The Story of Johnny FoxMature


It was a small western town in the middle of Kansas. Nothing big really happened, until he came along.

The Riddles were a wealthy family living in the area, and consisted of 6 members: 2 parents, 3 sons and a daughter.  The daughter’s name was Kayla. Her 3 brothers were David, Sam and Jacob.  They were strong young men, and worked at the local lumber mill.

Kayla was considered the finest lady in the entire town.  No man could get near her without the approval of her brothers and parents, though.

One day, a man named Johnny Fox rolled into town.  He wore a fancy top hat with a black suite and shiny shoes. You could tell he was a man of class.  He’d purchased the old mansion next to Lake Oriental. He was single, and his family lived in Alabama.  Kayla didn’t show it, but she liked Johnny. And started talking to him in the bar one day.  He smooth-talked his way into a date with her.  After several months, her brothers found no fault in him, nor did her parents.  


Time passed, and they dated for about 5 months that year.


“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Kayla said as she stepped out of Johnny’s car.

“Ok, sweetie.” he said and they shared a short goodbye kiss.

He drove off in a seemingly hurried manner. That night she became curious and snuck out of the house, off to Johnny’s mansion.  The night was especially dark and cold.  Kayla was weary as she trudged through the woods with only a full moon to accompany her.  When she reached the mansion, there were no lights on.  No sign of life was to be seen.

She knocked on the large mansion door. “Johnny, it’s Kayla.”

No answer.

She knocked again.  No answer still.  She decided to enter.  She slowly opened the large door as it creaked and moaned on its hinges.  The grand entrance was mysterious in the dark, and she couldn’t find any kind of light switch.

She was gazing at the unlit chandelier when she heard something outside: a car door shut, and a woman screaming bloody murder.  Kayla hid under the grand staircase from whoever was coming in.  She heard a man's voice, cold and brutal.

“Come! Don’t force me to drag you, YOU SHALLOW WHORE!”

Kayla heard the man kick the screaming woman, hard.  The man chuckled darkly, “Well, you’re mine whether you like it or not, bitch.”
The woman wailed.  Kayla’s eyes widened when she realized it was Johnny’s voice.

Johnny took the woman by her hair and dragged her up the stairs.  Her wails were so loud that Kayla had to cover her ears.  She saw droplets of blood drip from the balcony as they reached the top.  She heard him forcing her up every step, hearing even more torturous screams from the woman.  Johnny gave a sick chuckle and continued dragging her down the hallway.

The End

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