The Story of James Byrant

A man is lost in Detroit with no memory of anything but his name.

He had never seen so many homeless people in one place.  James Byrant walked into the shallow city of Detroit, Michigan.  Every angle he turned there was a man or woman sitting on the cold, wet ground. It was a sight that could cripple your eyes. 

Beggars held out their cups and waited to see if there was a hint of sympathy in the strange man walking through their home. James felt uncomfortable and slightly fearful. He had no clue where he was going or where he came from. He simply knew that his name was James and he was lost and hopeless. 

A scream filled the air as James tumbled over and landed on the hard, cement filled sidewalk.  He had tripped over a young girl whose skin was as dark as earth. She was all alone and sitting next to a lamp post in the cold, frosty air with only a poor excuse for a blanket with more holes in it than swiss cheese. 

James knelt down and asked her if she had any family. When the young girl said no, he wrapped her in his arms and told her that he was all alone too. 

They sat together for an unknown amount of time that seemed to feel like forever. James told her about his loss of memory and how he was lost. He learned that the girls name was Beth and she was only twelve years old. She told him that she has been all alone since her mother passed away when she was nine and that she had to run from home when her mother died so she wouldn't be taken away like her brother. 

Beth started sobbing harshly and James held her tighter. He knew she was practically a baby who had been fending for herself for over three years. She had to be starving, the girl was skin and bones, she had to of weighed less than sixty pounds. 

He searched his pockets for money to buy her a proper meal. When he placed his hand in his front pant pocket, to his surprise he found a black, bulky leather wallet. He found his ID inside it's designated spot along with numerous credit cards and a business card with his name on it. It read " JAMES H. BYRANT -ATTORNEY AT LAW- " . He quickly pulled out his ID again and found his address.  

He took Beth in his hand and after buying her a meal they flagged down a taxi and made their way to his home. 

When they arrived to the house they stood at the gate for a brief moment to take in the beauty of the home. James felt like he was breaking into a strangers house, until the door was open and pictures of him, alone, filled the walls. He turned to the girl, realizing that he had no wife or children, and made a promise that neither of them would ever be alone again. He adopted and they now had a family. James H. Byrant lived up to his promise to Beth and they always had each other, no matter what.

The End

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