I just couldn't find the time to ask Grim, Him and my mother were always together. They were always ataring at each other's faces, sometimes they started snogging. They totally forgot that I was there! I mean come on I was the one who got them back together and they were ignoring me! Maybe I was invisable, one of those ghosts who were never seen, only heard or seen by throwing things about. I didn't ask to be a ghost! If I had known this was going to happen I wouldn't have brought them together!

Why was I being ignored?! I hadn't done any thing to deserve this! I was the one who brought them together! I should be rewarded!


As they leave the room, to the bedroom- I don't need sleep anymore- I decide that it's time for me to leave. At lest long enough for them to relise I'm gone- I bet that will take ar least a month. Better pack my bag then.

The End

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