The Story of Jack and Rossie Chapter TenMature

Chapter Ten. Rossie

     As I sat in the bus shelter, I clutched the edges of my seat. Butterflies were cascading through my stomach. Already, Jack had taken too long. I mean, what if Mink showed up here? I didn't know what I could do, now that I didn't have my knife.

     God. You were rubbing off on me, Jack! I never worried like this until I met you. Thanks a bleedin' lot!

     There was a man sitting opposite me, reading an oversized newspaper. That's what I needed. A big newspaper to hide behind. I used to see people who were hiding from bad guys do that on TV before Helene died. Before my life my thrown into the streets.

     My heart leapt for relief as I looked up to see Jack stepping inside the bus station. I jumped up from my seat and rushed over to meet him.

     "Any idea where we're gonna go yet?" I asked.

     "Well," he said, "first you have to come with me, because I met your dad on the way over here. He's outside."

     "Al's okay?" I almost cried for joy. "Why didn't he come in?"

    "I dunno," Jack shrugged simply. "He still thinks its a good idea that we leave, but he said he wants to talk to you first."


    "Al! I'm so glad you're okay," I said as I rounded the corner. Al was facing away from me, his hands on the rail surrounding the ten-foot drop into a murky, slow-moving river.

    "Why wouldn't I be okay, Rosaline?"


    I felt sick, and goosebumps trickled up and down my body. That wasn't Al. The figure turned to face me, and I recognized the face.

    "Nice boyfriend you've got, Rosie. Pity he's so simple. Pity that once he hears little Rosie is in trouble, he'll walk right into trouble himself."

    I could only stand and stare, horror swelling inside me.

    "Hope old Al taught you how to swim, Rosie!"

    Mink swept me up into his arms. I screamed out, and wriggled in his hold. I tried to kick him but my feet her two far in the air to reach him. I punched his face, but it didn't seem to affect him much. I tried to scratch at his arms too, but my nails were cut too short.

     I screamed again as he raised me up over the railing; I barely had time to realize what was happening before he dropped me, and I was freefalling towards the water below.

     My last thought before I hit the water, Jack... Well. I'll let you work that one out for yourself.

The End

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