Ch. 2 lug head beauty

                We reached the city, I put my hood on and hid my face; people were giving me and Jacob weird looks.

"Jacob," I whisperd,"Lets get some food."

My stomach was yelling at me; I haven't eaten since dinner last night, Dad made chiken stew...Thinking about my dad worried me.

"I've only got enough for some bread and a few apples." He said and patted my shoulder, I guess he figured out what I was thinking about.

My brother is only ten, but he was tall for his age, he was skinny and not very strong but he's been training with father since he was seven. He is the best fighter (besides me) in our town. But it would take alot more fighters to defeat Worgens.

Worgens are terrible wolf men, they transform at night and terrorize any place they please.

Their claws are sharper then the swords I made this morning, so you would have to be swift to kill any of them.

I watched jacob haggle a merchant for some bread with only two gold coins, it might not be alot of money for merchants but my brother is smart. The merchant reluctantly gives us two loafs of bread, and two apples.

In the corner of my eye I spot a man behind a hood sitting in the dark,"Jacob," I whisperd to him,"We should get going."

"Hold on a minute, we need a map, we can't get lost; Time sensative mission remember?!" I nodded and Jacob went through a shop and cleverly took one, no one noticed him slide his big sleeevs over a map and walk away with it.

"Lets go before someone finds out." Jacob grabs my sleeve and we swiftly walk into the forest.

"Jacob, you can't go around stealing everything; Do you know what people will think of you if they found out?! They will post up wanted posters soon enough!"

"Well I got the map and thats that, besides we'll be leaving this rat hole city soon, we gotta find our guy."

Just then, the man in a dark hood walked into the forest, I laid my hands over my sword ready to fight when I needed to. I noticed Jacob ready to stab him through aswell.

"Hello," he said while walking around us,"My name is"

"We dont care what your name is! What do you want?!" I was just about to pull my sword out.

"Nothing, just wondering why you stole my map."

I glared at Jacob, his face looked guilty. The man laughed and took his hood off.

"My name is aden, if you needed a map you could have just asked."

"We dont have anymore money, were sorry, we really need it."

I looked at t he man who stood before us, His black hair was messy; his locks swished in my face but just out of reach to see his magnifacent brown eyes.

He looked to be about seventeen.

"Why did you need a map bad enough to just take it?"

"Will you excuse me for a second?"

He looked confused, I grabbed jacob,"Jacob! It's the guy!"

"Well that was easy!"

"I think you should give him his stupid map back." I laughed," any guy who is willing to follow us into a forest for a map must mean somthing."

"I think we should use it to keep him."

Jacob went strait to aden's face, he looked unfased by this ten year old eyeing him.

"We'll give you your map back, if you tell us why its so important."

He laughed and pushed Jacob away,"Because its mine, now if you don't mind."

he put his hand out waiting to recieve it.

I took the map from jacob and held it to my chest,"We want a real explaination. now."

my face was serious, he smiled at me and I tried not to blush,"Well if you must know, let me show you."

I reluctantly gave him his map; He opend it and lay it on a big rock.

"Now if you see here it looks like any old map, but, showum." He tounched the map and a light started to glow from under his palm.

"What the, you do magic?!"

"Oh well yeah, I guess I could have metioned that but I wanted to see your faces when you figured out on your own." His devious smile made me blush i looked at the sun it was going down.

"Now see," I looked at the map, it was projecting the map but with all the actual trees and short cuts.

"Thats why I cant just let two CHILDREN go off with my map,hideum."

the map was normal again.

"We are not CHILDREN..." I sneered at him.

"Woah, woah." he laughed at me.

"And we need this map! We don't have alot of time!"

"Why would you need MY map? Besides you dont know how to do magic, you cant see the short cuts."

"Like I said we dont have alot of time." I hinted at him to give me the map.

"Well if you want my map, Then i'll just have to come with you guys; Better then staying here, where I have nothing to do all day. It's either I come or you dont have a map."

"Fine." I walked away from his stupid lug head fog around him and started to set up camp.

"I can help."

"No, no. I can do it myself." I trudged off and started making a tent.

He threw his hands in the air,"Fine, don't use the guy who can do magic to fix everything."

I grunted and worked silently.

The End

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