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Story of Josh Freeman is a story of the main character who going through things on his way to the American dream. It tells about relationship with Josh's best friend Mark, with his family, his girlfriend, and with people who have criminal history. While story goes Josh always faces problem of making the choice. His choice has a direct impact on its destiny and changes his attitude toward people around.

        written           by      Michael Newman                and       Mikhail Malov  2015 year

PART 1. American Dream.
BOSTON. 1987 year
A little white boy about 6 years old is walking with the small steps on a pathway. His name is JOSH. He is dressed in a light coat and the pants. He got some cap on his head. The boy is holding a toy model airplane with propeller in his right hand over his head. Josh squinting at the sun, which shines straight in his eyes. His face got сarefree children smile.
He does not notice a human figure in front of him, and crushing into it.
JOSH Ouch!
Josh looks up just above his own head. A white boy about 10-12 years old with short-cut red hair stands before him. The boy is wearing a red sport jacket and jeans. His face got a lot of freckles. This is JIM. Two white guys same age as him stand behind him. JIM'S FRIENDS are dressed in the jackets and jeans.
JOSH - Hello!
JIM - Hi! That is a cool plane!
JOSH - Yes! That is my grandfather's gift!
JIM - Can I see?
JOSH - Of course!
Josh gives his toy plane to this boy. Jim takes it in his hands, staring at the plane.
JIM(to friends) - Guys, you need to come and take a look. That is so cool!
He turns to his Friends.
FIRST JIM'S FRIEND - Yeah, just like a real one!
He turns back to Josh.
JIM - I think it is too good for such wet-nose like you! I guess I'll take it to myself.
Jim turns his back to Josh. Josh starts to whimper.
JOSH - No, it's mine, mine! You can't take it away!
Jim turns to him with a grin on his face. He stands, holding up the plane in his hand. Josh tries to get the plane, but he can't reach it.
JIM - I can do everything. I'm stronger and older than you!
SECOND JIM'S FRIEND - Hey, Jim, give him the plane back and let's go away until he calls his mommy to help!
JIM - But what she can do to us? No, the plane is mine now!
He keeps teasing Josh, holding the plane up his head. 
JOSH - Give it to me, give me this back!
Josh keeps whimpering. The boys stand laughing at him.
MALE VOICE (O.S.) - What's going on here?
A white tall man about 40 years old comes over to them. He is shaved and has bald spots on his head. The man is dressed in a gray coat and black pants. He holds a small briefcase in his hand. The MAN IN GRAY COAT looks at them wonderingly.
JIM - Oh ... we're just playing ...
JOSH(to Jim) - Do not lie!(to Man in gray coat)He took my plane and didn't wanna give it back!
MAN IN GRAY COAT(to Jim) - Is it true?
JIM - He will lose it or swap it with some stupid thing! But I'll bring it home, put on the shelf and will admire it!
JIM - I'm not lying, sir!
MAN IN GRAY COAT(to Josh) - Hum ... I'd help you to get the toy-plane back, but I won't do it. You should do it yourself! If I do this for you, then you will be waiting for help from others all your life. Good luck, kid!
The Man in gray coat smiles and goes away. Jim pushes Josh free hand.
JIM - Did you hear what that man said? It is three of us, and you're alone. So go run to your mother and forget about this plane!
Jim turns around and starts leaving. Josh stands for a few seconds, then rushes to this boy.
JOSH - I won't let you take it away!
He begins to beat the chest of the boy with his little fists. Jim hits the Josh's face his left hand. Josh falls on the ground, holding his right cheek.
JIM - If you don't leave me alone, I'll beat you so you will forget your name!
Trinity leaves. Josh continues to sit on the ground, holding right cheek. Tears flow from his eyes.
NARRATOR (V.O.) - Things that make us think about the meaning of life happen sometimes. The things that play a fateful role in our lives. In the universe nothing happens without a reason. Every moment is the test, a task that we must perform good. We are the only ones who are responsible for our actions. The world around us depends on us. I'm Josh Freeman. And here's my story.
A boy 10 years old is walking on the street. This is Josh. He is wearing a winter jacket. He got a hat with a pompom on his head and and the mittens on his hands. There is snow on the street. Josh is holding a stick. He is waving the stick around, like he is fighting with sword against the enemies.
JOSH - May the force of Jedi be with me!
Josh jumps and puts down his imaginary sword on a head of an imaginary enemy. Suddenly he sees something in the snow. The boy stirs a dark object with the stick. Then he throws the stick away and sit down next to the object. This is a small frozen kitten. Josh strokes the kitten. Then he takes it in his hands. He unbuttons his jacket and puts the kitten inside of the jacket. Josh goes further, holding the kitten. Three young guys 14-16 years are approaching him. One of them is the guy with red hair, wearing the red winter jacket. Other guys are also dressed in the winter jackets. They don't have hats on their heads neither. Josh recognize Jim and his Friends in these guys. He wants to turn around, but the guys stop him by whistling. Josh stops. 
NARRATOR (V.O.) - When I was a child I grew up without a father. Mother divorced with him when I was three years old, and he didn't really spoil me with his affection after divorce. The guys from our area knew it. Therefore, elder guys always see me as a do-boy, knowing that there is no one to stand for me.
JIM - Hey, Baker, what do you hide under a jacket? Did you steal sausage from a store to feed your mother's lover?
The guys laugh.
JOSH - No.
The guys come over to Josh.
JIM - You better show right now what you have over there!?
Josh unbuttons his jacket and shows the kitten. Jim leans closer, he pokes his finger in the kitten. Suddenly he pulls his arm back.
JIM - It's dead! You gotta be dumb to keep the dead kitten under the jacket!?
JOSH - He just has frozen. I'll warm him up, and he will come to life!
JIM - You're a fool, Baker! Throw this yuck away right now!
JOSH - I won't do that!
Jim grabs the lapels of Josh's jacket.
JIM - You're going to fight me, retard?
Josh frees from grab and kicks Jim under the knee.
JIM(writhing in pain) - Bastard!
Jim pulls his hand and rips the hat from Josh's head, trying to grab him. Josh runs away. Jim rushes to catch Josh. His Friends are running after him.
JIM(to Josh) - You better stop now, otherwise it will be worse!
Josh runs off without looking back. He turns at the corner of the house and flees further.
JIM (O.S.) - He is there!(to Josh)Wait, jerk!
Josh runs through some kind of pass and scoots into another yard. He turns at the corner of the next house and keeps running with a hard breath. Suddenly, he stumbles. Josh falls on the ground, hitting his head on a curb. He gets up, holding forehead with his hand.
JOSH - U-u-um...
Josh stands for a few seconds, then takes his hand from his forehead. He sees blood on his hand. Stream of blood flows on the Josh's forehead. Josh picks up the dropped kitten and puts it back under his jacket. Then he picks up a handful of snow, molds a snowball and applies it on his forehead. Josh walks further, holding up the kitten with one hand. He holds the snowball on the forehead with his other hand.
NARRATOR (V.O.) - Fear adds up an energy. I was motivated to escape from troubles, so they didn't catch me. I was happy I didn't give them the kitten. I could not take him home, because mom doesn't let me keep pets at home. And I decided to hide him in a safe place. I made for him a little bed from my mittens and covered his with the snow.
Josh buries the kitten under the snow and puts a twig in the snow near this place.
NARRATOR (V.O.)(CONT) - In the morning I came to check him, but found none. Most likely he was picked up by the cleaners, or was found by a dog. But that time I was sure that he got warm and left at the night.
NEW YORK. 1992 year
A few people are sitting at the table in the kitchen. White woman about 50 years old in a dress and with a shawl on her shoulders sits near the window. This is Josh's GRANDMA. White man with beard about 55-60 years old in the shirt sits near her. This is Josh's GRANDFATHER. And a young woman about 30 years old in a dress sits near the kitchen stove. This is Josh's MOTHER.
NARRATOR (V.O.) - When I was eleven years old, my mother moved to New York with me. With some difficulties she got a job with a help of her friends, that she liked. But she still wanted to be independent from her parents. Whole day she worked as a nanny in a rich house, while I was at school. And we used to ride a bus to spend a night from Queens to Brooklyn, where she rented a little apartment.
A boy 11 years old comes in and sits on an empty seat. This is Josh. He has a short haircut and scar on his head. He is dressed in a blue T-shirt. The boy keep his head low, trying to hide bruise under his left eye from the others.
NARRATOR (V.O.) (CONT) - After whole family discussed all together, it was decided to send me to school near the place where my grandparents lived. In the new school, of course, they immediately started to check me out.
MOTHER - Have you washed your hands?
JOSH - Yes, I have.
He shows his hands.
MOTHER - What's happened with your eye? Did you fight again?
GRANDMA(to Mother) - He didn't fight but was beaten! I talked with the neighbor Wallis, her son also was beaten by seniors at school.
MOTHER(to Josh) - What? They had beaten you, and you said nothing? Why you are not tell me anything right now?
GRANDMA - How often do you talk to him? I think you talk to other people's kids more often than to Josh.
MOTHER - That's my job! Sometimes I get tired after the whole day in a stranger's house.(to Josh)If you have any problems, Josh, just tell me about them!
Josh remains silent, he puts his head down even lower.
GRANDFATHER - Give the guy to eat in piece! Do some pause! Let's pray and start our dinner!
Everybody around the table are reading a prayer, and then begin to eat. 
NARRATOR (V.O.) - Mother always had tough relationship with my grandfather. When she was young, grandfather often had an alcohol abuse, trying to forget the flashbacks from his service in Vietnam. He used to drink and she was often beaten with a belt, that always was hanged in a noticeable place. Maybe that's why my mother ran away from home with the first whoever guy, who later on became my biological father.Grandmother understood everything, but she was too soft and could not argue with my grandfather. He was a only one tiger in our family.
Josh's Mother puts down a spoon next to a plate.
MOTHER - We should do something with this!
GRANDFATHER - I have an idea! I'll take him to Freddy.

Some other kid about 12 years old and Josh walk next to his Grandfather down the pavement. The other boy is a little taller than Josh and slightly thick. His name is AUSTIN. Josh and Austin are dressed in jackets and jeans. Josh has a baseball cap. Austin carries a bag. Josh goes with a package. Josh's Grandfather dressed in jacket and trousers. He got a hat on his head. He walks with a limp on his right leg, leaning on a cane.
NARRATOR (V.O.) - In high school I regularly was getting bumps and bruises from seniors who were trying to take away my pocket money. I was trying to fight back. But what a boy could do against guys who are three or four years older?

Josh with his Grandfather and Austin comes in the boxing gym. Boys are standing slightly behind Josh's Grandfather.  There was no repair made in the hall for a long time. This can be seen from its tacky walls and old parquet. Patched punching-bags are hanging low from the ceiling.
NARRATOR (V.O.)(CONT) - Therefore, my grandfather decided to take me and son of Mrs. Wallace to the Freddy's boxing club. Grandfather and Freddy met in the hospital, where my grandfather was treated after being wounded in the leg in Vietnam. He was reserved home to recover from injury, when young Freddy, who got a knife wounded into the liver in fight on streets of New York, were settled in his hospital ward. At that time my grandfather was a war hero, and Freddy was just a street thug. But this did not stop them from meeting and becoming friends.
A few Children are warming-up in the hall. They are running around the ring. A short man stands with his back turned to Josh and his Grandfather. He watches how kids are training. He is dressed in a tracksuit. This is FREDDY.
FREDDY - Get on the ball! My grandmother was running faster than you.
Freddy's voice has hoarse.
The standing man looks back. This is balding man about 55 years old. He smiles broadly.
FREDDY - Oh, Lewis! Hi! How is your leg?
GRANDFATHER - Hi! Still walking! I took my boy to you!
Josh's Grandfather turns around looking for Josh. Josh comes out from the left side of his Grandfather, Austin comes out from the right one.
FREDDY - Good boy.
He strokes the head of Austin.
GRANDFATHER - No, that's not mine! This one is mine!
He pushes Josh left hand.
GRANDFATHER - This is Austin, our neighbor's son.
Josh's Grandfather points at the boy on the right.
FREDDY - Do you have clothes to change?
GRANDFATHER - Yes, I brought it with them.
FREDDY - Now we have a problem with lockers. So better do not store the valuable things in there.
GRANDFATHER - Well, we will remember it.
FREDDY - I ask for fifteen dollars a month. You should hand over money until the tenth without delay. Semiannually I collect contributions for building repair and inventory update. If you have money for your own equipment, this is very good, because the gloves wear out quickly.
GRANDFATHER - We should talk about this face to face. I took kids to you to learn, but you're speaking about the money straight away.
FREDDY - I am sorry, Lewis, but we need to discuss everything right now, just to avoid any misunderstandings.
GRANDFATHER - Don't worry, Freddy, you won't have problems with me.
FREDDY - Deal!(to Josh and Austin) Hey, boys, somebody of you have ever been to LA? Want me to show you?
FREDDY - Okay! Put the bag down and look good over there!
He points his finger to the side and walks over to Austin from behind. Freddy lifts him up, clasping his head near the ears.
AUSTIN - Ouch! Ouch! I got it! Got it!
Freddy puts Austin back on the floor. Freddy and Grandfather are standing and laughing.
GRANDFATHER - Old Freddy's trick!
FREDDY - Well, boys, go change clothes and join the others.
GRANDFATHER(to Josh and Austin) - I'll come back to get you at the end of a workout! I will visit Sally in her cafe not far from here.
He pulls out his pocket watch and checks the time.
GRANDFATHER(to Freddy) - You'd better be careful with them!
FREDDY - Okay! I'll try to make them go out the gym on their own feet.
Freddy winks smiling.

Freddy is standing with a group of boys in front of the boxing ring. There are Josh and Austin in this group of Children. All boys are standing with boxing gloves on their hands.
FREDDY - So, we have to test two newcomers in a work. As they say, make an initiation ceremony.
Freddy pushes Austin in the back.
FREDDY (to Austin)  - Get on the ring!
Austin climbs through the ropes up the ring. Freddy points at the black boy in the red shorts near ringside. This is FLOYD.
FREDDY  - Floyd, let's go with him!
Floyd climbs through the ropes. Other Children are watching them outside the ring.
FREDDY - Fight!
Austin and Floyd approach each other. Floyd puts out his hands to the front and hits on his opponent’s gloves. They move back and stand in a stance. Floyd starts prancing around Austin.
FREDDY(to Austin) - Keep your hands near the face! Otherwise you won't notice how will be sent to sniff the floor.
Austin raises his hands to the face. Floyd throws a couple of straight punches to Austin’s head. Austin defends his face by blocking it with the hands. Floyd moves his hands down and puts his head forward. Austin hesitates.
FREDDY(to Austin) - Come on! What are you waiting for? Are we having fun yet? Punch him!
Austin tries punching Floyd with his right hand. At this point, Floyd punches Austin to the stomach. Austin falls down on the canvas, doubled up in pain and coughing.
FREDDY - Are you okay, boy?
AUSTIN - Hurts too much! I’m gonna barf now.
FREDDYGo to the locker room and sit there! But take off the gloves first!
The Children laugh, watching Austin leaves holding his stomach.
FREDDY(to Josh) - Now you!
Josh hesitates.
FREDDY - The ball’s in your court, boy! What you’re waiting for? Did you crap one's pants?
Josh gets in the ring through the ropes and puts on the gloves left by Austin. Freddy looks at the boys in the ringside seats.
FREDDY - You! Go with him!
He points to one of the boys. He is a white boy with a serious and confident look. He is dressed in the black shorts and black T-shirt without sleeves. His name is MARK. Mark gets in the ring. Other boys begin to hoot, whisper and laugh. Josh gives them a look.
FREDDY - Fight!
Josh and Mark approach each other. Mark does the tilts, his head to the side, flexes muscles of his neck. Josh holds out his hands to the front. Mark strongly hits on his gloves.
MARK - The shits gonna hit the fan! Be ready, dupe!
Josh looks at him, bewildered. Mark approaches him. Josh raises his hands, defending his face. Mark makes two straight punches, and then he makes a right hook. Josh defends again. Mark prances around Josh. Then he again makes two left jabs and the right hook. Josh defends himself and attacks him. But he misses the left hook which buckles his knees, and he falls off to the ropes. The boys next to the ring shout with joy. Josh shakes his head and blinks quickly.
FREDDY - That's enough, boy? You can join your friend in the locker room.
JOSH - No, we'll continue!
FREDDY - Are you sure?
JOSH - Yes!
Josh raises his hands. Mark approaches him again. Josh throws a left jab. But the boy does the bias to the left and punches Josh with the right hand. Josh's head leans back. He stands blinking. His nose is bleeding.
FREDDY - Enough! Mark, get out of the ring! Lewis will rip off my skin for the boy.
Josh wipes his nose with the right forearm. He notices the blood on his hand.
JOSH - Hang in there, Mark!
He rushes to Mark and begins to beat him boldly. Mark defends himself. Suddenly Mark does the right uppercut. Josh falls down on the ass on the canvas. He looks up at Mark.
FREDDY - Okay! Okay! Stop already!
Freddy gets in the ring and helps Josh to stand up.
FREDDY - And you're a fine fellow!
NARRATOR (V.O.) - That is how I was taken to the Freddy's boxing section. And Austin enrolled in an athletics group.
Josh's Mother combs her hair in front of the mirror in the room. Josh stands by the window and simulates the punches in the air. There’s a small TV-set in the room, the show "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" is on.
MOTHER - Baby-boy, do you want to go for a walk with me?
JOSH - Where?
MOTHER - Mrs. Phillips called and asked me to come.
JOSH - Okay, Mom. Just give me five minutes.
Josh leaves the room.

