Crescent City

I fall from the portal...and I'm in the sky above a huge, busy road in a city full of buildings higher that I've ever seen! Cursing under my breath, I quickly spread my massive bat's wings. Hundreds of civillians must've seen me already. What to do...I change shape and become a small red bird.

I flutter away and land on the rooftop of the nearest skyscraper. This city is HUGE. Too huge. Finding (and destroying, hehehe) the Orb of Melinoe will take forever in a metropolis like this.


I turn around to see a man wearing a long white and gold trenchcoat. He carries a golden spear and his blond hair billows around in the wind. Hell. With a weapon like that, he's bound to be a demonslayer.

No time to think - I quickly turn into a beetle just as the huge spear goes for me. Then I turn into a fly. I buzz away, and the demonslayer is left looking around, puzzled to where I have gone.

"Get back here, demon!" he yells. But when I don't appear to him, he belts his spear onto his back and...flies into the air with a pair of golden...wings that have materialised on his back. He's more than just a demonslayer. He's an angel.

"HELL!" I mutter. (I can talk in any form, even when I'm a fly.) When I'm sure that the angel has flown from sight, I become a fire demon again.

Oh yeah, I never told you what I look like. I appear as a teenage guy with red-orange skin with huge bat wings and a spiked tail. I wear a leather jacket and jeans.

"Gotcha." It's the angel again, right behind my back. I change into a fire salamander and see a flash of gold spearhead above me. That was very close indeed.

I dart between his feet, leap onto his back and go boom in a blaze of flame! He yells in surprise and pain, and I leap off and become a demon again.

"Take that!" I cackle. I've torched a hole through the back of his trenchcoat and sizzled some of his wing feathers. And I guess that Gabriel here isn't happy...

The End

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