The Story of Johnny Fox, Part 2Mature

When Kayla got out from under the staircase, she couldn’t find her way out. She groped for the doors or a light switch, but only to trip over something.  She thought she was in a bathroom, but she wasn’t sure.  She felt the object she’d tripped on with the palms of her hands.  It was a wall of sorts; it felt like a bath tub, in fact.  Inside it was wet, but she couldn’t tell what the wet substance was. She reached inside the tub to feel more wet… and something hard… lots of hard objects… the tub was filled with them… there was also fur, or at least it felt like fur… there was another tub with what felt like…

No… oh no…

Just then she heard the woman let out a blood curdling shriek.

Kayla ran as fast as she could, not knowing where to go.  Her heart was pounding against her chest as she groped desperately for the front door.  She found it and flung it open, running as fast as she could, not looking back.  She held something in her hand that she’d picked up in the mansion, but couldn’t make out what it was, so she decided to put it in her pocket.   It seemed like hours before she reached her house, and could’ve easily been hours had the moon not been so bright.  She climbed the grape vine shaft to her bedroom window and locked it.  She changed into her pajamas and hid beneath the covers, not daring to peek out.

The next morning she was awakened by her brothers pounding on the door.

“Wake up, Kay.  Yer boyfriend’s here.”

Her heart thumped hard against her ribs as she got out of bed and changed into her clothes from the previous night.  

She went downstairs to see Johnny standing with a rose in his hands. “Morning sweetie.”

Kayla didn’t reply, she only shook as she produced from her pocket the object she’d been carrying the previous night.  She shrieked when she saw the macabre hand and dropped it to the floor.

Her brothers got up at surprising speed.  Johnny’s face was distorted, and he’d dropped the rose.
“Where’d you get that?” Jacob asked in a deathly tone.
She raised one finger toward Johnny.  He was shaking and sweating bullets.  He trembled uncontrollably as the three brothers closed in on him.
He gave Kayla a demonic look, “You were next…”


That was the last anyone ever heard from Johnny.  The mansion was renovated, and police investigated the house thoroughly.  Strangely no one ever saw Johnny again.  No one is sure what happened to him, except the three brothers of course.  Kayla found another young man named Vernon, and they wound up getting married, living a happy life.

Kayla never forgot the shrieks of the woman whose body had never been found by the police.  She always kept her bedroom door locked, even with Vernon sleeping next to her.  She could never get over the thought of Johnny creeping down the hallway to seek his revenge.

The End

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