the beginning, or is it the end?

Where is this story going? Well, I don't know either! But it fits my mood right now, as I just had the biggest fight of my life with a friend. I think that the title suits me too, 'cause this is going to be the end of our commradship, and the begining of our friendship! This friend of mine is really nice, but I've already written a story about her. 

Anyway, I'm wondering what to write about, other than my friends, or lack thereof. It's true, I don't have many friends. But how many friends are you supposed to have in a classroom of five students? I have an abnormally small class. I am an only child and I don't like people as much as I do books and computers.

That is, except for everyone here on Protagonize! Why are all of you more like a family than many of the people that I know? Well, there's my facination for books, and my delight in using a computer, but I have recently though of another thing: We aren't rude or obnoxious to each other. We are polite, because we don't know each other very much, and we have common ground to talk about: books and writing!

It's quite a thing, that reading and writing can tie us together like that! Or, that's how I percieve it. But I've begun to see the reason for this story, how you percieve anything and everything! Just rambling on and on! It's a balm for a troubled mind, and a stimulant for a quiet one. All we need to do is think, and think through our pen! It's all we need to do to keep us writers happy!

The End

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