  an orphan kitten rescue agency, and then my brothers and I were fostered by a nice lady in hopes that we would find good homes.  She already had a siamese cat named Francesca she had rescued from a Thailand market.  Francesca was already quite the handful, so she wasn't planning on keeping us.  We were grateful to have a warm place to stay and trusted that she wouldn't let us go to a bad home. 

I was the runt of the litter, and all my brothers were adopted before me.  I guess I impressed the lady with my charm because she ended up keeping me. Francesca is like my big sister now, although I have grown to twice her size!

Today Francesca and I are chasing eachother around as usual.  I stop to chew on my favourite piece of cardboard and Francesca growls out of jealousy.  She's really got an attitude problem sometimes.  Always has to have her way!  She taunts me, so I chase after her again.  We bound across the couch and over the coffee table.  I forget what a big boy I am and knock over a glass bowl.  It smashes on the ground.  That's the third thing I've broken this week!

"BERTRAND! WHAT THE HELL?!" yells the lady.  She sometimes compares me to a puppy because of my destructive nature.  I am also known to drool when I'm really happy sitting on her lap.

I am busy chasing Francesca again when I detect a distinct scent in the air.  I am overcome with desire to seek out the source.  I poke my nose under the couch and discover what I had suspected - a hair elastic!  My favourite!  Sometimes the lady calls me 'Bert the Elastic Bandit'.  I like it.  The lady gets mad about it a lot because she has to keep buying more elastics.  I'm really good at hiding them!

The End

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