Josh and his Mother are walking down the street. Josh’s wearing a jacket, jeans and a baseball cap. His Mother’s wearing jeans and a long sweater. She carries a black handbag. A white BOY in a denim suit rides on a red bicycle past them.
BOY ON BIKE - Dude, check my new bike!
Josh looks at the boy. He shows Josh the middle finger and rides away. Josh looks sad. Mother noticing his sad face and puts right the baseball cap on his head.
MOTHER - Don't you want to take my hand?
JOSH - Mom, I'm not a kid anymore!
MOTHER - Okay. How is your progress in the gym? Do you like training?
They keep going.
JOSH - Yes, now everyone at school considers me, because they are afraid!
MOTHER - You don’t need them to be afraid you. You need them to love you.
JOSH - People are like animals, they respect only power!
MOTHER - Who told to you so?
They stop. Mother squats down in front of him.
MOTHER - Look, I don't want my son to grew up an evil person and a bad guy. Yes, I have no time to educate you. But it's because I have to work a lot to provide for us. Your father does not pay the alimony. Your grandparents support us. But I hope when you grow up, you will have your own large house, which you will have earned by fair means!
JOSH - Why do you not let grandfather give me presents?
MOTHER - It was he who told you about this?
JOSH - Everybody has a bike. But I don’t have one!
MOTHER - But you will! I promise! And I need to talk to your grandfather about the issue of generations.
JOSH - At school the seniors take away the money of weak pupils and spend it on what they want.
MOTHER - They do bad things, and life will punish them for it. You're not a little kid anymore and you have to understand this. Don't care about what others do, be honest and kind, try not to give way to negative emotions! You can win love of others only if you do good things. You understand me?
JOSH - Yes, Mom, all right!
Mother stands up. They go on.
MOTHER - That's good! Use the force only to protect yourself and your loved ones! You don’t have to look up to bad people. The evil will always be punished!
JOSH - I got it, Mo-o-o-om! Tell me, why then the good cannot defeat the evil finally? Everything would be great and everyone would be happy then. Why can’t it win?
MOTHER(sighs) - Bad things happen to us to test us. First you should fight your own devil inside. If you do something bad to the other, you contribute to the evil. And in the end, twice as much evil returns to you. We came!
They’re standing near a big beautiful two story house, surrounded by plenty off lowers and other plants.
JOSH - Wow, what the beautiful house!
MOTHER - Mrs. Phillips lives here.
They come up to the front door.

Josh and his mother are standing in the hall with expensive furniture. Next to them is a fat black MAID. She’s about 45 years old. She’s wearing a maid's uniform.
MOTHER - It's not proper for a young man to be wearing a cap indoors.
Josh's Mother takes off his baseball cap and puts it in the pocket of his jacket.
MAID - I'll tell Mrs. Phillips that you came. Please wait here, Miss Baker.
MOTHER - Okay. Thank you!
They sit down on a sofa. Next to the sofa stands a big beautiful vase. The Maid goes up stairs.
JOSH - Wow! What a beautiful vase!
He holds out his arms to take it.
MOTHER - Please, Josh, keep your hands to yourself! This vase is very expensive! I don't want you to break it!
JOSH - What does Mrs. Phillips do?
MOTHER - She doesn’t work. She married a rich man.
JOSH(looking at the vase) - She's probably an old and evil woman! All rich are old and evil!

JACQUELINE PHILLIPS (O.S.) - No, I'm not evil! And as you can see, not very old either!
Josh turns his head to the left and raises his eyes. A beautiful young blond lady in a black dress stands on the stairs. She is JACQUELINE PHILLIPS. She smiles at them with a charming smile. She gets down to them.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS (CONT) - Good afternoon, Mary! How do you do?
MOTHER(standing up) - I'm glad to see you, Mrs. Phillips! I'm fine, and you?
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - Never better! You took your son with you?
MOTHER(pulling Josh by the sleeve from the sofa) - Yes, he is not a frequent visitor of this part of town. Decided to take him for a walk.
 Mrs. Phillips examines Josh from head to toe.
MOTHER(putting down her hand on Josh's shoulder) - Say "hello" to Mrs. Phillips!
JOSH - Hello, ma'am!
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS(smiling) - Hello, baby!
JOSH - I'm not baby! I'm already twelve years old!
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS(laughing a melodious laughter) - Ha-ha-ha! You are quite an adult! You need to grow up a bit, and you will be a great lover!
JOSH - Do you want to hire me as your lover? What will I have to do?
MOTHER(coughing) - Mrs. Phillips, you wanted to talk with me about something?
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - Yes, but I didn't expect you would come not alone. Come with me. The boy should wait here.
MOTHER - Josh, sit here for a little bit. But don't be naughty, just sit on the sofa. And do not touch anything!
The women leave by the door next to the sofa. Josh sits on the sofa and looks around. He starts shaking his feet. He jumps off the sofa and walks along the hall. He comes up to a door that opens to the living room. The door is slightly open. Josh looks in the chink in the door.
Mrs. Phillips and Josh's Mother are in the living room. They’re sitting in the armchairs. The mother is sitting with her back to the door. There’s a coffee table between them.

MOTHER - But, Mrs. Phillips ... what do I do then?
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - I don't know, Mary! Try looking for another job. A new nurse starts working tomorrow. Take this envelope, it's your salary for all the three months. So, you have some time to find another job.
She puts an envelope on the coffee table and looks at the door.
MOTHER - I’m begging you, Mrs. Phillips, you know how it's difficult to find a good job today. I'm a single mother. I have a son. All this time you were satisfied with my work.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - That's right, you're a good worker, Mary. But the new nurse has certificates and higher education. And you have only ten years of school.
MOTHER - But children needed not just in a qualified teacher, they need a friend... They need a kind and open person, who understands the child’s inner world. Maybe I have no certificates. But I love children ... I understand them and always ready to help them ... I know a lot of stories and songs ... I never get distracted by unrelated things, when I’m in your house! I ...
Josh's Mother is trying to find the words, holding back the tears of resentment.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - There’s the truth in your words, Mary. Children are very attached to you. They may just not accept the new babysitter ... I don't know ...
There is a pause.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - Maybe I really hurried with this decision, and I shouldn't fire you ...
Mrs. Phillips looks at the slightly open door. Josh quickly slams it, afraid to be seen.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - What a peeping Tom is there?
Josh goes away from the door. He hears the footsteps approaching and rushes aside. He stumbles upon the vase. The vase slowly falls to the floor and shatters. Josh stands motionless beside the pieces of the broken vase. The door opens. Mrs. Phillips appears at the door. She gets angry. Josh’s mother stands behind her, with her hand on the mouth.
Josh and his Mother walking down the street. The mother’s eyes are tear-stained.
JOSH - Mom, I'm sorry that I broke the vase.
MOTHER - Don’t worry, I think, Mrs. Phillips will buy a new one already tomorrow.
JOSH - Mrs. Phillips fired you, right? I heard your conversation.
MOTHER - I'll find another job.
Mother puts her hand on the son's head.
MOTHER - The main thing is that you're with me. You're my hope.
JOSH - All rich do what they want. I wanna be rich, too!
Mother goes without saying a word.
Josh takes her hand.
MOTHER - The rich cry, too.
NARRATOR (V.O.) - So mom lost her well-paid job. She didn’t know the true reason of her dismissal. As she didn’t have the necessary certificates she could not get a job as a babysitter. She had to works as a dishwasher, so that she didn’t have to ask her father for money.
NEW YORK, 1998 year.
Three guys of 18 are sitting on the bench and dressing up. Tall and thin guy with a scar on his head is dressing his jeans. He has a pleasant and kind face. This is Josh. Big well-built handsome guy dressed in black shorts is wiping himself with a towel. In his facial expressions we can see a bit of narcissism, when he strains his muscles. This is Mark. The white guy of medium height with dark hair stands up from the bench and goes to the locker. This is BRAD. A big black guy in boxing shorts and a T-shirt without sleeves comes in the locker room. This is MARVIN.
MARVIN - You have already taken a shower?
BRAD - Not everyone has as much energy as you have.
MARVIN - Dweebs, you should train more.
MARK - It’s just no one wants to stay in the shower with you.
JOSH - Suddenly a soap accidentally falls down.
The guys are laughing. Marvin smiles and goes to his locker.
MARK - Josh, any plans for the evening?
JOSH - I should be doing homework in algebra.
MARK(laughing) - Ha-ha! Bullshit, only nerds do homework. After classes you have free time, you should do what you want!
JOSH - I'm a freshman, I should show myself as a good student.
BRAD - Mark is making a good point. You study at an educational institution. Don't let them make you study after classes!

MARVIN - My father works hard for all day at work, but he gets paid for it. But what do you get for your preparing all day long? Only a miserable scholarship if you study well! So, after the classes are over, you have every right to relax and drink a beer.
MARK - Or play Nintendo.
BRAD - Or smoke a pot.
JOSH - Education is an investment in the future life.
BRAD - Bullshit, most of the rich people were illiterate! For example, Al Capone, Escobar, Gigante... many examples!
JOSH - You're talking about criminals!
BRAD - Honor and profit lie not in one sack. Anyway you will have to deceive someone or steal from anyone to become rich!
JOSH - You can become a professional boxer, and you won’t have to steal anything from anyone!
BRAD - One thing is when you’re an amateur. Another thing is being a pro. Personally, I don't want to mutilate myself!
MARK - Okay, stop it!(to Josh)I just wanna invite you to come with us to a night club!
JOSH - I don't like hanging around!
MARK - Come on! There will be a lot of cool chicks! You've got to find a girlfriend! How many gals you had already poked? Personally, I've fucked five. And one of them was thirty-three. You should have seen what she was doing with me!
JOSH(shaking his head) - No, Mark! I don't wanna go to the club!
MARVIN - Maybe you're a fag? You'd better tell, I spar with you. I wouldn't want to stand in a clinch with a sissy.
JOSH - Go fuck yourself!
MARVIN - What did you say, you freak?!
Marvin rushes to Josh. But Mark arises between them.
MARK - Hey, take it easy, guys! Didn't you let out your emotions in the ring?
JOSH - Okay, I'm calm.
MARVIN - Yeah, right!
MARK - Well, Josh? Come on! Let's go to the club and dance! We'll relax and pick up a couple of hot chicks.
JOSH - I have no money ...
MARK - Old buddy, I have a sidekick there. He will let us in for free!
JOSH - Well, fine!
MARK - Okay, we going at ten!
Josh walks along the sidewalk. He carries a sports bag over his shoulder. He sees a bench in front of him. There three white young men about 25 years are sitting. In their hands they have bottles wrapped in paper packages. In the center the largest of them is sitting. This is SCOTT. Two other guys are BUDDIES OF SCOTT. They are dressed like street punks. A thin guy with long hair walks past the bench. He looks like an EMO-BOY. The guy in the center of the bench stands up and grabs a collar from the Emo-boy. Scott kicks the guy’s butt.
SCOTT(to Emo-boy) - Emo is shit!
The guy with long hair quickly goes away, looking back with a fright. Scott sits down on the bench back.
SCOTT(shouts to Emo-boy) - You should get your hair cut!
Walking past this bench Josh hears a whistle by his side.
SCOTT - Hey you! Have a cigarette?
Josh turns around, adjusting his bag on the shoulder.
JOSH - I don't smoke.
SCOTT - Sportsman, ha?
JOSH - Yeah.
SCOTT - I can't say so, looking at you. What do you think maybe I'm a sportsman, too?
He gets up from the bench.
FIRST BUDDY OF SCOTT - Scott, let him go further!
SCOTT(to friends) - Wait, we may do the same sport!(to Josh)What's in the bag, ballet slippers?
JOSH - What's up? Drink your beer and I'll go further. What do you want?
SCOTT - I didn't like your face. You look like some fagot from a pop group! What is its name ... does not matter!
He grabs the strap of the Josh's bag with his left hand. Josh beats on Scot’s face with the left hand. Scott shakes his head and makes two steps back. Josh throws the bag on the ground and makes two straight punches to the guy’s face. Scott falls down and lies on the ground motionless. The guys get up from the bench.
FIRST BUDDY OF SCOTT - Hey, what you're doing?
JOSH - Who's next?
The guys look down at the buddy and shake their heads.
SECOND BUDDY OF SCOTT - Okay, okay, calm down!
Josh looks around, takes the bag and quickly walks away.

Five guys walk along the sidewalk, they have bottles and cans in their hands. They are dressed in jackets and jeans. Among them are Josh, Mark and Brad. Josh is dressed in a jacket and a T-shirt with the image of Eminem. Mark goes with his hand on Josh’s shoulder. He’s holding a bottle of beer in the other hand. He is saying something in Josh's ear. The rest of the guys are laughing and talking loudly. Mark takes a sip from the bottle. Mark and Josh stop, other guys keep walking.
MARK - When I fucked Jenny, she screamed like a bitch! Gee, how awesome she was! Buddy, jail-baits, it's all bullshit! The coolest sex is one with a mature woman. She is already experienced. She knows what you both need. Jail-baits can only take it into the mouth, in the best case. Here Jenny is other case! She loves to give in the ass.
JOSH - Really?
MARK - Yeah, I've never got such pleasure before. Be sure to try it! I know what I'm talking.
JOSH - Okay, Mark.
MARK - Only not as a bottom.
JOSH - Lay off!
MARK - I'm kidding, bro! Wanna a beer?
He hands the bottle with beer.
JOSH - No, thanks.
MARK - Come on, you’ve been not yourself whole evening. You need to relax, and to do that you need to drink.
JOSH - I don't wanna. When I was a child my mother was giving me pi jaw about the booze, so that would not become an alcoholic like my dad.
MARK - Good for you! Listen to women more! Are you sure that everything was so, how she told you? Maybe she tells you only her wild guesses?
JOSH - Dude, she is my mother, I have no reason not to believe her. And, if it were not like that, then where is he now? Why during all these years he never came to see me?! I don't even remember what he looks like ...
At this moment Josh and Mark hear some shouting from the direction of their friends. Mark turns his head.
MARK - What’s the garbage going on there?
Mark and Josh come up to a group of seven guys. Mark touches the guy's shoulder. He is a white blond guy of medium height. His name is STEVE.
MARK(to Steve) - What's wrong? Who are they?
Mark points to the four unknown white guys standing in front of them. One of them is arguing with Brad.
STEVE - I dunno. Appeared from nowhere. They wanna something from Brad....
Mark takes two steps to the quarrelers. Unknown guy holds Brad at his jacket. He is of medium height, he’s wearing a hoodie and jeans. He has short blond hair. His name is SEAMUS. His FRIENDS stand behind him, they are dressed in jackets and jeans.
MARK - What's the matter? What's going on here?
SEAMUS - Mind your own business!
Seamus screws up his eyes and slightly opens his mouth. He has a disagreeable nasal voice.
MARK - He is my friend, and I'll tear off anyone’s head for him!
SEAMUS - I told you don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong! Keep out of this!
MARK - Now you will get out of here!
He smashes the bottle on Seamus’s head. Seamus falls to the ground. Mark begins to kick him. Brad joins him, together they beat Seamus. Other six guys stand looking at each other, three on each side. They are ready to break into a fight, but hesitate. Josh notices how a tall guy sticks his hand into the pocket of his jacket. This guy looks at his other Friends.
SEAMUS' FRIEND(to his Friends) - Why are we standing? They are going to scrag Seamus!
Josh for few seconds looks at what is happening, then begins to pull apart the fighters. He pushes Brad first. Then he grabs Mark by his shoulders.
JOSH - That's enough, Mark! Stop, stop!
Mark tries to escape from Josh’s hands.
MARK(to Seamus) - Got? I can give you more, prick!
He sits down on Seamus and strikes him several times with his right hand. Josh pulls off Mark from Seamus. Mark stands with his hands on his knees. He breathes heavily. Josh helps Seamus to stand up. His nose is bleeding.
JOSH(to Seamus) - Are you okay?
Mark spits and rushes to Seamus.
MARK - Wanna more, son of bitch?
Brad rushes to Seamus, too. Josh stands in their way. Other guys continue to stand still, looking at what is happening.
JOSH - That will do! Mark, Brad, I beg you, stop!
Mark and Brad are trying to go around Josh to get to Seamus.
JOSH - If you don't stop, you'll have to deal with me!
Mark stops on the spot.
MARK - Okay, I'm calm.
JOSH - Good!
Suddenly Mark rushes to the left from Josh. Josh takes a step to the left. At this moment, Brad rushes to the right from Josh. Josh turns around and grabs Seamus, protecting him with his body.
JOSH - Fuck! I told you "enough"!
BRAD - Okay, Mark. Enough, indeed!
MARK - Okay, let's go!
Josh pulls out his handkerchief and gives it to Seamus. Seamus applies it to his nose. Josh gets away from him to his friends.
JOSH(to Seamus' Friends) - No hard feelings, guys! We're leaving!
SEAMUS - You'll have big troubles.
MARK - Of course, come to Freddy’s gym! We are there twenty-four seven! Douche-bag!
JOSH(to his friends) - That's all, guys! Let's go!
They depart from Seamus’s company.
SEAMUS(shouts after Mark) - I'll find you!
Mark laughs. He makes finger fuck to Seamus.
MARK - Fucking dirt-bag!
BRAD - I think you broke his nose!
MARK - In my opinion, I broke his jaw, too! Will know, motherfucker!

Josh, Mark, Brad, Steve and Marvin are getting dressed in the locker room. A guy of medium height with red hair in a dark leather jacket comes in the locker room. This is MICKEY.
MICKEY - Which of you is Mark?
MARK - I am! And who are you?
MICKEY - You don’t need to know. You'd better think about what you'll say in two hours. They want to talk to you.
MARK - Mean?
MICKEY - Car-care center on West Forty Seventh Street. We will wait you there in two hours, you and your buddies, who beat our guy near Union Square the day before yesterday. If you don't come, you'll have big troubles!
Mickey makes a gesture his thumb across his throat.
Then he almost spits on the floor. He sniffs and looks at the guys. Then mixes spittle in the mouth and swallows it.
MICKEY - In two hours, Mark!
He goes out slightly waddle.
BRAD - Seems we've got ourselves in shit!
MARK - What the fuck are you whining? It happened because of you!
BRAD - Really? I didn't ask you to break his face!
MARVIN - It seems you have to deal with someone serious!
BRAD - What we’re gonna do?
MARK - What, what! We'll take all our pals together, we'll go there and kick their asses!
STEVE - If he said about the car repair shop in the Midtown West, then its owner is Irishman Pete.
JOSH - Who is Pete?
BRAD - Who is Pete? I'll tell you who is Pete!
Man with blond hair takes money from the desk of an UNKNOWN man, who is sitting with his face to the BLOND MAN. The face of he Unknown man is not visible. This all is happening in some office.
BRAD (O.S.) - One day, some gump borrowed a big sum of money from Irishman Pete. Twenty grands, it seems.
After that, the Blond man sits at the card table in a casino. He throws the cards on the table and clutches his head.
BRAD (O.S.)(CONT) - He tapped out in poker, and then decided to escape from Pete.
The Blond man sits on the chair watching TV in an apartment with cheap furniture. He hears someone knock on the door. He opens the door and two big HEAVIES barge in the room. They grab the Blond man. The third person comes in the room. This is the Unknown man. His face is not visible again.
BRAD (O.S.) (CONT) - So, when Pete found him, he threw this fat-head to the pigs on his farm. The hungry pigs liked this goof very much.
The Unknown man is sitting at the table in a restaurant and eats from a plate. With a knife and a fork, he cut a piece of meat on the plate.
BRAD (O.S.) (CONT) - And after that, he cooked an Irish dish "coddle" from one of these pigs.
Marvin scratches his head.
MARVIN - It seems you beat Seamus. He's a nephew of Irishman Pete.
STEVE - My ass!
JOSH - Right, it was Seamus ... I heard his friends call him this name, when Mark was beating him.
BRAD - Holy shit!! Pete is a big shot in the Hell's Kitchen. His business is closely linked to crime. Rumor has it that even nunky Hill is afraid him. One day Pete vowed to mince Hill and his people.
MARK - Damn, if you all knew, what the fuck then started this brawl?!
BRAD - How could I have known that he would be Pete’s nephew?!
MARVIN - Here's a jam! You have your ass in a sling, Mark!
MARK - Drop dead! Another wise-ass. How do you know everything?
MARVIN - It's a bitch! Everyone knows everything. Only Mark knows shit about!
MARK - Are you, fucking, Irishman?
MARVIN - I studied with him at school. He always was a rat!
JOSH - So what do we do?
STEVE - Maybe, we shouldn't go there?
MARK - Hold it! Did you hear what that guy said?
MARVIN - Yeah, Pete won't be joking. This is serious.
JOSH - Okay, Mark, don't drift! We will gather everyone, whom we will find! I'll tell Freddy, he can help us.
Josh dons a sweater and goes out.

