The Story of Jack and Rossie Chapter TwoMature

Chapter Two. Jack.


     When I brushed the grass and weeds from my face, I found myself in a huge room; it was empty, with a high, high ceiling, a dusty old wooden floor, lit by the giant designed windows - including the broken one.

     I scrambled to my feet, a little nervous now. I didn't want to think about the fact that I was in such a creepy old building that nobody had been inside in over twenty years. I just wanted to find the bracelet and get the hell out of there.

     I paced the entire way around the room, my eyes scanning every square centimetre of the dirty floor for a glimpse of the skinny silver bracelet, patricularly the area before the broken window it had entered through.

     After a round of the room with no success, I started to crawl... Yes Rossie, I was crawling around in the dust and dirt looking for a piece of jewellery. That was when I heard movement behind me.

     I spun around in time to see the cat diving through the hole in the wall, a piece of unidentifiable meat in its mouth. A door into another room swung behind him

     As the silence replaced itself, the hair on the back of my neck tingled; the reality of where I was hit me. What was I doing?! I suddenly just wanted to get out of there.

     I stumbled upright, intending to follow the cat out like a bullet, Linn's bracelet becoming a distant memory in my mind. But my feet froze to the floor and my stomach leapt up into my throat as the door the cat had come through swung open, and a window in the other room cast a shadow over the person who stood in the doorway.

     I was scared, Rossie. I felt sick. But I couldn't run. Something was stopping me, something held me to that spot.

     "What are you doing here?"

     The person was whispering, so I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman speaking.

     "I - I was just - "

     "This place is taken!" The person hissed. They raised their right hand, and my heart skipped a beat as I realized they were brandishing a knife that glistened in the backlight. I also realized that on the right hand... was Linn's bracelet.

     "I - I was just looking for - "

     "Didn't you hear me, punk?! I said this place is taken. Get out. Go find some other place."

     As they raised their voice more and more, I realized this was a girl. I wasn't any less scared; from the way she was holding that knife, I got the feeling she could do some serious damage with it.

     She stepped forward with force, raising the arm which held both the bracelet and the knife, and the light fell on her face. The sunlight danced beautifully on her bronzed skin. She had chocolate brown hair that tumbled halfway down her back. And her dark brown eyes flashed defensively.

     I couldn't keep my eyes from the knife. I pictured her lunging toward me and stabbing me to death with it, the bracelet jangling away on her wrist the whole time. Oh God. I'd had a bad day, but getting stabbed to death wouldn't make things any better!

     "Hey, kid! What's wrong with you? I looks like you're gonna pass out."

     It was you, Rossie. It was you that I thought was going to kill me.

     Just before I blanked out I think I looked at your face and got a feeling inside me that I'd never felt before. 


The End

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