The Story of Jack and Rossie Chapter FiveMature

Chapter Five. Jack

        "So, Jack." My heart jumped as a familiar voice said my name. I glanced to the side, to see a head of curly blonde hair bobbing down the hallway next to me. Linn smiled. "That was some French class, right?" she droned with exaggerated sarcasm.

       I didn't know, Rossie, coz I'd been thinking about you the whole way through it.

      "Yeah," I replied with as much enthusiasm as I could muster up.

       "I'm... I'm real sorry about yesterday, Jack," Linn sighed, and I could tell she'd rehearsed this already. "I've had a word with -"

       "You know, forget about it, Linn," I shrugged. "I've already forgotten about it."

       Linn's face lit up in a grin. I stopped because we'd reached my locker. Linn stood next to me for a moment while I unlocked it.

        "You're a sweet guy, Jack," she murmured.

        I looked up, but she was already headed down the hall, her arm hooked on a familiar toned-up one; the one that had spilled gravy over me just the previous day. 

        I thought of the bracelet. And I thought of Rossie. I shut my locker and headed home, hoping the street by the old courthouse would be as deserted as it ahd yesterday evening.

        * * *

        It was dirzzling a little; it had been all day, and there was no sign of the cat outside the courthouse. There were a couple of passers-by on the road - mostly kids heading home from school.

        I paused at the old brown wall, itching to jump it and crawl inside the old building, but how could I do it without arousing suspicion? If anybody alerted the authorities of suspicious behaviour at the old courthouse, it could jeprodise Rossie's home.

        When fifteen minutes had passed without any opprotunity for me to go inside, I trudged on home in the rain, with less spirit than I had the day before.

        A question played on my mind. Were you waiting for me, Rossie?  



The End

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