Eleven people come in the premise of a big car-care center. Among the BOXERS are Josh, Mark, Brad, Steve, Marvin and Freddy. The Boxers are dressed in the jackets and jeans. Freddy is dressed in a jacket and pants. He has a hat on his head. They meet a white BIG-EARED GUY dressed in dirty overalls. His face is smeared with soot.
BIG-EARED GUY - They are already waiting.
He waves his hand to the side. The Boxers go further.
FREDDY - You're in a shit river, guys! And pull me after you! Did I teach you to wave your fists indiscriminately in the streets?
He turns his head to Mark. Mark is walking in silence, his head hung down.
FREDDY - Why do you keep silent? Nothing to say? You always was the noisiest in the gym, but now you shoved your tongue in your ass!
They meet the crowd of people. About twenty PEOPLE OF THE CAR-CARE CENTER are sitting or standing near the cars. A black MERCEDES S-CLASS W 140 stands in the center. Two figures are sitting inside. The car door opens and a big white guy of 25 years gets out of the car. His head is shaved. He is dressed in jeans and a black T-shirt without sleeves. This is DUKE. Josh and other Boxers stop in ten meters from the People of the car-care center.
DUKE - I don't understand, what the fuck you showed up here with a crowd?!  Are you going to play soccer or decided to make circle jerk here? As far as I know, the day before yesterday there were only five scumbags of you. Which of you are they?
FREDDY - Wait to shout! You are more than four men too!
DUKE - All who are present work here, guv! Which of you, assholes, is Mark?
Mickey comes up to Duke. He is pointing at Mark.
DUKE(to Mark) - Great! Come closer, bud.
Mark departs from other Boxers. He stops in front of Duke. Duke looks him in the eye, like a boxer in the ring. Mark looks at him. The rest of the guys are waiting for what will happen next.
DUKE - Seamus, come up!
Josh looks at Mercedes. But the figure keeps sitting in the car. Seamus goes from the side of the People of the car-care center, with a plaster on his nose and bruises under his eyes. He stops next to Duke.
DUKE(looking in Mark's eyes) - This is my cousin!
Duke points at Seamus with his finger, not looking at him.
DUKE - The day before yesterday he got his nose and jaw broken in the fight. Fucking shit! Someone should answer for it all! Maybe you?
Duke pokes the finger in Mark’s chest.
DUKE - I know it wasn't a fight one on one, he was beaten by several people. And this is fucking outrageous!(to Seamus)Show me who has beaten you!
Seamus comes a little forward. He points at Mark, then at Brad. His finger wanders among the Boxers, next he points at Josh.
JOSH - What? I did not even touch you! On the contrary, I helped you, while your friends were ...
DUKE(interrupting) - Cork!
 Josh stops speaking.
NARRATOR (V.O.) - I don't know why at that moment I shut up. I had to prove my innocence, but I succumbed to the eloquence of this brazen heavy.
DUKE - Like I said, when the crowd beats one man it’s fucking outrageous. And you have to answer for it!
FREDDY - You can come in my boxing club and find out the relationship in the ring any time.
DUKE - Guv, if I want you to talk, I'll let you know it! Got it, old fart?
FREDDY - Dig up, you!
Freddy comes closer to Duke.
FREDDY - I won't consider that you're younger than me, so I'll kick your ass now!
Guys from Duke's side start laughing.
IRISHMAN PETE (O.S.) - Freddy, cool it! You’d better lie in the sun and warm your bones, but you're still going with youth to showdowns!
A big white man gets out of the Mercedes and goes to Freddy. This is a plump man with red hair, about 45 years old. He has a wart on his cheek. He speaks with Irish accent. He is wearing a gray jacket, pants and a black shirt. This man is PETER "IRISHMAN PETE" WALSH.
FREDDY - Kid Peter has become Irishman Pete?
They hug and slap each other on the back.
IRISHMAN PETE - I thought something serious was happening. But can only see some children here ... and you. Lupus non mordet lupum. What do you forget here? Come with me, tell me ...
NARRATOR (V.O.)(interrupting) - Irishman Pete was at one time one of the best Freddy’s pupils. Only because of this coincidence, our heads did not fall off the shoulders in that car-care center.
Irishman Pete and Freddy are leaving the others.
NARRATOR (V.O.) (CONT) - Instead, we owed five hundred bucks for Seamus’s broken nose and jaw. Another grand bucks for the fact that so many people was diverted from their everyday work. Other fifteen hundred for the fact that Irishman Pete had to finish the massage session earlier in order to come to see us. Total three thousand dollars plus the commission. In block it amounted four thousand dollars. Mark and I had no idea as to where to get the money. But most of all I was upset with the fact that I turned from a good guy into a villain. Shit rolls down hill. I have remembered that lesson for long.
Josh and Mark are sitting on the bench. Mark is sitting on the back of the bench.
JOSH - Where we will get the money?
MARK - Why are you worried about it? Brad and me participated in the beating.
JOSH - Did you see how this bastard pointed at me with his finger? So, we all three owe dough.
MARK - I wonder where is Brad? Like he does not care about it.
Josh looks at his cheap electronic watch.
JOSH - You agreed to meet him at three o'clock. He is twelve rounds late.
MARK - He promised to come.
JOSH - Listen, we can work as loaders to my grandfather, he needs healthy guys. There we’ll have to unload sacks with feed for animals.
MARK - I don't wanna be a heaver.
JOSH - There pay ten dollars for one hour. If we work overtime, we will be earning about three thousand dollars per week.
MARK - What's the use? We need the money in a week! We have no time to make money, even if we work overtime. And the countdown already started yesterday.
JOSH - Who can lend?
MARK - I asked two guys, no one has the sum we need. But you know, when it comes to dibs, everyone only shrugs their shoulders and rounds their eyes.
JOSH - I can borrow a grand bucks from my grandfather, but I don't wanna tell him why I take up ... But still, it's an option.
MARK - No, Josh, I don't wanna carry sacks per ten bucks almost for a week to earn three thousand, and then another week to pay back the debt to your old man. We need to come up with something else.
BRAD (O.S.) - Howdy, folks! I'm a little late.
Brad comes up to Josh and Mark. They greet him with outstretched fists. Brad knocks his fist on theirs.
MARK - Wa-gwan! We are discussing here, where we will find the cabbage for Irishman Pete. Join us?
BRAD - Have an idea!
JOSH - Call!
Brad looks around.
BRAD - There is one prick from China, he owns a shop in Chinatown. We just need to visit him and to take away his moolah.
JOSH - Are you mad? I don't wanna take part in a crime.
BRAD - What crime? We won't rob anyone! It will be just a scare. You can consider it a tax. It's necessary to pay for a place under the sun! He won't go to the police.
JOSH - Are you sure?
BRAD - Bet my ass! In addition to his Chinese trinkets this one slant-eye quietly markets opium to honest and dishonest citizens.
JOSH - Shit idea! I'm sure he connected with the mafia. We will get in trouble thanks to you!
MARK - No, no! Hold it! Who will care about the crummy chink trading opium? Cocaine and heroin are highly prized! He's a little bag-man. I bet, he’s self-employed. If he were a simple hard worker, then it would be a different matter. In our case, he's a drug dealer, and this crud will not feel sorry and give a fuck!
JOSH - I don't like this ...
MARK(to Brad) - Where you got the info about the chink?
BRAD(indecisively) - My friend buys from him.
MARK - I hope you don't use the drugs?
BRAD - No, you're mad?!
MARK(to Josh) - Well, are you in? I like this idea! We haven't other way to find cly quickly.
JOSH(indecisively) - Okay.
MARK - Deal!
BRAD - Well, then we need to visit our cash cow!
Mark beats his right hook in the face of a plump man, who topples to the wall. This is CHINESE MAN of medium height about 40 years old with short beard. He is wearing a dark gray t-shirt and pants. Josh is standing near the exit of the storeroom. Mark comes closer to the Chinese man and hits him in the stomach with his left hand. Chinese man slides down the wall. He heavily caves in the floor.
JOSH - Enough already?
MARK - Oh, come on! Look how fat he is! All chinks are usually thin, but this one is clearly been asking for seconds in childhood.
JOSH - If you continue being like that, he won't be able to ask nothing nobody.
MARK - You'd better check Brad! I can cope with him on my own.
Josh comes out of a store room in a hall of a small souvenir shop. A young CHINA WOMAN is standing near the cash register. She is dressed in a long black skirt and a light gray jacket with a white blouse. Brad is standing next to her. The shop is waiting for its customers who aren’t there yet.
 BRAD(to China woman) - You're a sweet bitch.
CHINAWOMAN - I'm sorry!
BRAD - Who is he? Is he your father or is he a honcho? Maybe, you're just his little slut?
Chinese woman is silent.
BRAD - Dirty tart! You lousy migrants were permitted to arrive in our country. And you trade all sorts of rubbish here!
CHINAWOMAN - I'm sorry!
BRAD(squeaky voice) - I'm sorry!
Brad walks closer to her.
BRAD (CONT) - Do you want me to fuck you? The Chinese are said to have small cocks. But I have the large dick! You'll like it...
JOSH - Brad, stop to shoot the shit!
BRAD - What's happen?
Brad turns his head toward Josh.
JOSH - Nothing, you're acting like a youngster from the ghetto!
BRAD - Okay, stay with her by yourself, and I'm going to Mark!
Brad goes in the store room. Josh comes closer to Chinese woman.
JOSH - What's your name?
Chinese woman is silent.
JOSH - You don’t know English?
CHINAWOMAN - I’m just scared.
JOSH - Do not be afraid of us, we're not gangsters. You're not at risk. So ... what's your name?
JOSH - I'm Josh. Nice to meet you!
Chinese woman nods.
JOSH - I dunno how you do in China, but in States, basically, everyone is cheerful and friendly. Therefore you arrive here. Everybody uses our hospitality.
 Josh looks at the Chinese woman attentively.
JOSH - You're pretty young. Who do you wanna be in the future?
CHINAWOMAN - I don't know ... a worthy wife ... a mother ...
JOSH - And I wanna be a millionaire. American dream. Did you hear these words? People got accustomed to respecting only the power of money and authority. I want to achieve respect in the life among the people around me too.
At this moment Mark appears from the door in the store room.
MARK - Fine, we need to cut out ass!
JOSH - Where is Brad?
Mark looks back.
MARK - Damn!
Mark opens the door to the store room.
MARK - Brad, move your ass!
Mark goes to the exit from shop.
MARK(to Josh) - Come on!
Josh follows him. Josh turns around.
JOSH - So far, Sun Lee!
Josh and Mark are coming out of the shop.
JOSH - So what, all four grands?
MARK - Even more, there are five grands in a pack. Surely he had more, but greed ruins a dupe. Our goal is to pay the debt. And it remains on the bash!
JOSH - Great! What the hell is Brad doing there?
Pleased Brad goes out of the shop’s door.
MARK - What you had going on for so long?
BRAD - I was telling the slant-eye that we'll find him if something happens. In case he decides to go to the cops.
MARK - You're doing well!
Brad is hugging the guys.
BRAD - Excellent, fast buck!
The guys are leaving the Chinese shop by quick steps.

Josh, Mark and Brad are walking along Chinatown. Suddenly they see two Police officers, who are walking towards them. One policeman is thick and not very tall. FAT COP is eating a doughnut. Another cop is thin. SKINNY COP is talking on a walkie-talkie. Mark the first observes the Policemen.
MARK - Cops!
BRAD - They arrived strangely quickly ...
Friends are stopping.
JOSH - You said he wouldn't tell the cops!
BRAD - Apparently, they have a certain percentage from that chink.
MARK - We need to haul asses!
The guys are about to turn around. Suddenly Skinny cop notices them and points his finger at them addressing to the Fat cop.
MARK - Screw!
Friends flee from the Policemen.
Friends are running through the Chinese food street market. Fat cop is starting to catch up with them. Skinny cop is running behind him.
Brad looks back.
BRAD - Bitches! What is this fat-ass doing?!
The guys begin to overturn boxes with food, trying to delay the Cops. The Chinese are shouting angrily after the fleeing guys. Mark runs and grabs an apple. He takes a bite from it. Policemen are trying to overcome the overturned crates. Mark looks back. He takes a bite of the apple once again and throws it in Fat cop. Apple flies to the forehead of the policeman.
MARK - Bull's eye!
Fat policeman falls down. Skinny cop runs to him and helps him up. Friends run away from them.

Friends are going over the bridge.
JOSH - Seems like we broke away from them!
MARK - Look! Here they are, those fagots! Let them try to reach us now!
Mark points at the Fat and Skinny policemen who are walking beneath the bridge.
JOSH - Wave them hello!
BRAD - I'll give them something better.
MARK - What are you doing? Oh no-o-o ...
JOSH - I'll be damned!
Brad pulls off his pants.
BRAD(shout) - Hey, pigs!
Policemen are looking up.
BRAD - Kiss my ass, you bastards!
Brad shows his ass to the Cops.
JOSH - Okay! That's enough show for today. Let’s go and pay the debt.
MARK - Yes let's go. Brad, stop flirting with the cops already. Catch up!
Josh and Mark quickly go away. Brad wags the ass to the Cops. Then he is putting on his pants and catching up with his friends.
JOSH(to Brad) - Had fun?
BRAD - These dogs will be barking at my full moon for a long time.
Josh, Mark and Brad are entering the car-care. They walk on the car-care. In the booth they see Mickey, who flips through a Playboy, having put his feet on the table.
MICKEY - What do you want? Ah, you are the fools who must pay back to Pete.
Friends look at each other.
Mark unbuttons his jacket and pulls out a wad of bills from his pocket. He throws a wad of money on the table. Mickey takes the money, smiling.
MARK - Four grands that we have to give back.
MICKEY - You worked the oracle way too quickly. Robed anyone?
He hides the money in his pocket.
JOSH - Wait! Count it!
MICKEY - You're afraid something?
JOSH - Trust the dealer but cut the cards.
Mickey counts the money.
MICKEY - Four grands exactly.
MARK - So, we can go?
MICKEY - No, Pete said you have to meet him in the "Monica" cafe after you’ve brought the money. He will be there.
 The guys stand there saying nothing.
MICKEY - What are you waiting for? For me to bring you some coffee? Go and look for Pete in the "Monica"! Now, don't keep me from my work!
 Mickey reburies his face in the magazine.
Josh, Mark and Brad are walking on the sidewalk. They decide to stop.
BRAD - Well, let's just split the remaining money?
MARK - We have a grand. Two of us get three hundred and fifty bucks each and one gets three hundred.(to Josh)I think it will be fair if Brad and I will take four hundred each, and to you, Josh, we will give two hundred. Because the main work has been done by the two of us.
JOSH - I don't need this dirty money at all! I agreed to this only because of the debt.
Mark gives money to Brad and reaches out banknotes to Josh.
MARK - What? Oh, no! So that if anything happens you could tell you weren’t with us? Take the money! Two hundred bucks is not that bad. It was a freebie to you. You’ll buy new sneakers, come on!
Josh takes the money and hides it in the inside pocket of his windbreaker.
MARK - That’s better! And now it's time to meet Pete in the "Monica". He’s, probably, already tired of waiting for us.
JOSH - I don't like this! What does he want? We gave the money we owed back.
BRAD - Listen, guys, you go without me! I've got another important business!
MARK - What's going on? You decided to push off?
BRAD - We gave the money back. They’ll leave you unscathed in the cafe. If they were gonna smack you around, they would’ve done it in the car-care. I just really got an urgent deal!
MARK - Well, you are a sissy, Brad! Keep in touch!
BRAD - Don't say goodbye!
They watch Brad go.
MARK(spitting) - Schmuck!
JOSH - Yeah! Coming?

Josh and Mark are sitting at a table. Opposite them sits Irishman Pete with his two white ASSISTANTS. He is wearing a dark blue suit. His Assistants are dressed in the black suits. Pete is eating a dish of potatoes, sausages and bacon. Josh and Mark are watching him. 
IRISHMAN PETE - This is my favorite Irish dish "coddle"! Sausages, potatoes and bacon.
The guys are looking at Pete’s plate. Irishman Pete wipes his mouth with a napkin and looks at guys.
IRISHMAN PETE - Well done! You’ve found money quickly. Did you rob a jewelry store? Okay, it doesn’t matter. Should be there three of you?
JOSHHe has a bigger fish to fry. The guy at the car service center said you wanted to talk to us.
IRISHMAN PETE - Mickey! My treasurer. Hum, well ... I called you here to offer you the job of security guards at this restaurant. Recently I’ve fired two assholes for drinking on the job. It’s a cushy job. You should just keep order.  This place is quiet enough, sometimes, however, shit happens. You’ll be working from seven o’clock in the evening and till five o’clock in the morning. I pay fifteen bucks an hour for both of you.
Irishman Pete takes a pause. Josh and Mark look at each other. Irishman Pete pulls out of his jacket pocket a wallet. He counts several banknotes, folds them in half and puts on the table in front of the guys.
IRISHMAN PETE - Here for the first time. Buy normal suits. You can eat in the restaurant for free. Start tomorrow. So what?
MARK - We agree!
Josh looks at Mark, Irishman Pete notices this.
IRISHMAN PETE - I have heard one of you, but how about you?
JOSH - I agree.
IRISHMAN PETE - Perfect! By the way, wave fists only as a last resort! Ne quid nimis.  You are the guards, but not bruisers. I don't need the extra squabbles with the nabs.

