Ch. 1 The Qwest

I woke up and got out of bed; I ran to my brothers door and alomost broke the door down,"JACOB WAKE UP!!"

I have this power; Any dream I have becomes true, the dream I had last night frightend me; Worgens are dangerous creatures, and I saw me, jacob and another man with beautyful black hair fighting to the death against them.


"whhat!" he stirred in his room and stumbled to the door,"What do you want libby?!"

"I had a dream." This is all I had to say, he automatically knew what this ment.

"Let me get dressed, and you tell me what your dream was."

I started a fire and noticed it was telve o'clock in the morning.

Jacob came into the room.

"al'right, what did you see?"

"Well, it was you and me and another man, I dont know who he is but we have to find him, Worgens are coming, I dont know when; but we are going to fight them before they distroy our village."

"Well we better get started looking for this guy, how much time do you think we have?"

"I dont know; In my dream i saw that there was a red moon, and half the village was on fire."

"red moon. I'll look into it, You get weapons ready and we'll go off to look for this fighter."

I nodded and jacob ran to the nearby library. I went to my fathers blacksmith shop, to tell him what we must prepare for.

I ran into the shop but my sweaty dirt coverd father was nowhere to be found.


There was no answer. I was in a panic, I ran to the pile of ore metals and started to make my brother and I swords.

I melted the ore and purified it into sword mold. as soon as it started to cool I put it in the fire and started to beat the metal, sparks flew. I dipped it into the bucket of water and steam filled the air.

I put it back in the fire and it turned bright orange the flames made balls of sweat apear on my forehead.

I beat the hot metal into the anvel until It no longer had any impureties.

I admired my new sword; Then continued to finish the handel; nothing fancy, I simply tie and burn a leather stap on the handel to give me a good grip.

As soon as I finish Jacob's sword I run home to start packing for our qwest.

While packing, Jacob runs in with a huge book.

"The day of red moon, its a solar eclipse."

"When is it?"

"Well on the lunar calander we have one in four days."

"We dont have much time." I finish packing and hand him his cased sword, he pulls it out and looks at the shine of the clean new sword he now owns,"We better get going if we want to find our champian. Great sword by the way."

I gave him his pack and we ran out the door,"I Couldnt find dad anywhere!"

"Where could he be?!"

"I don't know but we have to hurry if we want to find this guy in time!"

we forgot all about our father and ran to the nearest city to find our fighter.

The End

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