Being a Demon

Now that Mizuras the angel has gone, I'm free to look around the city as I please. However, this is the first time I've been into the 21st Century. Yeah, seriously. I was last on Earth in 1995 and to be honest not too much has changed.

I descend into an alleyway as a bird and then transform into a teenager. Wandering into the bustling streets, I see that some younger people have white wires plugged into their ears. I wonder what they are. Perhaps they are to earplugs used to block out the sounds. But then why would they have wires attached? I realise that they are kinda modern headphones as a teenager with them in walks past and I hear rock music.

There are also cars with roofs that fold away! A flash git in the street presses a button in his posh car, and the roof slides into the back, making the car roofless.

In general, not too much has changed. There are still shops that aren't super futuristic (although I spot a wi-fi café - I wonder what those are?) and the cars haven't changed too much apart from being convertable.

Although I have magic powers because I'm a demon, don't feel jealous of me. Automatic doors don't let me through. Dogs bark ferociously at me as I pass. Birds attempt pittifully to crap on me. Yeah, life hates me.

Apart from humans. They lost their animalistic talents aeons ago. Dogs, cats etc. can tell a disguised human from a demon. They know I have no soul, and they loathe me for it.

The End

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