Josh and Mark are walking on the street.
NARRATOR (V.O.) - When there are study, work and hobby in your life, you must make a choice. I talked with my mother, and she allowed me to work in a restaurant only if I would continue studying at the college. I had to give up trainings in the boxing club. Mark also decided to abandon trainings. He explained this by saying that in adulthood he ain’t gonna need it. In adult life all the problems are solved by money.
Josh and Mark are walking along the street with packages in hands.
NARRATOR (V.O.)(CONT) - We went to the shop and bought the black suits and shirts.
On the sidewalk stands the tall white GUY with the dark hair in a black suit with a duffel bag.
GUY IN SUIT - Buy electric shockers! Good shockers!
Josh and Mark stop beside him.
JOSH - How much?
Guy in suit pulls a couple of models out of his bag.
GUY IN SUIT - This one costs eighty bucks and this one costs hundred and twenty ...
MARK(to Josh) - Hold on! What for?
JOSH - You've heard that said Pete? Fists are only in emergency cases. Taser is the best way to calm any punk down.
MARK(to Guy) - Give us two for eighty dollars!
The Guy pulls out of the bag two electric shockers per 80 bucks each and gives them to Josh and Mark. 
JOSH - How to check whether they work?
MARK(to Guy) - Where to switch on? Here?
Mark puts the Taser to the chest of the Guy. The Guy winces and falls to the ground.
JOSH - Are you crazy?
MARK(looking around) - It works! Blow away!
Mark quickly goes away from the lying Guy, hiding Taser in his jacket. Josh hastily pulls out his money and throws a few banknotes into the bag next to the Guy. Then Josh catches up Mark.
Garage door is lifted up, Mark and Josh are coming into the garage. Mark turns on the lights.
MARK - Come with me, I'll show you something.
JOSH - Where can I put it all?
 Josh nods at the suits and Tasers in his hands.
MARK - Throw on a workbench.
Josh puts all things on the workbench, on which are scattered tools and small spare details
MARK - Stop messing around! Come here!
Josh goes to Mark, who is standing near a car covered with a tarp.
MARK - Hold your breath ...
Mark takes off the tarp from the car. Josh sees an old brown FORD CAPRI 3
JOSH - What is this clunker?
MARK - Clunker? You haven't any car at all!
JOSH - Does it rides?
MARK - Needs some repairs. Then I can get behind the wheel. Father didn't drive it since my mother went aloft. So now this beast belongs to me!
Mark opens the door of the car and step into a car, grasping the wheel.
MARK - Come on, man! Jump in!
JOSH - Do you decide to give me a ride?
MARK - Yeah, fifteen for boarding. Then the payment is according to the meter. And don't forget about the tips!
At this moment, a white unshaven man, of average height, about 45 years old are coming into the garage. He dressed in a red T-shirt without sleeves and jeans. From under his T-shirt bulges hairy belly. This is MR. DOUGLAS. He's Mark's father. He holds two cans of beer in his hands.
MR. DOUGLAS - Having fun, boys?
MARK - I'm showing Josh our iron monster.
Mark gets out of the car.
JOSH - Good evening, Mr. Douglas!
MR. DOUGLAS - Aloha!
He goes to Mark and gives him a beer. Then Mr. Douglas makes a sip from his own can and gives it to Josh.
MR. DOUGLAS - Take it!
JOSH - No, thanks!
MR. DOUGLAS - Come on! You have balls or not?
Josh looks at Mark, who sips from his can.
MARK - Come on, buddy! There are no cops here. Take a sip!
Josh takes the can from the hands of Mr. Douglas.
JOSH - Thank you!
He makes a small sip.
MR. DOUGLAS - Well, when my son start to screw hot chicks in this car?
MARK - You know, Dad, that it should be finish off.
MR. DOUGLAS - So what's up? Waiting for instructions from me? You would already have made it all yourself. Especially since, you’ve an assistant.
Mr. Douglas nods at Josh.
MR. DOUGLAS - Remember, my son! If you have nothing besides hole in your pocket, then you must have at least a four wheels. Otherwise, none of the gals won't be yours. You can talk her ears off and telling her anything about yourself, but to sex you should drive her in your car. They don't like to go on their own feet.
MARK - I got it, Dad! Thanks for advice!
MR. DOUGLAS - Come on, do this four wheels and fuck all the chicks in the neighborhood. I won't give you my bimbos anymore.
MARK - Okay.
MR. DOUGLAS - All right, keep on working. And I will go, I have a lot of businesses.
He yawns. Mark's father turns and walks toward the exit.
JOSH - Have a nice evening, Mr. Douglas!
Mr. Douglas raises his hand, without turning his head, to a sign of farewell, and goes out of the garage.
Josh looks at Mark, Mark takes a sip from the can.
MARK - What are you looking at? Help me!

Josh in a suit walks past the tables with VISITORS. Mark in a suit goes forward to meet him halfway.
JOSH(to Mark) - I will go to scarf down to the kitchen!
Mark nods.
Josh is sitting at the table for the staff in the kitchen. He is eating soup from a plate. COOKS and DISHWASHERS scurry near the cookers and the kitchen tables.
NARRATOR (V.O.) - Our job was to watch not only visitors, but also the staff. After each shift, we had been checking bags of staff, so that they didn't steal the food and drinks from the restaurant. Particularly strict control was needed for bartenders. Those often had been mixing alcohol with water, pouring expensive booze into their own bottles.

Josh and Mark are checking staff bags, sitting at the table near the emergency exit. PEOPLE FROM THE STAFF walk past them. They open their bags and packages before Josh and Mark.
JOSH - Okay, Sarah, you may go! Bye!
The Woman about 40 years old whose name is SARAH nods and goes to the exit.
MARK - So, Sean, everything is all right! All the best!
The small Man named SEAN walks to the door. 
JOSH - Justice, how is going?
A young pretty Girl with brown hair smooth her hairs. She has a stud on right nostril. JUSTICE chews the cud. She is dressed in green blouse and black skirt.
JUSTICE  - Fine, it’s a good place. I've already got used to work here for a couple of weeks.
She has a little tired and irritated voice.
JOSH - Open your handbag, please.
Justice opens her handbag.
JOSH - Okay, see you again!
She goes to the door.
MARK(to Justice) - Wait a minute!
He walks over to Justice.
MARK - Justice, maybe we'll have a rest together?
JUSTICE - I dunno, Mark. I work and study, so I haven’t much time.
MARK - Come on, babe! Sometimes it's necessary to find time for a fun.
Mark's face is near Justice’s face. Justice lowers her eyes.
Mark runs his hand along her inner thighs Justice. 
MARK  - What is here?
He lifts up skirt of Justice and sees a small flask, which tucked in the stocking. He takes the flask, unscrews a cap and sniffs.
MARK - I'll be damned! And I still wonder why customers are surprised that at Pete’s restaurant is panther piss!?
JUSTICE  - This is mine, I brought it with me!
MARK(chuckling)You know, Pete is against drinking on the job. In short, we'll pretend that nothing had happened, and instead I would like to have something from you!
Mark slaps Justice’s butt.
MARK - Next!
NARRATOR (V.O.) - During his time at "Monica", we were able to save some money, seduce few waitresses, make useful contacts. Even then, we decided to put off part of our money on some joint business. The work was not hard, but sometimes the troubles had happened.
Three men are sitting at the table. They talk to each other with an Irish accent. On the table already stands an empty bottle of whiskey. Justice brings the salads and a full bottle of whiskey. She takes up the empty bottle. Josh is watching while standing next to the reception bartender. FIRST IRISHMAN with a long red beard starts to molest to the waitress, grabs her butt. SECOND IRISHMAN with a broken nose and THIRD IRISHMAN with thick eyebrows are loud laughing. 
JUSTICE - Back off! Get your paws off me!
FIRST IRISHMAN - Relax, chick, once we have a drink and then I’ll take you to the toilet.
Josh comes to them.
JOSH - Gentlemen, behave yourself! Otherwise I'll have to ask you to leave.
SECOND IRISHMAN  - We won't go away unless we drink our whiskey.
THIRD IRISHMAN  - The girl wags her ass in front of our noses!
FIRST IRISHMAN(to friends) - Who called here this twink?
JOSH - Sir, I think you hurried to name me twink!
FIRST IRISHMAN - What? Get out of here, fag! And call here your mama!
JOSH - I'll mess your face up for such words!
Josh takes a step toward the men. The Irishmen jump up from the table. The First Irishman takes a bottle and smashes it against the table. He keeps neck of the broken bottle in front of Josh. Josh pulls Taser out from his jacket pocket. He pokes it in the man with the neck of the bottle, but Taser does not work. Then Josh hits in man’s face with left hand. The First Irishman falls. Josh turns to other two Men. One of them pulls out a gun from his pocket. At this moment, a chair breaks about his head. The Second Irishman with gun falls down, Mark is standing behind him.
Irishman Pete is sitting at the table. Josh and Mark are standing in front of him. Mark is dressed in a T-shirt with the image of Mike Tyson. Josh is dressed in a white T-shirt with long sleeves.
IRISHMAN PETE - What the fuck are you doing, guys? I can understand everything, rowdy drunken visitors et cetera! But why was it necessary to mutilate my restaurant's guests?
MARK - We just knocked 'em a couple of times.
IRISHMAN PETE - A couple of times? Two ones have concussion of the brain. The third one has two broken ribs. I have a cultural institution here! Not a fucking fight club! Besides, these were the people of Oscar Hill! Have you heard anything about him?
MARK - He controls Irish mafia in New-York if I recall right.
IRISHMAN PETE - Bingo! Well, what should I do with you, motherfuckers? I’ll have to source from your earnings for medical treatment of these poor fellows! You brought down me, guys.
JOSH - Damn! We do our job, but our earnings will go to other people?!
IRISHMAN PETE - What do you want, goddamn it?! Are you suggesting that I should pay for it all? I will have to come up with some bullshit, so that you would avoid trouble. Otherwise, your young white butts will be shining in the nigger district. And you know how this is gonna end for you!
JOSH - Why the heck do we need to work this way?
IRISHMAN PETE - Forget you, pal! You can consider that today was the last day you worked here. And I'll have less of a hassle because you won't be a red rag for those guys. Besides, your asses will be safe. Look for some other fucking place.
JOSH - Tough shit, we'll find a better job!
Pete beats his fist upon the table. His face is red with rage.
IRISHMAN PETE - Fuck you, assholes! I don’t wanna see you here anymore! If I see you once again, I'll knock the shit out of you!

Josh and Mark are on the street, walking away from the restaurant "Monica".
MARK - Are you a stupid ass, Josh? I almost shit my pants, when you started talking to him like that.
JOSH - Fuck it!! Son of bitch hired us to maintain order, and now he makes the scapegoats of us! Fat bastard!! Peter-eater!!
Josh turns around and gives the finger to the "Monica". 
MARK - Honestly, I’m already tired of this restaurant and its visitors. Fuck them all! We need to find some other work ...
JOSH - My college is starting in three weeks ...
MARK - In short, Josh, I have an idea. I'll tell you now, and you'll think about it at home and give the answer after.
Josh and Mark are walking to a supermarket.
Josh and Mark are coming out of the supermarket with the open bottles of Coke in their hands. Two hot girls are going past them. One girl is the white BLONDE with two tails. The other girl is the mulatto BRUNETTE with a tattoo on the lower back. They are dressed in the colored tops and the denim shorts. 
MARK - Let's pickup the chicks?
JOSH - Bring it on!
MARK - I'll start as usual? Or today you will show me your abilities?
JOSH - What, do I look like a nerd?
MARK - I don’t wanna upset you ...
JOSH - Get off!
MARK - Okay, no time to argue, we need to act on the spot, otherwise our gals will be picked up by others.
JOSH - Okay, just a moment!
Josh sips from a bottle and throws it in the trash, and then he runs after the girls. Josh overtakes the girls and stands up in front of them, smiling.
JOSH - Hi!
BLONDE - Hello, handsome!
JOSH - How are you? Where are going?
BRUNETTE - We're fine, just walking!
JOSH - Don't you wanna get to know me and my friend?
BLONDE - You mean your friend in your pants?
Beauties are laughing, Josh is standing embarrassed. At this time Mark appears in front of them.
MARK - Hey, cuties! I'm Mark, and this skinny boy is my best friend Josh!
JOSH - Well, muscles ain't it all! Right, girls?
BRUNETTE - Of course! Above all, a man has to be independent and generous. And everything else is in the second place.

BLONDE - Well, if apart from that a man is a good lover in bed that’s excellent! I like men who know how to do french way.
JOSH - French way?
BLONDE - Yeah! Oral pleasure.
MARK - Hum ... Babe, I'm the first tongue master around Manhattan!
BLONDE - Really? Well, maybe then we'll have some quality time together?
JOSH(making step forward of Mark) - This is what we were gonna offer you!
MARK(pushing Josh back) - Yeah! Just someone can't speak this up clearly!
BRUNETTE - Cool! Where are your wheels?
MARK - Wheels?
BRUNETTE - Yeah, your car.
MARK - My car's now being repaired.
BLONDE(to Josh) - And yours?
JOSH - I don’t even have a drivers license.
BLONDE - Ha-ha ... I see.
At this point an orange AUDI TT ROADSTER 8N with the convertible top stops near the curb. There are two white young guys in it. The boys are dressed in the Hawaiian colorful shirts. They have gold watches and bracelets on their hands. One of them has earrings in his ears and tattoos on his forearms. The TATTOOED GUY sits behind a wheel. The other guy has the pimpled face. The PIMPLY guy is wearing sunglasses.
PIMPLY - Hey! How are you, youth?
BRUNETTE - Fine! And how are you, boys?
TATTOOED GUY - So far, so good! We’re going sunbathing to the beach. Two seats in the car available!
MARK - Hey, don't you think you're a little late with your offer?
TATTOOED GUY - Really?(to Girls)Girls, do you want to go for a ride with us?
She walks towards the car.
BLONDE(to Josh and Mark) - Have a good time, boys!
She joins the brunette. 
MARK(through gritted teeth) - Bastards!
PIMPLY(to Mark and Josh) - Hey, goofs!
He gives them the finger. The car rides off.
JOSH(smiling) - We got damn fucked.
Mark angrily looks after the car.
MARK - Money talks.
JOSH - To hell this gold diggers! I still dunno how to do the french way.
Josh, his Grandfather and Grandmother are sitting at the table and having dinner.
JOSH - Where's Ma?
GRANDMA - She is visiting David.
JOSH - I'd like to discuss one question with her.
GRANDFATHER - Well, call him and ask for your mother.
JOSH - It's better to do it not by phone.
GRANDFATHER - Then you should go and visit her there. This kike doesn't inspire me with confidence.
GRANDMA - Lewis!
GRANDMA - Please, stop talking this way.
GRANDFATHER - I am used  to calling a spade a spade! And he really doesn't inspire me with confidence.
GRANDMA - And when any of her men inspired you with confidence?
GRANDFATHER - Who is to blame for her always choosing only idiots?
Josh's Grandma does not answer the Grandfather and turns to Josh.
GRANDMA - Josh, how is your progress at the gym? Tell us.
JOSH(chewing) - Fine, Grandma! Everything goes on as usual.
GRANDMA - Do you remember Austin? Our neighbor’s Wallis son?
JOSH - Yes, I do ...
GRANDMA - He is now a part of the Olympic team and prepares for the Olympic Games in Sydney.
Austin Wallis, the young white guy, stands on a pedestal in a blue T-shirt and the shorts with a gold medal, that’s hanging around his neck. He’s smiling.
The Blonde and the Brunette are approaching him. The Blonde holds a bottle of champagne in her hand. The Brunette has flowers. Austin opens the bottle. Splashes of champagne sprinkle every which way. The girls are laughing and kissing him.
Austin and the girls sit down in red DODGE VIPER ROADSTER. Austin sits down behind a wheel. The Brunette sits down in the passenger seat. The Blonde sits down on the top of a car's trunk between the seats. Austin gives the middle finger to Josh.
Josh stirs his soup.
JOSH - Okay ... I'm happy for him ...
GRANDMA - When will you gladden us with something?
GRANDFATHER(to Grandma) - Okay, okay. No matter what Josh will do. Most importantly, it should benefit not only to him but also to the others.(to Josh)Wanna hear a little story, Josh?
 Josh nods, chewing.
GRANDFATHER (CONT) - One day some businessman visited an object under construction, and decided to talk to the builders. He saw a man who carried bricks and asked him: What are you doing? That man wiped his forehead and said: Working like a slave! The businessman asked the second man, who was standing near bags of cement: What are you doing? The second builder busily rolled up his sleeves and answered: Earning money! The businessman came closer to the third man, who was carrying a large metal pipe on his shoulder. He asked the third man: And what are you doing? The third builder looked up and said: Building a church.
Grandfather makes a brief pause.
GRANDFATHER (CONT) - Moral of the story: life is meaningful only when a person pursues a great goal.
Grandfather looks at Josh. Josh continues to eat in silence.
JOSH(wiping his mouth with a napkin) - Well, I'll go to David, talk to mom. Thank you, Grandma, everything was delicious!
GRANDMA - You’re welcome, Josh.
Grandma takes Josh's plate and carries it to the sink. Josh gets up from the table.
JOSH - Let me help you wash the dishes.
GRANDMA - Oh! My little helper!
 Josh goes to the sink and turns on the water tap.
Josh stands next to his Mother. Mother is dressed in a dress without the sleeves. Near them stands DAVID. He is a tall white man about 50 with buzz cut and beer belly. David is dressed in a light shirt with rolled up sleeves and dark pants.
JOSH - Mom, may I talk with you about something?
MOTHER - Of course! What happened?
Josh looks at David.
JOSH - It's better to have a word in private.
MOTHER - Well, let us come into bedroom.

