The Story of My Life- Kitten Wars


Today all I wanted to do was walk around ordering my person to do things for me, but Sneaky, like always, got in the way.

First, I was trying to enjoy my first sip of the day, and there he was, hiding behind the litter bag waiting to pounce. Nothing could hide that big furball. As a game, I let my tail slack, waiting for the pouncing moment. Naturally, he started swiping at my tail, so I swiped his face. He left me alone for awhile after that. I walked away on my bed with my dignity still in tact.

When my human decided to feed us that morning, I naturally wanted first pickings, so I rubbed on her leg hoping she would take the hint. (Sometimes, she can be a little slow about those things.) Of course, Sneaky would get in the way. He claimed the other leg and left his scent all over her. I was furious. I started kneading her leg affectionately, because I know she loves that. I won her heart. She fed me first. Victory! She still fed Sneaky, so it wasn't a complete win, but close enough to count. Snuggles-2; Sneaky: 0.



I had big plans today, like all cats do. First, I was going to terrorize Snuggles, eat, sleep, tear up my litter bag, and play. Oh, and terrorize Snuggles again. Well, that didn't go according to plan very well.

Before Snuggles' human wakes up, I know I have full reign over the field, naturally. I was waiting for this moment for, well, minutes. I stretched my paws, and took my place behind the litter bag. I even starved myself last night for this. I knew she scented me. After all, who couldn't smell my lovely cocktail of well-groomed cat? I thought I was well-hidden, and just when the perfect moment came, I attacked her tail. She knew I was there the whole time. She hissed and, of course, I ran before her human could wake up. She may have won the battle, but she certainly didn't win the war.

A few hours later, it was feeding time, also known as the best part of the day. Unfortunately, it was only kibble for us. No fancy chicken, or gormet salmon for us this morning. Nope. Just regular, old 'Cat Chow' for us. Well, I was determined to be fed first- just to gloat of course. I promptly started rubbing on her leg to win her affection. Naturally, Snuggles did the same and did that scratching her thing she does.'This is in the bag,' I thought, but I was wrong- again. I seem to be wrong a lot lately. So, being a well-trained cat, I nipped her hoping she would like that. She didn't and scolded me. At least I still had my food, though.

Tomorrow will be my day of glory.


The End

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