The Story of Jack and Rossie Chapter ElevenMature

Chapter Eleven. Jack

     I could have heard Rossie's scream from a hundred miles away. The people standing around waiting for buses outside did jump and look around in confusion, but didn't seem at all concerned.

     I ran to the corner of the building to see Al, leaning over the bannister, staring down at the river.

     "Al!" I shouted. "What happened? Where's Rossie?"

     He turned cruel, hard eyes on me. "Al. Yes, Al will be putty in my hands once he finds out that his darling Rosie has died at my hands."

     I shot to his side, and saw immeditaely what he'd been looking at; there was a swirling vortx of muddy water directly below us, bubbles rising to the surface.

        "Mink," I growled. "You tricked me."

     He rolled his eyes. "Well, believe me, it wasn't hard." He paused. "I suppose you're gonna try pull her out? Be the hero you never were?" He reached inside his brown jacket, staring off into the distance. "Good luck with that."

     I barely registered what he had in his hand when he flicked it towards me and with a bang, there was a crippling, unbelievable agony in the left side of my stomach. I cried out and collapsed against the railings.

      He tucked the gun back inside his jacket, and turned away from me. He started to walk away, as if he hadn't just done anything; I'd never started a fight with anyone before, but I was tempted to take him down right there, gun shot wound or no gun shot wound.

     But Rossie! I pulled myself up onto the railing, leaving a trail of blood on the silver poles, and dropped myself to the narrow bank. I clutched my painful side as I took an eight-foot slide to the water, and when I dropped inside, it was a lot deeper than I'd expected.

     I'd done a life saving course one summer, but that was years ago. Right now all I had was adrenaline. And whatever determination I possessed.

     I surfaced for air; muddy water gushed into my lungs. I gasped. "ROSSIE!" I screamed, hoping somehow she'd hear me.


     I looked around for the voice. Rossie - my beautiful Rossie - had swam to the bank at the far side, and was trying to haul herself out of the water.

     I dipped underwater again, but this time no sense of panic shot through me. Even the giant hole in my side was numbed a little. I was so relieved that I inhaled another gulp of foul water.

     The bracelet... I reached for my pocket, hoping it was still there.

     Had to give it to you... Had to tell you...

The End

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