Josh sits in a chair. Josh's Mother sits on the couch.
MOTHER - But what about your study in the college, Josh? Have you thought what you would be doing in the future?
JOSH - Yeah, I have decided. I certainly will be a millionaire.
MOTHER - How it's easy and simple at you! Well, now you're going to make money by selling cars. How much will you earn on this? And what then? Will you be doing it all your life? I'm sure this work is also illegal! How are you going to live in your old age?  Who will pay you a pension?
JOSH - When I will be rich, I will shovel in money. I will not be needed any pension! I will build homes for elderly people and help those in need!
MOTHER - You're so naive! Big money don't come by easy way! Everything that concerns big money, one way or another is connected with the crime! Did you think about us? About me, your grandmother and grandfather? I don't want that one day I shall have to visit you in prison!
JOSH - Mom, stop lecturing me.
MOTHER - No! This is you should stop looking at your friends and trying to look cool! Learn and find a good job, stop screw around with this do-nothing Mark! I don't want my son to become a loser as his father!
JOSH - Oh, enough! This is my life, and I decide what I should do!
Josh gets up from his chair and goes to the door. Josh's mother jumps up and runs after him into the living room.
Josh's Mother runs after him.
MOTHER - Wait, Josh! I said, stop!
She tries to grab him, but he jerks back his hand.
JOSH - Do not touch me!
He goes out of the house. Mother sits down on the sofa, wrinkling her face. She puts her hand on the forehead. David stands beside.
DAVID - Forget it, Mary! Don't worry you so much due to this bonehead.
MOTHER - He's my son!
DAVID - Then solve the problem with your son somehow.
MOTHER - And what about you? Can you do something to help me or you can only wag your tongue?!
Josh is leaving the house. From the house door appears David.
DAVID - Wait a minute! We need to talk!
Josh stops and turns. David comes closer to Josh.
DAVID - You are speaking in a gross manner with your mother! Don't you think that you're still wet nose for this?
JOSH - Who the fuck you are that I should listen to you?!
DAVID - Start with I’m fucking your mother!
Josh and Mark are sitting on a bench at a bus stop. Mark holds a paper bag in his hand, from which one can see the neck of the bottle. Josh sits looking at his hands. Mark looks at him.
JOSH - And then he comes to me and says that he fucks my mother ... He's now in a hospital with a broken jaw ...
Josh stands his face to the house. He beats right hand in the face of David, who is standing with his back to the house. The David's head turns around from the blow and spraying spit.
Josh is sitting on the bench. Mark is sitting next.
JOSH (CONT) - I have thought about it and decided that I'd like to take your offer.
MARK - Great! Beer?
Josh looks at the bag with the bottle. Then he takes it from the hands of Mark and takes a swig.
Two GIRLS come to the bus stop. Mark pushes Josh in the shoulder and points to the Girls. Josh shrugs and waves his hand listlessly.
NEW YORK,  2000 year
Josh and Mark stand near cars on an open car park. They are dressed in the gray wind breakers and the black pants.
NARRATOR (V.O.) - In the small auto show of Kyle stood about twenty cars for sale. Most of all of them were stolen. Kyle's brother worked in the traffic police of Canada. With his help, Kyle could make the serial numbers of actually existing cars on the chassis of stolen wheelbarrows. And make documents with a legitimate information is as easy as a pie. Thus, it was that in Canada and the United States at the same time traveled twinned vehicles.From selling each car Me and Mark had been getting thirty percent for two. The only drawback was that if we would be caught, then we should get off the hook ourselves. All deals were in the Kyle's diary. Officially we didn't work at Kyle’s, and at first sight we looked like ordinary hucksters. The auto show was registered on Kyle’s mistress.
MARK - Well, where is this asshole? I already want to fress!
JOSH - Soon will be. Kyle said that he would come to three hours.
MARK - I can't wait. My stomach is growling.
JOSH - I'd like to eat something too.
MARK - So what are we waiting for? Look, there is a dog-wagon with hot dogs, which opened recently. Take a couple?
Mark nods in the side of the tent, which stands 100 meters from their car parking.
JOSH  - Okey-dockey.

Josh and Mark approach the tent.
JOSH - Hell, they don't sell hot dogs here. Only pies and pancakes.
MARK - How could I forget, that’s Brighton Beach! Only Russians live here.
JOSH - I know a few words in Russian.
MARK - Seriously?
JOSH - For example, "ssuka" and "blyadi".
MARK - What does it mean?
JOSH - I dunno. My grandma says that when she is angry with my grandfather. She is a Russian Jew. Her family fled from the Soviet Union during the war with Germany.
MARK - That must be absolutely fascinating but I’m afraid I’m not in the mood for stories right now. I’m starving. 
JOSH - What shall we do?
MARK - Have to take anything ... Let's try this crap.
JOSH - Sha-war-ma ...
MARK(to Seller) - Are cards accepted?
The SELLER of tent thrust out his red face with a large nose.
SELLER - I'm sorry, cash only.
MARK - Fucking immigrants! Josh, do you have any cash?
JOSH - I think I have some bucks in my pocket.
He fumbles in his pocket for money and pulls out 2 crumpled banknotes.
MARK(to Seller) - I will have two servings of this!
He points at the shawarma.
JOSH - Will you buy something to drink?
MARK(to Seller) - Do you have coke here? I’ll take half liter.
Mark pays and gives the shawarma to Josh. Then he takes a bottle of coke.
Just as John begins to eat, an unshaven, ragged TRAMP comes to him.
TRAMP - Excuse me, I ate nothing for two days. Could you give me a half, please?
MARK(taking cola) - Neither have we, old-timer. We haven't more money. And we wanna eating. Molest to others!
JOSH - Cut it out, Mark! He didn’t ask for money. He asked for food.
MARK - As you wish! My portion I'm going to eat myself.
Josh looks at the Tramp, then at the shawarma. He gives the Tramp his shawarma.
JOSH - Here! Take it.
The Tramp eagerly digs his teeth into shawarma.
MARK - Don't you wanna say 'thanks', ungrateful?
TRAMP - I'm sorry! Just really wanna eat. Thank you, good people! God bless you!
The Tramp leaves. Mark stands with his shawarma and cola. He looks at Josh. Josh looks at him.
MARK - What are you looking? Your half you lost. So now, go hungry. Serves you right!
JOSH - Well ... I will come home and have a dinner. And this poor homeless, maybe doesn't have home.
MARK - Fuck me! I cannot but share it with my best friend. Take it!
Mark breaks in half the shawarma and gives one half to Josh. They are walking back to the auto show.
JOSH - Look! Here comes our client!
Josh nods in the side of the car that moves to the parking of auto show.

Josh and Mark are in the building of auto show with a white man about 40 years with sleek hair. He is dressed in a brown jacket. This is the CAR BUYER. Mark counts money. Josh observes the man who gazes through the window at the silver MAZDA RX7 parked in the parking.
MARK - All right!
CAR BUYER - Well, gimme a title.
MARK - It was a pleasure to deal with you!
Mark tears off half title and gives it to the man.
The Car buyer comes out.
The Car buyer gets into the Mazda. Mark and Josh stand nearby.
CAR BUYER - Well, guys, if you screw me, I'll find you! Mark my words!
MARK - No problem! Wheelbarrow is a beast! You'll be fucking chicks in it and remember us.
The Car buyer smiles wryly.
Mark gives him the car keys. Glass rises. They hear the sound of the engine. The car leaves the parking. Josh and Mark are looking at him.
MARK - Excellent we have cut the dough! Twenty thousand minus thirty percent, it's more than three larges on the person!
JOSH - I've been thinking ... Somewhere I've seen the guy who brought our buyer! I don't remember where ...
MARK - Well, fuck him. Let's have a cup of coffee. I have learned where Kyle hid a stash.
They go inside.
Josh and Mark are standing near window. They hear mobile bell. Josh pulls out his mobile phone NOKIA 8110.
JOSH(by phone) - Hello! Yeah ... Hey, we have been waiting for you ... Yeah! Today one car has leaved ... Yes ... Okay, I got it. We are waiting. See you latter!
Josh puts away the phone to his pocket.
 MARK  - It was Kyle?
Josh turns to Mark, standing with his back to the window.
 JOSH - Yeah. He told me he would arrive to six o'clock.
In this moment two BLACK GUYS are coming to the parking lot. Mark gets up and looks through the window.
 MARK - What the heck they are forgot here?
Two Black guys are walking between cars. They are dressed in the dark clothes and black baseball caps. Josh and Mark stand aloof, looking at them.
JOSH(quietly) - Who will hold a test drive with them?
MARK(quietly) - Who's... You're, surely! I’ve already a ride today.
JOSH(loud whisper) - Are you kidding? I won't ride with them. Just look at them! Such ones will arrive to a distant place, will pull out the guns from under the shirts. And in the best case I’ll come back on foot!
MARK(quietly) - Did you shit your pants, old man? Yes, they just wanna ride and show off! I'm sure now they’ll put their asses in the Rover. Then one of them will steer, throwing seat back to capacity, and the other will pick up chicks through the open window. And in the end they will stop the car near any supermarket and quietly go for a beer. And you will ride back.
The Black guys stop near the dark blue ROVER 75.
MARK - Well! What did I tell you?
BLACK GUY(to Josh and Mark) - Dude, we wanna test this wheelbarrow!
One Black guy points to the Rover.
Josh tensely looks at the Black guys, not saying a word.
MARK(to Josh) - Well, hell with you! Let's go together ...
Mark gets behind the wheel, throwing a bag on the back seat. Josh sits in the front seat.
MARK - Well, old man, everything goes as I said. Don’t you wanna buy yourself something, since we’re near the supermarket?
JOSH - Why the hell are you carrying money?
MARK - You wanted me to leave it there? Hell no, I will personally put it straight into the Kyle’s hands. I doubt he’ll be glad to know we closed the salon and came together. Fuck it, we’ll tell him you were afraid of two young black gangsters.
JOSH - He won't give a shit once he sees the money.
Mark starts the engine of the car and turns on the radio.
MARK - Fucking shit... looks like that crap wasn’t fresh.
Josh remains silent.
MARK - I guess you don't give a shit about a food, your stomach digests. Why are you silent?
The car starts moving. Mark turns the wheel.
JOSH - Now I remember! It was an Irishman Pete’s guy!
MARK - Who are you talking about?
JOSH - About that guy who brought our buyer today.
MARK - Are you sure?
JOSH - Absolutely! I have a good memory for the faces. I saw him at the "Monica" with Pete.
MARK - Fuck! Pete has his own workshop. If his guys are good, they’ll figure out the plates are fake. They’ll have some questions to us.
JOSH - Okay, let's go to Kyle and give him the money. Then we’ll think it through.
MARK - Let's drive to my place first, I want to shit.

Josh and Mark enter the car dealership carrying the bag.
JOSH - Kyle? Kyle, are you here?
MARK - Call him!
Josh pulls out the mobile phone and calls. They hear the the ringing cell phone. Mark heads toward the table and takes the cell phone SIEMENS SL 10. He shows it to Josh. Josh declines the call and puts the cell into the pocket.
MARK - Strange, the phone is here! The door is open ...
JOSH - Hold on!
He goes further, Mark follows him. They head to the white TOYOTA XV 20 AVALON. Legs in pants and shoes are visible under the car.
MARK - Kyle, what are you doing there?
Josh points at a leveling jack lying close to the car and at the missing wheels.
MARK - Damn! No!
Josh comes closer to Toyota and touches Kyle’s leg.
JOSH - He’s done!
MARK - Someone had already been here before us! We need to get the fuck out of here!
JOSH - We better call the police! They will find us, witnesses saw us here! We don’t know if he was killed. Maybe he died under the car just by cause?
MARK - When was the last time you saw Kyle under a car in his pants? We gotta get out! Plus we have a bag full of dough! Police won’t have any evidences, we worked on him. Come on, man!
JOSH - Okay, let’s go!

Josh sits at the table. White mustached DETECTIVE in a white shirt sits opposite to him.
DETECTIVE - I have to tell you we know that the dealership was owned by Kyle Michigan and that you worked on him. So I advise you to tell the truth. Here we go! What kind of job did you do for Kyle Michigan?
JOSH - We provided help in selling used cars. We took our share and left him the rest.
DETECTIVE - When was the last time you talked to Kyle?
JOSH - Three days ago. We met him at the dealership. He came around six p.m. Then we went home.
DETECTIVE - So you haven't seen him or talked to him since then?
JOSH - No! You can check the phone calls. He called me around five p.m. , said he was coming in an hour. Then he came, we got in our car and drove home. Next day we heard about what happened.
DETECTIVE - Did you know where he took the cars?
JOSH - No, bought somewhere... I guess.
DETECTIVE - How much Michigan was paying you for this job?
JOSH - Thirty percent.
DETECTIVE - And how many cars have you already sold working on him?
JOSH - Ten.
DETECTIVE - You said he paid you thirty percent of the deal?
JOSH - Yeah. Listen, officer! If we are guilty for whatever reason, it's only tax evasion, cause we worked unofficially. I can only tell you what Mark Douglas told you. We don’t know anything else.
DETECTIVE - Listen to me, boy! I'm gonna ask you about anything I want to! Got it?
DETECTIVE - Good for you! Your concealment of income tax is not my business. I’ll leave it to the tax inspection. I want to find out the cause of death of Kyle Michigan.
JOSH - Well, it was an accident, right?
The investigator ignores the question.
DETECTIVE - So, thirty percent? Not too much, huh?
JOSH - Thirty percent of the profits, not from the car value. You got it wrong.
DETECTIVE - How did you know that Kyle didn't trick you?
JOSH - Kyle kept a notebook in which all the transactions were wrote down. There was an original cost and the amount paid for a car. We could calculate our thirty percent by simple mathematical operations.
DETECTIVE - Where did Kyle keep his notebook? Do you happen to know?
JOSH - Of cause we don’t! He had always been hiding it somewhere.
DETECTIVE - Okay, the last question. What do you know about the fake plates on the cars?
JOSH - Nothing! What should I know? I'm a seller, not a mechanic.
Josh smiles.
DETECTIVE - Well, you and your buddy are free for now. If I need you, I'll call you again. And now lift up your ass and get lost!
JOSH - No problem! Be good, ossifer!
Josh leaves the office and comes to Mark, who is sitting in the hallway.
MARK - Are we clear?
JOSH - Let's go!
Mark gets up. They go to the exit.
MARK - Went fast for you, huh? I’ve been there longer.
JOSH - Maybe you're just his type?
MARK - Screw you! I’ve wondering, who fucked Kyle?
JOSH - Seems it was Irishman Pete and his goons.
MARK - Because of that stolen car?
JOSH - Likely.
MARK - What should we do now?
JOSH - No idea...(quietly)Let's deal with our money wisely.
The click of a camera shutter can be heard. Pictures of Josh and Mark standing near the old house are shown.
NARRATOR (V.O.) - Me and Mark, we decided to do more legal business - real estate. We found an old house in a newspaper advert. Price was kinda low. Cause of its condition, no one would buy that house.We bought this house spending our savings, crashed it and sold the land having earned extra thirty thousand.Not bad for a start, everything you need is to use brain, rather than to run and borrow from the banks.In order to avoid unnecessary questions from the snitching neighbors, I used the name Freeman, which was my father’s last name.
Pictures of Josh and Mark standing by the multistory house.
NARRATOR (V.O.) - In the meantime, I got a job in the real estate agency. I used their database to get needed info. For doing this, we had to do the courses and pass exams for the license.In fact, I’m the one who managed to pass it. Mark fucked up three times and gave up. So I pretended to be an agency worker, paid them a monthly fee for the use of office equipment and the database.
Pictures of Josh and Mark near the various buildings.
NARRATOR (V.O.) (CONT) - Meanwhile Mark worked with the clients, who were found using database. After that we made a deal, bypassing my agency.

Josh and HENRY PHILLIPS sit in the armchairs. Josh is dressed in a black suit. Henry is dressed in a light-brown color suit. Jacqueline Phillips enters the room. She is dressed in a vinous dress. Both men stand up.
HENRY PHILLIP - SJacqueline, let me introduce you this young man! He is an estate agent and he’ll help us sell our house in a short time with profit.
JOSH(to Jacqueline) - Hello, nice to meet you! I'm Josh Freeman.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - Hello, pleased to meet you too. My name is Jacqueline.
Josh shakes Jacqueline’s hand.
JOSH - I would like to check your home thoroughly.
HENRY PHILLIPS - Okay. Jacqueline, could you lead Mr. Freeman throughout the house?
HENRY PHILLIPS - I'll be in my office.
Henry leaves. A brief pause, during which Jacqueline and Josh are looking at each other.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - Well, Mr. Freeman, shall we begin? Let's start with the kitchen!
JOSH - Okey-dokey.
Josh and Mrs. Phillips are leaving the living room.
They’re going through the hall.
JOSH - Tell me, why do you want to sell your house?
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - We are moving to LA, Henry has a business there. Besides, it’s closer to the ocean and I'm bored in New York. With years I feel more blue.
JOSH - Well, It’s still too early for you to feel over hill.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS(fixing her hair) - Really? You think I look good?
JOSH - Great, ma'am!
They go further.
They enter the kitchen.
JOSH - The kitchen is large and bright, very good!
Josh is in the middle of the kitchen, looking around.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - I have a feeling we have already met.
JOSH(smiling) - I would definitely remember such a nice woman like you.
 Jacqueline turns away, hiding her smile.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - Well, let's move on.
 They head to the hall.
Josh and Mrs. Phillips stand in the hall.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - This way, please! Henry's cabinet is here.
Mrs. Phillips points to the doors.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - There is the library.
She waves her hand to the side.
Josh stops for a moment near the sofa in the hall. He looks at the place where the vase, which he broke in childhood, once stood. In its place stands a bronze cupid statue.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - Do you like this statue? Here stood an expensive Greek vase in the past, but it was broken. We decided that the hall is not the place for the expensive and fragile things.
JOSH - Do you have children?
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - A son and a daughter, the twins. They are at Yale now. Second-year students. Let's move on to the second floor!
They reach second floor by the stairs and continue through the corridor.
Josh and Jacqueline stand in the corridor.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - There are different bedrooms and the child's rooms.
She opens the door.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - This is the Henry's bedroom.
Josh takes a look inside. Jacqueline comes to the following door and opens it.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - This bedroom is mine.
JOSH - Excuse me, do you sleep apart?
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS(sighs) - Alas! For two years.
Josh looks into Jacqueline’s bedroom.
JOSH - Nice bed, ma'am!
 Josh steps to the room. Jacqueline follows him.
Josh and Mrs. Phillips stand in the bedroom.
She walks over to the bed and sits down.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - It’s big and does not creak.
Jacqueline hops sitting on the bed and chuckles. Josh smiles.
Josh and Mark go out of a food counter and walk along the street. Josh is dressed in a T-shirt with image Roy Jones Jr. and the jeans. Mark is dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and the pants. PEOPLE are passing them.
MARK - How do you think how much we'll be able to earn on selling the house?
JOSH - I think fifty thousand each. The house is large and bright. And it's obvious that the owner liked me.
MARK - Is she young?
JOSH - About thirty-five, maybe a little more. But this lady is fine!
MARK - Have you tasted her hair-pie already?
JOSH - Ass-off!
MARK(laughs) - Oh-ho-ho, naughty boy! Make sure that her husband won't know.
JOSH - Do not worry, he will fly to LA next week, he has some business over there. But she will be here another couple of weeks.
Josh stops near HOMELESS who sitting on the side of the road with a sign.
JOSH(to Mark) - Wait!
Josh pulls out his wallet from his pocket and takes out a couple of the banknotes. Then he throws them into a cartoon box. The friends go further.
MARK - You're doing well! Look at him, he cares about homeless!
JOSH - Someone has to take care of them, if government can not.
They go to a parking lot.

