The Story of Ignatius

Ignatius is a good demon...or should that be the good demon. Sent by the Demon King to find the Orb of Melinoe in Crescent City, Ignatius secretly rebels in order to stop his ex-master from enslaving the whole world. But only with the help of the mysterious demonslayer Mizuras can Ignatius save the Earth...

I stand in the Demon King's throne room. It's a boring space, a swirling void of dark energy with a red platform shaped with a cobweb floating in it. On that platform is a throne made from pearly white skulls, and on that throne sits the King himself.

Yeah, I know you're already imagining him as some all-powerful Satan guy, but he isn't. Hell no. He takes the appearance of a teenage boy wearing dark purple and crimson armour. But it's obvious that he's more than the kid next door in armour because of his glowing red eyes.

"Hello, Ignatius," he says in a deep voice that doesn't sound evil at all, "I have a task for you."

"What be it, master?" I reply. I hate the King. This mission, whatever it may be, I'm gonna mess up.

"The Orb of Melinoe," the Demon King says. "I want it. It is hidden somewhere in Crescent City, on Earth. I entrust you with this mission because you are by far my best warrior and finder of... items I want."

The Orb of Melinoe - that's a sphere that enables control over the spirits of the dead. If the Demon King gets that...well, let's just say that things wouldn't be too good.

"I shall do your every bidding," I lie, about to open a portal to Crescent City.

"Wait!" cries the Demon King. From his throne he draws a bone-handled steel-bladed dagger enlaid with a ruby and sends it floating towards me. I catch it. "This will come in very handy." I ask no questions.

"Now go to Crescent City!" the King orders, and I create a portal to the city. I leap through without looking back.

The End

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