Grim and my mother sitting in a tree...

Isn't it nice when your parents are joined together when they have been apart for so long? Well it is sometimes, this is one of those times when it is.

My mother was overjoyed that her plan worked and she didn't have to kill the rest of the planet before Grim noticed she would do anything to get him back. Not that she told me about what she was doing before she realised she was pregnant, I had my ways.

Grim had emotion for once in his life- that I new of, well he dose have emtion on the rare occasion but he didn't go back to his unemotional voice this time, for a while anyway.

I stayed out of their road most of the time so I coulldn't tell what happened. But I could guess what happened that night...

Now, I have realised that I'm quite dead but the thing is I'm still walking around, the hole in my chest is quite visable, I not losing that much blood but I think I lost all that a while ago. I just can't think of why that is. I'm thinking about asking Grim and my mother when they get out the bedroom, that is.

The End

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