Mark and Josh come to Ford Capri 3.
MARK - He will spend this money on a booze tonight. All bums are the lazy asses who does not want to go to work.
JOSH - No one puts a gun on you to make you give them money. This is up to you. I know one thing, karma pays off.
They sit down in the car.
Mark tries to start the car.
MARK - Shit, it ain't working!
JOSH - Let's at least get decent wheels! It doesn't look good to ride to customers in this! Looks very cheap.
MARK - What? And what to do with my iron birdie?
JOSH - I hope you ain't gonna to ride in this cart, even having a seven-digit number in your bank account?
MARK - As long as we don't have such account, we will ride this car.
JOSH - Damn it! You can put it in a garage and wipe it with a rag every single day! We can rent a decent one and ain't be afraid that it will stop in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge.
At this point an engine is starting to work.
MARK - Be quiet! If it hears us, then we will really stop on a bridge.
The vehicle starts to move.

Josh and Mark are riding the Ford. Mark sits behind the wheel. He switches the tracks on the radio. After he chooses the right song, Mark takes a look at Josh. 
MARK - Hey, so you're saying that this rich chick likes you?
JOSH - Well, hell yeah! She has some problems with her husband lately.
Mark shakes his head to the beat of a rock song that is coming from the speakers.
Suddenly Mark makes snaps fingers of his right hand.
MARK - A good idea just came up to my mind! Why do we need this miserable fifty thousand for each, when we can have much more!
JOSH - How?
MARK - Look, we need to arrange the deal so that a buyer and a seller will never meet. Suppose, I can act as a seller and a buyer for each side at the same time. How much this lady is planning to sell her house for?
JOSH - About four million dollars.
MARK - Great! We find a man who agrees to buy the house for five million in cash. I'll sell him the house for this money, and will buy it from your lady for four million. A one million difference we will take to ourselves.The most important thing is to make sure that a real buyer and a seller won't meet. And it is easy to prepare the paper work, I have one friend-lawyer. We will do separate set of documents for each side.You need to play this chick around so in her absence I would be able to show this house to our client at the right time. And tell her that I'm some Russian deep pocket, who got his cash ready.
JOSH - Mark, are you crazy? This shit is illegal! If that pops up, we'll go to a jail for a long time!
MARK - And they're gonna know? Your lady will fly to LA. And we will pay the jurist good. It is not a problem to find a buyer for the house.Look, Josh! Attention! Urgent! A house for sale at the low price. Marilyn Monroe lived in the house once. No debts or any other problems. Cash only! How does that sound?
Josh sits in silent.
MARK - Old buddy, I can see that thing gnawing at your conscience. You think that's a criminal! But we are not stealing from no one! You do not think that sellers in the store are criminals, who bought in one place cheaper, and then sell it expensive?So that's the same in our case too! Man, if we can get around the law, without causing damage to anyone, why ain't do it? And the buyer, who we will sell this house to, he ain't gotta buy it. It's his choice! This is business, Josh! So what do you think?
JOSH - I'll think about it.
Josh and Jacqueline Phillips talk in the living room sitting in the armchairs. Josh is dressed in a black suit. Mrs. Phillips is dressed in a dark blue dress.
JOSHI have one client on my mind. This is one rich Russian. Well, you know, one of those guys who rubbed their own country, and came to the States to buy property. Actually, he is ready to see this house and got his cash ready for it.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - Well, wonderful! Bring him here. We will show him the house. I'll call Henry in LA today and tell him how things are going. Actually cash is not that convenient ...
JOSH - Not at all, course you can always specify a smaller amount in a tax reporting. You know what I mean.
Josh smiles and looks into the eyes of Phillips.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - You can convince, Mr. Freeman!
JOSH - Call me Josh.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - Good, Josh! You have a charming smile. I think girls go crazy for you.
JOSH - It's not about smile.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - Then what is it?
JOSH - I'm a good dancer.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - Really? Do you care to dance?
They stand up. Jacqueline walks to an audio player and plays a quiet melody. Josh does a step to her and takes her left hand with his right hand. His free hand grabs her around the waist. Josh and Jacqueline begin to moving to the music. They dance looking into the eyes of each other. She smiles.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - Are you going to get offended if I say that you're not a good dancer?
JOSH - I know it. It was just an excuse.
Josh grabs her waist with both hands, Phillips puts her hands on his shoulders around his neck. Josh's hands slide down and hold tight Phillips' butt. He kisses Phillips' left earlobe, then sticks his tongue in her ear. Phillips moans of pleasure. Josh kisses her, putting his right hand over the left breast of Phillips.

Josh and Jacqueline Phillips are laying on the bed, kissing. Josh begins to undress Jacqueline.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - Actually, I wasn't planning on having sex with you today.
JOSH(smiling) - But things turned different.
Josh tries to unbutton Jacqueline's dress.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - Do not hurry, you're too horny.
JOSH - That's just an uncomfortable dress on you.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - That is because of your inexperience. You need some time to learn.
JOSH - Yeah? Okay!
Josh tears Jacqueline's dress, she remains in a beautiful white lingerie.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - U-u-uh!! Well, you're the hot one! You turn me on!
Jacqueline Phillips bites Josh's lips, puts her hands behind his neck. She pulls off his jacket, weakens a tie in one moment and pulls it out the head of Josh. Then she pulls his collar in different directions. The buttons of shirt come off, Jacqueline pulls the shirt from Josh and grabs his back with her hands.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - Come on, fuck me! Fuck me like a dirty whore!! Rape me!!
Josh and Mark ride in white CHEVROLET IMPALA 6. Mark sits behind the wheel and take look at Josh time to time. Mark is dressed in a T-shirt and the jeans. Josh is dressed in a black shirt and the black pants.
MARK - Did you buy a new shirt?
JOSH - No, it's the shirt of the lady's husband whose house we sell.
MARK - You already living with her?
JOSH - Only sleeping over. She's a hot stuff. Easy make. Apparently, her hubby has not used her for the main purpose for too long.
MARK - Wow! Maybe I will get something from her too? She sucks good?
JOSH - Get out of here! You are too nosy about other people personal life! I'm not gonna tell anything!
MARK - Okay, chill off, man!
A brief pause.
MARK - I feel a little uncomfortable in this car. Maybe I just can't move on from my old car?
Josh continues to keep quiet. Mark plays rock music. 
MARK - Guess who I saw yesterday?
JOSH - I dunno. Maybe a monkey in the mirror?
MARK - No! Do you remember this piece of shit Seamus, who got us own the money to Pete?
JOSH - How could I forget this asshole!
MARK - I was with a friend at a bar near the home yesterday. And this puppy drag his ass there with friends. He did not see me. And I wasn't looking for problems. So yea, my buddy said that Seamus soared high on lately.
JOSH - Really? From what? This idiot has no brain for doing business!
MARK - He's a juggler, he sells weed in clubs to some young people.
JOSH - Dirty money. Someday he will eat this shit himself and bite the bullet.
MARK - I dunno, but he's a smart-ass bastard. And ain't forget that he's the nephew of Pete.
JOSH - Pete is a pig, but he's an old school man, he ain't playing with the drugs.
MARK - That's right! But things are changing now. Who ran shit before? The Italians and the Irish! But now? Now black, chinks, Latinos, Russians are added up too. And why? Because now you can make some good money on drugs! And bastard Seamus, he got to that point alone! Without a help of Pete.
JOSH - Here we are!
 Chevrolet stops.
Josh and Mark are in the boxing hall. Josh looks around. It is clear to see that they repaired it not a long time ago. There are new boxing bags hanging out. There is a good lighting in the hall. And there is fresh painted floor.
Young GUYS are training in the gym.
JOSH - Wow, they did some repairing!
MARK - Yeah, the new punching bags!
Mark walks over to a boxing bag and does couple of punches. Two uppercut to the bottom with a left hand, two hooks to the top and again uppercut with his left hand to the bottom.
MARK - That's cool! Back in time, bags were all in the patches. I had to punch with a half strength, to they don't fell apart.
Freddy comes to them. Freddy is dressed in a black sport suit.
FREDDY - Look who is here!? Josh Baker and Mark Douglas!
JOSH - Hi, Freddy!
MARK - What's up?!
Freddy shakes their hands and hugs the guys.
FREDDY - Nothing new, still train the kids.
JOSH - I see that they had some repair over here.
FREDDY - Yeah, I found a sponsor. Did you want to visit old Freddy or came here to remember the old times?
JOSH - We brought you a couple of bags, but I don't see free hooks.
FREDDY - Bring them here! I'll still find a place for them.(to Guys in the hall)Hey, stop fool around or I'll twist your balls!

Josh and Mark are dragging the bags and putting them besides the wall.
FREDDY - Well, how about you, guys?
JOSH - Just working, relaxing, then working again.
FREDDY - What do you do?
MARK(looking at Josh) - Well, we got some little business.
JOSH - C'mon, this is old buddy Freddy! We can tell him! We work with a real estate.
MARK - Yeah, we going to open our own agency in the near future.
FREDDY - The old friends together through the whole life! But I remember you were sparring in the ring.
MARK - At that time Josh was getting a good thrashing.
JOSH - Screw off! As you see, Freddy, we can't live without each other.
FREDDY - Are you guys married yet?
MARK - Nah, not yet.
FREDDY - Really? Maybe you so started to be so close to each other, that you don't need girls anymore? Okay, relax your butt cheeks, I'm just joking!
JOSH - Old buddy Freddy is still the same! Haven't changed in all these years.
FREDDY - Yes, long time no see. Why you stopped training?
MARK - Well ... you know, Freddy ... work and so on...
FREDDY - I understand, of course. I've been eating a black bread without a butter for many years too, but still kept training you and the other kids. I didn't earn a lot in this business. But I wanna live good like everyone does. So I wouldn't feel the need of anything.
JOSH - Of course, Freddy, thank you for that! You deserve to be lucky one day too.
FREDDY - By the way, I don't have your numbers still. At least we can call sometimes. You're almost like a family to me!
JOSH - Sure, Fred, no problem!
He pulls out his business card and gives it to Freddy.
JOSH - By the way, when was the last time you saw Brad?
FREDDY(staring at the business card) - I don't remember, about the same time when you stopped going here. Where is he and what happened to him, I have no idea.
MARK - Hey, Josh, don't you want to remember the old times and boxing couple of rounds?
JOSH - Do you want me to kick your ass?
MARK - I wanna see how you will be dancing after my hook.
JOSH - Yeah, if you can hit the bull's-eye.
MARK - The only reason that it will be hard to hit you, it's because you're too skinny.
JOSH - The only reason that I will not regret to beat you over the head, it's because there is already nothing to beat there.
MARK - Ha-ha! Freddy, can you find two pairs of boxing gloves, please?
FREDDY - Of course, I even will give you jockstrap ... I see you both got so exited! Someone of you would punch below the belt!
JOSH - Mark always was a specialist in dirty tricks!
MARK - Freddy, get a helmet for Josh! At least someone gotta save the brain.
Josh and Mark are riding Chevrolet. Josh sits behind the wheel. Radio is quietly on. A cotton swab is sticking out from Josh's nose. Mark sits on a passenger seat next to them, holding an ice pack on a right eye. They ride in a full silence for a few seconds. Mark removes the ice pack and looks in a rear view mirror at his reflection.
MARK - What the hell, I will get a bruise!
JOSH - Not a big deal. A few weeks of walking in the sunglasses are waiting for you. I won't tell nobody that it was me who put it.
MARK - Eh? I just took a pity of you, punched with a half strength.
JOSH - Blah blah blah! Did not you think to do boxing again? We're not old yet.
MARK - No, I have seen what happens to the professionals. We can go there sometimes, knock on the bag, do some sparring to stay fit.
JOSH - Yea, it is always easy to say. We need to start jogging at least.
MARK - Where are we going?
JOSH - I drop you off at your home, and after this I'll go to one place. Someone is already waiting on me there. Damn, and I'm here with a broken nose!
Josh touches his nose.

Josh and Jacqueline lie in the bed. Jacqueline looks at the Josh's swollen nose.
JOSH - It's nothing. Could be worse.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - If I see the person who did this to you ...  he will be in a big trouble!
Josh smiles. Jacqueline cuddles and kisses his chest.
JOSHWell, what are you going to do in LA?
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - Oh, I don't know, to be honest with you. I'm so fed up with everything! All this routine, the same thing every day. If you only knew how I got tired of all of it! You are my only adventure.
JOSH - What do you need to be happy?
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - It is hard to say ... maybe the emotions. I have twenty years of marriage behind my shoulders, and nothing changes in my life. We tried to travel, but Henry always needs to be where his business at. He does not trust other people doing his business. But he doesn't let me to travel alone. I am like in a cage.
JOSH - Well, but your children ain't a joy of your life?
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - The children already grew up, they have their own interests.
JOSH - Maybe you will do some charity, helping other people?
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - What do you mean? Why I should give my money to some stranger? No way!
JOSH - It's Henry's money, you're not working.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - So what!? Others should earn their money themselves!
JOSH - Don't you give a coin even for a homeless man or disabled?
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - No way! Let a government take care of them! By the way, Henry pays all the taxes in time. And anyway, all these bums are working for the mafia!
JOSH - Bullshit, they get a penny in day. Mafia doesn't give a damn about such small things.
JACQUELINE PHILLIPS - And I don't give a damn about these people too! Any normal person does not need to beg for a dollar, he gets up and go to work! Or dies, if he can not work.
JOSH - Okay, I got it. Maybe one more time?
Josh hugs and kisses Jacqueline.
NARRATOR (V.O.) - After a conversation with Jacqueline, I finally decided to work with Mark's plan. Why should I feel guilty if ditch such a selfish person? And also unfaithful to her husband. In the end of the day, she didn't feel guilty when she kicked my mother out the house.
We can see the photos in which Josh, Mark and Jacqueline Phillips stand near the entrance of Phillips house. And after Josh, Mark and bald fat RUSSIAN in sunglasses, going out of Phillips house.
 NARRATOR (V.O.) - The deal worked out really smooth. Mark actually managed to find the right buyer. It appeared to be Russian businessman who was spending the money like nothing. And I managed to get out Jacqueline from home at this moment, while Mark was showing the house for Russian. Thus Mark played the role of the buyer and the seller of the same house really awesome. The actor, who doesn't have Oscar yet!

Quick change frame showing the empty desks in the office, which little by little were getting filled the phones and computers, as well as the EMPLOYEES of this office.
NARRATOR (V.O.) - We were able to get a little less than a million for Phillips house. That is sure enough that we had to scratch some people's back though. But in the end we still had about six hundred thousand. After selling the house, we decided to run our own real estate agency and hire the staff. Fortunately, I've already worked for two years as an agent and was able to obtain a brokerage license.The essential difference from other agencies was that we had took a low percentage compared to other companies, and weren't being picky with deals. The competitors started to dislike us very quickly.Even if you needed to find a doghouse for your dog, we was happy to be rewarded with a bone. New York is a huge metropolis, property prices are rising constantly.In our first business anniversary celebration we had a blast with Mark in a strip club. There I met Tracy. She was only sixteen, but her body added to her at least another three years.
NEW YORK, 2004 year
Josh, Mark and FOUR YOUNG MEN are sitting at a table having drinks and snacks. All of them are dressed in a suit. Josh has a small beard. Two STRIPPERS move their hips on the floor near the poles. They are dancing topless. Josh glances at a brown-haired Stripper with thick hair. The other Stripper is blonde. One of the guys is talking about his wife. This is JOHN. He is black. The Asian guy takes a ham sandwich. Two other white GUYS are looking into their mobile phones, pretending to be listening to him. One of them has MOTOROLA RAZR V3, another one has Sony ERICSSON T610. Mark cuts a piece of bacon with a knife. Different VISITORS are sitting at other tables.
JOHN - Take my advice, guys. Think twice before getting married. I, back in the day, didn’t think at all.
His speech sounds in the backing, while Josh is leaning toward Mark’s ear, who is sitting next to him. 
JOSH(to Mark) - How do you like this chick?
MARK - That blond grinder with the watermelons?
He nods at the Stripper with the big tits.
JOSH - No, brown hair.
Josh and Mark are looking at the brown-haired Stripper who is dancing face-off to them. 
MARK - Nice babe. Good ass and thighs. Though the tits are small and the face is too childish. If I were you, I would think about it twice.
JOSH - She wouldn't have been hired here if she were less than eighteen.
MARK - Are you sure? Man, did you see a sign saying that it’s a state institution at the entrance?
JOSH - Nope.
MARK - Me neither. Do you think you have to go through a passport checking to get a job here?
JOSH - I think you’re dramatizing as always. She just has a baby face.
MARK - Well good luck then!
JOSH - I’ll be back.
Josh gets up from the table and goes to the young brown-haired Stripper. Having finished eating a ham sandwich, Paul collects the crumbs from the table and puts them into his mouth.
MARK(to Paul) - Hey, what are you doing?
Josh comes over to the Stripper.
PAUL (O.S.) - The habit since childhood, I grew up in a poor family.
MARK (O.S.) - Cut it out, we're adults!
Josh stands near the brown-haired Stripper. She is TRACY. She leans toward him and holds her hand over his cheek, then straightens and twists her hips in front of him to the beat of the music. Josh gets out a banknote and puts it into the Stripper’s panties.
JOSH(to Stripper) - Join us at our table after you’ve finished.
Josh goes back to the table and sits down.
JOHN (CONT) - Now I’m not even allowed to look on other girls. If my honey knows about this, she will castrate me at once!
He pauses.
MARK(to Josh) - So, decided to switch from old ladies to young girls? They will give you a prison term for seduction the youngsters!
JOSH - Oh, Mark, you should be silent! You cant even overcome your own hand!
MARK - What you mean?
JOSH - You think I dunno that you play with balls?
MARK - Who? Me?
JOSH - Your horny hands are recognizable by all our customers. Every time you shake hands with someone, they come up to me and ask if you jerk off!
The guys start laughing.
MARK - Up yours!
Mark gives Josh a finger.
JOSH - Tell us about your passion! About your love to tickle the tiger.
MARK - I told you to screw off!
JOSH - Okay, keep calm! I propose a toast to one year of our agency. We broke into the property market and, I'll be damned, nobody will drive out us from there!
The young men lift the glasses and drink. A brown-haired Stripper approaches the table. 
MARK(to Josh) - Accept the order, man!
Josh looks at Tracy.
PAUL (O.S.) - Buddy, she's a looker!
JOHN(whistling) - Hot!
Tracy strokes her hair back from her shoulders with a nod.
TRACY - What are we celebrating?
JOSH - Our acquaintance with you. Please have a sit!
Josh slams his hand over his knees. Tracy sits on Joshes knees with her hand around his neck. 
MARK - Be careful, he may cum in his pants.
JOSH - What's your name?
TRACY - You can call me Tracy.
JOSH - Is this your real name?
TRACY - Yes, it is.
JOSH - My name is Josh.
MARK - And I'm Mark!
Mark kisses Tracy’s hand. 
JOSH - And these are our friends: John, Paul, George and Ringo.
Tracy looks at each of them. John winks at her. Paul nods. GEORGE lifts his glass. RINGO waves with his hand.
TRACY - Neat! Are you directly from Liverpool?
JOSH - Why Liverpool? We work together.
TRACY - Okay, never mind!
JOSH - How long have you been working here?
TRACY - Six months.
JOSH - How old are you?
TRACY - Enough to feel your erection sitting on your lap.
THE GUYS(all together) - O-o-o-o-o!!
MARK - Wow!
Some of the guys are laughing.
JOSH - Do you like your work?
TRACY - Are you a cop?
MARK - I'm taken for a cop all the time.
JOSH - No, I ain't a cop. Do you drink?
TRACY - Yeah!
JOSH - Don't you mind if I'll treat you?
TRACY - Pour a little bit.
Josh takes a bottle, pours into a glass and gives it to Tracy. Then he pours some of the drink for himself. 
JOSH - How does your boyfriend react to the fact that you work here?
TRACY - He doesn’t. I have no boyfriend.
JOSH - Let's drink to Tracy, guys! To my new girlfriend!
The guys lift their glasses. Josh looks at Tracy, who is sitting on his lap. They clang their glasses together.

Josh and Tracy are lying and kissing on the bed. Josh starts to undress her slowly. 
TRACY - Is it your apartment?
JOSH - Rented.
TRACY - And what do you do? You said nothing.
JOSHI rob banks.
TRACY - Well, well. And I'm the daughter of the district attorney.
Josh smiles. He caresses her body.
JOSH - Cheesecake! How old are you, twenty?
TRACY  - To be honest, sixteen.
 Josh stops.
TRACY - What's up? Funked? You've made me drunken in the bar, so why stop there?
JOSH - How did they take you at that bar?
TRACY - I gave a fake driver's license to the manager. Keep calm, I'm not even a virgin.
JOSH - Somehow, I didn’t doubt it at all.
TRACY - Great! Are we waiting for someone else? I don't like the gang bang, to be honest.
JOSH - Oh ... well, okay ... hint is clear.
He keeps undressing her. Then he takes off his shirt and unzips his pants. Josh lifts her legs. He can hear her easy scream. 
Josh comes into the office of his company. He is dressed in a gray suit. He goes past the CLERKS sitting at the tables with the laptops. Some desks are empty, someone is talking on a phone, someone clicks the mouse and scrolls the list on the monitor. The Clerks are greeting him, Josh responds them sluggishly. An impact of yesterday's party remains on his face. A blonde in a black short skirt and a white blouse walks over to Josh. She has the glasses. This is a SECRETARY.
SECRETARY - Mr. Freeman, we have visitors.
JOSH - Who is there?
SECRETARY - They said they’re your old friends. They are waiting for you in your office.
JOSH - Okay! Is Mark here yet?
SECRETARY - Mr. Douglas has not yet showed up.

Josh comes into his office. Irishman Pete is sitting in a visitor’s chair. He is dressed in a black suit with white stripes. Duke sits in Josh’s armchair. He is dressed in a leather jacket and pants. Josh gently closes the door behind him. 
IRISHMAN PETE - Well, why are you standing? Come in and sit down!(to Duke)Get your ass off to free a throne of the owner of the company.
Josh reaches the armchair, which Duke is standing next to. Josh sits down in the chair. Duke slaps him over the shoulders from above.
DUKE - I suddenly damn wanted to feel like a boss. But you look here better.
Josh turns around, looking up at him. Duke stands behind Josh. 
IRISHMAN PETE - Seems like you’re happy to see us.
JOSH - Yeah, I sit and wait for you to visit me ...
DUKE - You're a punster, pal. Listen up what we will tell you first.
IRISHMAN PETE(to Josh) - Have you guessed why we have come to you?
JOSH - Usually people come to me when their case regards real estate.
IRISHMAN PETE - We are here with regard to another case. Your business has gained momentum over the past year. And I decided to offer you my help.
JOSH - What kind of help?
IRISHMAN PETE - It's no secret that there’s a quite criminal situation in New York now. Perhaps the new mayor will be able to improve the situation. But for the time being I recommend you to get a support. And I'm ready to give you this support per twelve percent of the profits.
JOSH - It's strange to hear about the criminal situation from a gangster.
DUKE - Take it easy, pal! I'm still behind your back.
JOSH(to Pete) - Okay. What if I don't wanna accept your support?
DUKE - Then I will don a bag on your stupid head, and when you stop breathing and kicking, I'll throw your body out of a window. A regular suicide of an office rat. No one will spare such an asshole.
IRISHMAN PETE(to Josh) - He's kidding.(to Duke)Sit down, don't stand behind him! Can't you see that the boy is nervous?
Duke goes to a chair against the wall and sits down next to Pete, looking at Josh.
IRISHMAN PETE (CONT) - The thing is that you owe us. Do you remember the Chinese, who you robbed and stole five grands to give them back to me? I learned this after one of chink’s girls had identified you in my restaurant. We had disagreement with the Chinese on one issue. And you assholes came up with robbing a store in Chinatown and giving this money back to me.
Irishman Pete carefully looks at Josh.
IRISHMAN PETE (CONT) - But I solved the conflict with the squint-eyed back then. Do you remember Kyle Michigan? Your friend Mark and you used to work for him. And this motherfucker Kyle worked for the cops. He sold stolen cars with remade numbers and then reported to the police. Doubtless, he got an extra fee for that. As a result, the customers were without any money and without their cars, and apart from that - under suspicion of the cops. Two of our guys paid for it. I had to put out of the way that piece of shit.We gifted you the money that you and your friend put hands on after selling the stolen car to one of my people. When we started twisting his balls, Kyle gave us a copybook of the transactions right away. Plus a nice bonus in the form of his nest egg for a rainy day. But I knew you were not a fool, and that you’d spend the money on the business. Therefore I gave you an opportunity to do well. Now it’s about time to take the crop.
JOSH - As I understand, I have no choice.
DUKE - You uptake, pal. It'll come into use.
Duke smiles, one of his teeth shines gold.
IRISHMAN PETE(to Josh) - Well, if you understood the case, we’re gonna leave. I'm kinda hungry. I think you don't need to be explained that a call to the police will only make matters worse. You will give the money to my man once a month in cash. If these twelve percent will hit you in the pocket, then I suggest you working damn harder. Nullum crimen sine lege.
Irishman Pete and Duke leave Josh’s office. Josh opens a drawer and gets out a bottle of whiskey. He opens the bottle and drinks greedily from it. Then he wipes his mouth with his hand and puts the bottle on the table. Josh sits a few seconds, then slams his hand down on the table.
JOSH - Son of bitch!
Josh and Mark are riding in the white BMW 7 E66 without saying a single word. Music plays from the speakers. Josh sits behind the wheel.
Mark decides to break the silence.
MARK - Okay, don't worry! We always can find a way to save on the taxes.
JOSH - It is not about the money, Mark! I just don't wanna give our piece of our cake to some lard-ass bastard!
Mark reaches for the radio and plays a hard rock song.
MARK - I understand, I also don't wanna. But they really forgave us those money we got from the sale of the stolen car. Those money was a start-up for our business. So we don't have any other choice.God damn! Nothing in this life stays unnoticed, either the police or the Mafia will get to know! I can't even rip a fart in the alley in the city without someone knowing it!
Next few seconds they ride without saying a word.
JOSH - Fucking shit, Mark! Lower the sound, or choose another track!
MARK - Calm down! Did you jack off dry today? Okay, now choose something.
He plays the easy track.
MARK - That's better?
JOSH(ignoring the question) - And this geek with him! What is his fucking name?
MARK - Duke? He recently got out the prison. He got there for racket.
JOSH - They on this bullshit again. Fucking Irishmen!
MARK - Take it easy, man! My mother was Irishwoman.
JOSH - What is it there?
They drive to the traffic lights and see two cars head-on collision: red PEUGEOT 406 COUPE and black JAGUAR X300. BLACK WOMAN in the red pants got out from the first car, she's looking at the damage and shouting something. Traffic light is red. Freddy goes out from the Jaguar. He is dressed in a windcheater and pants. Josh's BMW stops nearby, Josh pulls down the window.
FREDDY(to Black woman) - What, stupid cow, you don't know the traffic rules?
BLACK WOMAN - You calling me stupid cow? You are the brainless old fart!
FREDDY - You, broads, shouldn't be driving the car anyway! Your place is a kitchen!
JOSH - Hey, Freddy! Where did you get this ride from?
Freddy looks back.
FREDDY - Won in a lottery!
BLACK WOMAN(to Freddy) - Goat's beard, you should be watching TV at home, not driving a car! Turkey!
FREDDY - I will take a piss in yours fuel tank! Then you get to know Me!
MARK - Hey, Josh, green light! Let's go!
Josh, smiling, presses the gas pedal, they move away from the crossroad.
JOSH - Freddy, what the heck! He is always looking for somebody to argue with.
MARK - Freddy never had the money, and suddenly he got Jaguar to drive!
JOSH - Yeah, Freddy has world by the balls...
Josh twists wheel to the right, they turn to the side.
Slides show pictures in different places, which depicts Josh, Mark, Irishman Pete and Duke.
NARRATOR (V.O.) - In spite of everything, our business got real good. After three years of work our agency became well known throughout New York. Every fifth New York resident were calling us. We have opened two more branches. We regularly paid Pete his share, and in return he was looking out for us. Than the greater your success, the more competitors you have, and more people who want to take away from you your money. Our competitors were always awake, but weren't worried. If suddenly they become our problem, Pete's people become their problem.
NEW YORK, 2006 year
Josh and Mark are standing and watching Duke and three other MEN are beating two LATINO GUYS near silver VOLVO C70. Two of them have the bats in their hands. Mark holds the bat in his hand too. Josh and Mark are dressed in the suits and sunglasses. Other Men are dressed in the jackets and jeans. Duke is dressed in a black T-shirt and the pants. He has tattoos on his forearms.
JOSH - Okay, I think it's enough! Otherwise, they kick the bucket before the ambulance gets here.
Duke stops to catch his breath. He makes the sign to other Men, so they stop beating too. Duke is going to Josh and Mark.
DUKE - Oh fuck! I forgot!
Duke walks to Mark and takes away the bat. Then returns to the beaten Latino guys. Guys are looking at him horrified, wiping bloody snot. Duke swings the bat and breaks the windshield of the car. Other two Men with the bats begin to crush the car. Josh shakes his head. Mark is watching with excitement. Duke stops and goes to Josh.
DUKE(to Josh) - Damn, I had to play baseball in my childhood! Maybe I would have been a millionaire today. Instead of breaking your competitors' cars.
He throws the bat to Mark.
DUKE(to Josh) - Let's slide! I need a drink!
Mark weighs the bat on his hand. Then he runs up to Volvo and swings the bat on the car roof.
Josh and Mark are jogging. They are dressed in the sportswear.
MARK - I see that you are all into Tracy. Falling for her, buddy?
JOSH - I will better have one girl by my side. Less likely to get any infection.
MARK - But where is the guarantee that while we are over here jogging, she is not fucking with your neighbor, who has a bunch of them?
JOSH - I dunno ... We are in relationships, we get to trust each other ...
MARK - Com'on, man! You can trust your friend, your family, anyone, even an enemy, but not the women!
JOSH - Dude, the older you get, the more you look like a grouchy old man. Relax and enjoy your life. If you think bad about people, they will be that. Just be sure!
MARK - I see that you're so damn positive!
JOSH - So what? Are we living bad? Remember that we had about seven years ago. What we had? Nothing! We hadn't even a decent car, to get any girls. Now tell me, would we be able to achieve something in life, if we stay negative?
MARK - I don't think so.
JOSH - Really? Mark Douglas has finally started to think right!
MARK - And what do you think about?
JOSH - I'm thinking about how to get rich so much, just to stop thinking about money. And then I will be able to think about something else I guess. About my own family, for example.
MARK - Why do you need this? Family is the goal for government or for a woman, but not for a man now days.
JOSH - You are such a drag, Mark! Try to catch me up!
Josh speeds up. Mark looks after him, then he also speeds up.
Josh, Mark, Pete and Duke are sitting at a table, laughing. They are dressed in the shirt and pants. Mark is dressed in a short-sleeved shirt. Pete cuts sausage by knife and puts it into his mouth.
IRISHMAN PETE(chewing) - Well, somebody wanna share their problems? Tell me!
JOSH - Duke already fixed the situation with Latino guys day before yesterday.
IRISHMAN PETE - Yeah, I heard about that already.
JOSH - Mark, any Chinese came see you?
MARK - Yeah! They did last week. Our agent got their client lowering the commission.
IRISHMAN PETE - This is business, that's what they say?
Pete burps loud.
IRISHMAN PETE(to Duke) - Go deal with these chinks.
DUKE - Gonna feed them some dry rice.
IRISHMAN PETE(laughs) - Just don't make them get a volvulus.
Pete wipes his mouth with a napkin.
IRISHMAN PETE(to Josh) - Okay. Tell me why property is constantly rising in price?
 JOSH(leaning back on the couch at the table)Okay... Let's imagine that this place is our state. Assume that you own this dinning table as a villa. And cash, for example one hundred bucks. Do you have one hundred dollar bill?
IRISHMAN PETE - Here you go.
JOSH - Gimme, please.
Pete pulls out 100 dollars from his purse and puts banknote on the table.
JOSH - So, we have a dinning table and have one hundred bucks. The table is non-financial asset, one hundred bucks are financial one. And as we have nothing but this table and one hundred dollars, it turns out that our table is worth one hundred bucks.
IRISHMAN PETE - I don't get anything.
JOSH - Let's continue. Duke lives in our state. The fastest and the smartest one.
Josh looks at Duke.
JOSH - He decides to run a bank and is ready to take your one hundred dollars at three percent per annum. Why should you have your money with no use? Of course you put it in the bank! But I'm also not a fool, I know how to take away from you the table and money.I suggest you take your one hundred dollars and invest it in my bonds at five percent per annum. I'm pulling out a sheet of my notebook and writing on it : "Bonds under five percent per annum." And then I'm giving it to you, having your one hundred bucks taken.
Josh pulling out a sheet and making some notes on what was said.
JOSH - Great! Now that I have money, I just put it back in the bank of sad Duke, which seems to be glad again.
Duke gloomily smiles.
JOSH - And here we can actually stop for good. But this is not enough for me. I suggest you to make additional one percent per annum out of nothing. To do this, you gotta take a bank loan from Duke at four percent and buy my bonds at five percent. While you think I got the bonds issued, shaking them in front of your nose.
Josh is making some notes of what he said.
JOSH - You run to Duke and take those one hundred dollars that he has on bail of your first bonds. It is already there, as I put it there. You give me the one hundred bucks and take a second bond. Now you have two bonds for one hundred dollars, for a total of two hundred bucks. And I put this one hundred bucks in the bank, now I have two hundred bucks on my bank account too. Everyone is happy: Me, you and Duke, who got his business growing up.
Josh takes a sip from his glass.
JOSH - But this is still not enough for me. I write you a third bond, and you already run to the bank for a loan with your second bail bond. So, we doing this, suppose, till five thousand dollars. Now I feel that it's time to take your piece of cake and your table. I give you one hundred bucks for it.But you feel greedy and you change the price to one thousand. Okay, you wanna one thousand, you will get one thousand. Coz I already have five thousand dollars on my bank account. I am sending a payment order to Duke so he can transfer you one thousand from my account to yours, in order to get your table.
Josh looks at Mark.
JOSH - If we give our accounting to Mark, leading economists with Harvard diploma, he will tell us that our state "Monica" has one thousand tangible assets in the form of the dinning table, and ten thousand of financial assets in the form of bonds and bank deposits in Duke's bank. That's it, the value of our total assets increased from one hundred dollars in one hundred and ten times.
 Josh turns and looks toward the BARTENDER.
JOSH (CONT) - Less experienced and educated man like this gentleman behind the bar, would say that we are three idiots, who owned a table and one hundred from the beginning, and still have it now. And only idiots can tearing sheets from the notebook, instead busting their asses at work. Each has their own truth, but the mechanism of real estate price growth is the same all around the world.
IRISHMAN PETE - Did you understand anything, Duke?
DUKE - I only understood that we're idiots because we don't wanna go to work.
IRISHMAN PETE - Plenus venter non student libenter. And I didn't get it too, but he spoke very convincingly! I like this guy!
JOSH - In fact, Mr. Walsh, I realized that without your help I would not be able to deal with all the problems. Hiring a bodyguard would cost even more. I confess that at first it was hard to give you twelve percent, but now I realize that this is a necessary measure. I do my job, you do yours, providing my safety.
IRISHMAN PETE(to Duke) - Holy cow! Look, this guy is beginning to think smart. But first he had hell a bunch of doubts and acting all scary and shit.
Duke grins.
IRISHMAN PETE(to Duke) - What do you think about this young man?
He nods at Josh.
DUKE - Not a bad guy, if get to know him better.
IRISHMAN PETE - Not a bad guy if get to know better? That sounds like word for an asshole. Hell nah, I saw that this is our guy straight away!(to Josh)You can call me Pete. My friends call me like that and I don't have them that much in this word. You and Mark. You are the good guys.
Pete points at Mark.
IRISHMAN PETE - Business is what it is, but if you need any other help, you can always hit me or Duke up.
JOSH - It is an honor for me and Mark to get to know you!
Josh raises the shot of tequila.
IRISHMAN PETE - I suggest to forget the past and drink for our cooperation!
Everyone raises the shots.
NARRATOR (V.O.) - The three essential parts of any successful man : an expensive suit, a beautiful woman and a good car. A good car is what I was missing out to complete the picture.
Josh and Mark are coming into the underground carriage. They are dressed in the suits. They are moving to the end of wagon. There are PEOPLE in the wagon.
MARK - Is something bothering you? You seem kinda stumped, buddy.
JOSH - I’m concerned about the real estate falling in price. I feel like I need to get moving towards the another way
MARK - It's okay. We are on a verge of another crisis. And to be precise: an outflow of capital from one pocket to another.
JOSH - So I want to sell my grandfather's apartment before the property prices are dropped down. But first I need to finish building my house so that they could move there. But the building inspector is so hardheaded, he found some mistakes in the drawings. I had to suspend the building works for now.
MARK - Have you forgotten about the main rule of business?
JOSH - What is it?
They stop.
MARK - If the problem can be solved, don't worry about it. If the problem is unsolvable, it is pointless to worry about it.
JOSH - Who did you hear that from?
MARK - Actually, this was said by Dalai Lama.
JOSH - Are you serious? When did you turn into a walking encyclopedia?
MARK - One of my friends twitted it.
JOSH - What? Twitted?
MARK - Twitter is a bullshit where people are exchanging short messages.
JOSH - That's something new ...
MARK - Nowadays there’s something new happening every day. Especially on the Internet.
JOSH - Alright then, I kind of started worrying that you began reading books. Information overload for your brain can lead to its overstress and suspension.
MARK - Stop showing off your intelligence! What did I say it for? Do you think your problem is solvable?
JOSH - I think it is. But I dunno how it can be solved. I’d been working on the drawing for a long time and I wouldn't wanna recast it.
They continue to move to the end of the wagon.
MARK - But I know what you need.
JOSH - What?
MARK - A kick-back.
JOSH - What??
MARK - Are you deaf? I said the kick-back! Grease!
JOSH - Dude, why do you constantly want me to get into a mess?
MARK - Man, listen, bribes are takes by everyone at all times and in all places. You just have to offer them properly. Strict laws of our country have always been famous for the ability of circumventing them
They stop again in the end of the wagon.
JOSH - Twitter again, huh?
MARK - I can’t remember. But that is not the question. You don’t have to give someone money right away, man, you can scare them away. At first you wanna lure the fish and then begin to put out feelers. You can take them to a restaurant and pay for dinner. Relax in sauna with chicks. Give small gifts, pen or lighter type and so on. Appetite comes with eating. When you see that the client has grown into, only then pass the money under the table. The person won’t feel comfortable rejecting this money and he will take it as if it was his honest penny.
JOSH - I will think about it.
MARK - Do it my way.
Mark shoulders Josh.
MARK - Hey, check out that chick!
Josh looks at a long-haired Blonde in a miniskirt and leather jacket, who is standing near the door of the wagon with her back to them.
JOSH - Thick calves ...
MARK - But look at this sweet butt! I bet she won’t resist Mark Douglas charms?
JOSH - I bet a hundred bucks you're not her style.
MARK - I'm gonna show her the handsome Mark right now! Get your hundred bucks out!
Mark spits on his finger and smooths his eyebrows. Then he ironically raises up one eyebrow looking at Josh. Josh smiles. Mark winks at him and goes towards the BLONDE.
Mark reaches her from behind and grabs her ass. 
MARK - Hey, babe, before you notify the police of the sexual harassment, maybe first you’ll try to conquer this stud?
Blonde turns his head. Mark sees bearded face with make up.
"BLONDE"(male voice) - What's the matter, cutie pie? Wanted to shake your kid right now in the wagon??
Mark steps back in fear. 
MARK - Damn you!
Josh stands, laughing. Female voice announces the stop, the train slows down. 
MARK(to Josh) - Damn it! I almost shit in my pants!
JOSH - That I see for the first time! Now gimme a hundred bucks!
MARK - Draw up an account! I'll give it later.
Josh keeps on laughing, wiping his eyes with his hand. The train stops. "Blonde" leaves the wagon, people come in, the doors close. 
MARK - Hopefully, it won’t become mainstream.

Josh and Mark are heading towards the subway exit. They hear sounds of saxophone. Josh and Mark are stopping near the man playing the saxophone. They listen to him for a few seconds. A PASSERBY throws a banknote in the casing near the SAXOPHONIST.
JOSH - Wonderful music! That's what I love in New York!
MARK - I didn't know that you love jazz.
JOSH - Do you have any coins?
MARK - When did you see me with a banknote less than a hundred dollars for the last time?
Josh slams his hand over his pocket. Guys are walking further. 
JOSH - Bill played the saxophone pretty damn good.
MARK - As did his girlfriend Monica, who had played to him on his pipe.
JOSH - Yes, dirty story, put an end to him. My grandfather voted for him. Too bad, he was a good man.

Mark and Josh are going to the parking lot.
MARK - Come on already! Where's your new car?
JOSH - Hold it, we're not there yet.
They are going further. 
JOSH - Well, are you gonna take a shot?
MARK - Take a hike! Don't pull a cat by the balls!
Josh pushes a button of a remote control, they hear sounds of car alarms in the form of short squeaks. Mark sees a red FERRARI F 430.
MARK - Damn well! Why Ferrari?
Josh and Mark at the age of 14 years old, are walking on the street. They are dressed in the T-shirts and the jeans. Mark pushes Josh's shoulder and points his finger. Josh looks in that direction and sees a beautiful YOUNG GIRL who is sitting in the car on the passenger seat. Young Girl is looking in the rear view mirror and putting on some lipstick with a opened window. The boys are standing and staring at her. She sees them. She stops putting a lipstick on and smiles to them. The guys keep staring at her. The Girl is waving his hand, but they do not react. The MAN in black suit comes to car and sits behind the wheel. The engine starts and the car drives off. The guys looking after the red FERRARI TESTAROSSA 512 TR.
JOSH - What a ride!
MARK - Yeah, eighteen-inch wheels, four hundred thirty horsepower under the hood, accelerating up to a hundred of kilometers in five seconds. Maximum speed - three hundred and ten kilometers per hour. That is just a dream, not a car!
JOSH - When I grow up, I will deffinately get a Ferrari!
Josh and Mark come closer to Ferrari.
JOSH - Because red suites her best! Red is my favorite color!
Mark is walking around the car. He runs his hand over the wing of the car. 
MARK - Fucking-A! It's awesome! Let’s ride it already!
JOSH - But not for too long. Tracy and I are having dinner today with my family.
MARK - Finally decided to introduce her to your parents? With this car you need no Tracy, you can have all the chicks in New York!
They get into the car. Josh starts the engine and plays a hip-hop track. The car is taxiing slowly. 
Josh and Tracy are entering into the living room. Josh is dressed in a ivory color suit and black shirt with black tie. Tracy is dressed in a black blouse and black skirt.
JOSH - Once again, Tracy, if you allow yourself to talk to my mom in that tone, I'll kick out you! You will go back to shake your ass in a strip club!
Josh loosens his tie.
TRACY - But ... Josh, I'm just ...
JOSH(interrupting) - Remember once and for all, my mom is a woman number one for me! You haven’t proven yet to be worthy of being a thing in my life. My mom keeps to old traditions, and I understand hers remark about your short skirt. What was I thinking when we were getting ready?!
Josh continues to untie his tie.
JOSH (CONT) - I do not like scandals in the presence of other people, so I did not talk about it at the table. But you should think about your behavior.(trying to untie the tie)Fucking shit!
Josh takes the tie off and throws it on the couch with anger.
TRACY - I'm not a little girl! I have my own ...
JOSH(interrupting) - You have an ass and a working mouth! Use it as intended if you can’t say anything clever! Everything that you use and everything we’re surrounded by was earned by me. The new house, the new car, your baubles and rags – everything was bought with my money! If you treasure any of this, don’t bring me down. Enough! Now bring me a bottle of tequila and a glass!
Tracy is looking up snub, pursing her lips and pshawing.
JOSH - Come on! If you could just ...
Tracy turns back and walks away. Josh plops down into an armchair and wearily puts his hand on his forehead.
JOSH - Little bitch!
Josh's Ferrari arrives into Irishman Pete’s car-care. Josh comes out of the car. He is dressed in a sand color suit. A short way off he sees an Irishman Pete and Seamus. They are arguing. Irishman Pete is dressed in a jacket and the pants. Seamus is dressed in a windbreaker and the jeans. He has a cap on his head. Josh comes closer, he hears their conversation.
IRISHMAN PETE(to Seamus) - You're a pathetic crappy bastard! You demean me in front of serious people! How many times have I told you not to mess with this shit, but you're still not listening to me! I'm tired of constantly justifying you in front of others. You’re casting a blur upon my reputation all the time! Do you understand this? Have you lost your fucking tongue? I’m asking you, can you understand?
SEAMUS - Yes, I can!
IRISHMAN PETE - What the heck are you doing, cock-sucker!? What's the matter? Who did you become? Woe is me, woe is! Fate took my two close people, leaving me with an asshole!
SEAMUS - I'm not your son, you have Duke, mind fuck to him!
IRISHMAN PETE - Stuff a sock in it, until my patience is bursted!
Irishman Pete punches Seamus in the face. Seamus' face blushes, but he says nothing, taking the slaps. Seamus momentarily turns his head toward Josh. His narrowed eyes are taking angry look at Josh. 
IRISHMAN PETE - Shut up, bad-ass! Otherwise, will I never stand up for you again, and one day your body will be found in the gutter. Scumbag!
He slaps Seamus once again. This time Seamus doesn't with stand and attacks him. But Irishman Pete hangs over him.
IRISHMAN PETE - What?!! You decided to go against my will, freak? I will squeeze out all the crap from you !! Got the message, you bastard?
Seamus retreats.
IRISHMAN PETE - Get out of here, cocksucker, until you’ve entirely bitched me off. Once again I know about it, blame yourself! Fuck off!!
Seamus silently leaves. Pete turns to Josh.
IRISHMAN PETE - Pain in the ass, fuck him!(to Josh)Hi! We've got a little performance here. Ira furor brevis est. What did you come with?
JOSH - Hi, Pete! I got into a fender-bender. The bumper needs to be aligned and some places have to be touched up. I remembered that you have the garage.
IRISHMAN PETE - Yes, you're right that you came to me. You won't get diddled and cleaned up to last cent here. Come on, show your car!
They come to Ferrari.
IRISHMAN PETE - This is your baby? Gee, it's beautiful! Why didn't I get a nephew like you? Instead, I have to constantly control this sucker! Where did you manage to scratch it so much?
JOSH - Some idiot on a motorbike lost control and dropped right on my hood. The second day of driving, and it already needs to be repaired.
IRISHMAN PETE - The damned bikers have always irritated me! The motherfucking riders! Don’t worry, my guys will do their best!Listen, since you’re here, maybe you’ll find some time for lunch? You can leave the wheels here. We'll go by my car to the "Monica".
 JOSH - Okay, Pete.
Josh sits at a table. The restaurant has a couple of visitors. Josh looks around. MATURE COUPLE sits nearby. Another MAN WITH LONG HAIR sits closer to the exit. BARTENDER stands behind the bar.
WAITRESS brings the order of Josh.
WAITRESS(to Josh) - Your lamb with peas! Bon Appetite!
JOSH - Thank you!
WAITRESS - Mr. Walsh asked me to tell you to begin dinner without him. He has an urgent phone call. He will be a little later.
JOSH - Okay.
The Waitress leaves. Josh begins to eat lamb with peas.
NARRATOR (V.O.) - While eating, I remembered an incident with the Irishman Pete, because of which he fired Me and Mark.When Pete got back, I was already done with my piece of mutton.
Josh and Irishman Pete are sitting at the table.
IRISHMAN PETE - Do you think that if I own a restaurant, a garage, a farm and a good car, I'm big shot? Believe me, my boy, I'm just a small businessman according to the criteria of New York. Even Oscar Hill is only intermediate between us and those who really have the power in this city. Hill is just a honcho for the Irish, whose population is not the majority in this city. You won't ever see real hosts of this city. And you'd better not see them. While you're a small fish, you don't disturb anyone, nobody cares about you. If only street punks are.But if you accidentally become a big fish, then I'm afraid you'll have to deal with more serious predators. In this city the power has already been shared a long time ago. And I doubt somebody wants another freeloader who is trying to grab a large chunk of fat pie. All those financial tycoons, who you read in the newspapers, hear on the radio or on TV about, are just greyhound carps. The real sharks prefer not to show off their names. That's how things are, my boy. Million a year? These people make a million a day. This is called real money. Aquila non captat muscas.
Irishman Pete drinks from a glass.
JOSH - I heard a say-so that you threatened Oscar Hill to skip him through a meat grinder?
IRISHMAN PETE - Oh, that shit ...
Irishman Pete grins.
IRISHMAN PETE - When I opened this cozy place, Hill's people came to me and demanded that I should give him twenty five percent of the profits every month.
JOSH - Holy shit!
IRISHMAN PETE - That's what I thought! I told them that I found it easier to burn this place down than to give them a percentage. And any asshole that will come to me with such a statement will get skipped through a meat grinder, including the Hill.
JOSH - What was the upshot?
IRISHMAN PETE - I made them my guests and they weren’t charged for anything. It was better for them than to admire the charred remains.
JOSH - Listen, I’ve been meaning to ask you why your restaurant is called "Monica"?
IRISHMAN PETE - This is my residence where I feel comfortable and relaxed. You may not believe it, but places with female names are more favoring and attractive. You like it, don’t you?
JOSH - No, this place is awesome!
IRISHMAN PETE - In fact, I got used to you, boy, so much that I can share with you my past. In former times I was in love with a very beautiful girl, but it wasn’t meant to be 'cause I worked for gangsters and she wanted to marry an honest laborer. Yes, now the values are different, girls don’t care where your money comes from, the main thing is that you gotta pay for their whims. But in those days the upbringing was different. Eventually she married my cousin. They had a child named Seamus. You have already met him. As fate would have it, they both died in a car accident and left me the little Seamus. I named this place in an honor of this girl, having changed the original name "Irish Pub".
Irishman Pete keeps on talking. 
NARRATOR (V.O.) - He spoke and I listened. Like on confession of a dying on his bed. He told me things which he wouldn't tell anybody else. It seemed that he just wanted to tell all that he hid behind his cruel mask of a gangster all these years. And I was the first person who he had trusted to for some reason.
Irishman Pete takes a sip from the glass. Josh decides to take a pause.
JOSH - We have been sitting here for three hours. Sorry, Pete, but I need to go.
IRISHMAN PETE - I'll get a taxi called for you.
JOSH - Okay! I'm going to take a leak before the trip.
Josh gets up from his chair and walks out into the corridor.
In the corridor he accidentally faces with a BALD MAN who’s coming out of the toilet. Josh notices a scar near Man's left eye. 
BALD MAN - I'm sorry!
Josh smiles and goes to the WC.
Josh closes the door from the inside. He walks closer to the toilet and unzips his pants. Josh starts to piss. At this time he hears female scream. Josh turns to the door, still standing near the toilet. Josh finishes pissing and zips up his pants. Then he quickly washes his hands and goes to the door. 
Josh comes out of the closet and goes in the dining room. He sees Pete's body lying on the back of a chair. Josh notices blood on Pete's shirt and a bullet hole in his forehead.
 JOSH  - Fuck!
Josh takes his head in his hands.

Story of Josh Freeman is a story of the main character who going through things on his way to the American dream. It tells about relationship with Josh's best friend Mark, with his family, his girlfriend, and with people who have criminal history. While story goes Josh always faces problem of making the choice. His choice has a direct impact on its destiny and changes his attitude toward people around.
History has two parts. The first part - the American Dream. The second part - Money talks.
The main action of the first part of the novel takes place in New York from 1992 to 2008.
Part 1. American dream.
Josh Freeman - a white young man, was born in Boston in 1981 in a poor family. Josh grew up with a single mother. When Josh was 3 years old, his mother divorced because of main character's father heavy alcohol abuse. Josh does not remember his dad, because they stopped talking to each other after the divorce. Little Josh is threated by older guys from his area, who know that Josh is raised without a father.
Main character's mother with a help of her friends gets a job as a nanny in the rich family house in New York. Josh and his mother moved to New York when he was 11 years old. She was too busy with her job, that's why she had to send Josh to her parents, who live in New York. After school Josh spends time with his grandparents, but he goes to spend a night with mother to rented apartment. Josh's mother tries to be independent from her parents, but tough relationship with Josh's grandfather are also playing the big role in that decision. In the new school seniors are testing Josh out. On the dinner, Josh's family members see bruise under his eye. Josh's grandfather decides to take him to Freddy.
Together with a neighbor's son, who was also bullied in the school, Josh's grandfather takes the grandson to a boxing club in his old friend Freddy. Josh meets with his future friend Mark there, who he faced to fight with on the ring with. Mark beats Josh up, but he shows a good attitude and stays in Freddy's boxing club.
Josh's mother takes him for a walk, and she had to stop by the house of lady who she works for. That is the first time Josh sees such a rich and beautiful house. Women go to have a talk in the living room, leaving Josh sit on the couch in the lobby. The main character is peeping through the open door to hear his mother and house owner conversation, and he gets to know that his mother is going to be fired. Josh breaks a very expensive vase in the lobby by accident.
6 years older Josh with his friend Mark and the other guys decide to go to a party after boxing club. After a night club they get involved into a street fight with the other guys. The next day in Freddy boxing club locker room a young man announces that Josh, Mark and others who was in fight are going to have a serious talk in the Irishman Pete's garage.
In the garage guys were asked to give money for a broken nose and a jaw of criminal boss Irishman Pete's nephew. Friends rob small drug dealer in Chinatown to pay them. Irishman Pete liked the fact that guys were able to do that so fast, and he offers them to work as security in his restaurant, instead of the ones he fired for being drunk at work.
One evening Josh and Mark get in fight with some drunk restaurant customers. The next day, Irishman Pete fires them in anger. Josh and Mark start working in car salon, whose owner sells stolen cars with changed license plates. After some time, owner got murdered being crushed down by car. Josh and Mark decide to remain silent to the police about the money they got from selling last car.
Josh and Mark decided to do something legal, and start working as real estate agents. By chance the main character gets in the house, where his mother used to work as a babysitter back in days. Josh has to help the owners of the house to sell it as soon as possible. He gets to know the lady, whose husband had flown to another city for work, and Josh appears with her in bed. On the advice of Mark Josh does an illegal deal with a help of his lawyer, and sell the house to Russian oligarch for cash. As a result they got about six hundred thousand dollars in their hands. They decide to open an estate agency.
On agency's one year anniversary they decide throw a party in one of the strip clubs. There Josh meets a stripper who later on becomes his girlfriend. The next day, when he gets inside of his office, he sees Irishman Pete. Irishman Pete Josh pushes him to take his support in the fight against competitors, which he ask a monthly fee for.
Later on, during a conversation with the Irishman Pete at his restaurant, Josh admits that he couldn't handle the business without his help in dealing with competitors. Irishman Pete offers Josh a friendly support of all non-business issues.
The protagonist buys a new Ferrari, but on the second day he has a small car accident. He decides to look for help in Irishman Pete garage. In the garage Josh sees the scene where Irishman Pete argues with his nephew for his dirty things, those he thinks are dishonoring himself. Josh leaves his car for repair and goes together with the Irishman Pete for a dinner in his restaurant. In the restaurant Irishman Pete starts honest conversation about his past. Josh goes to the toilet. When he comes back, he sees Pete dead with a bullet in his forehead.
Case #  1-2779629511 The Library of Congress 2015 year.

The End

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