Dead dead

Grim looked at me for a while before repling: "I don't have a daughter."

I was prepared for this, it was but to be expected. "Thats becausee you ran away before I was born." I waas finding it easier to stand now all of a sudden. But because of who I was born from I couldn't feel the chill, that would have told me I was dead.

"That was nearly seven years ago. That we left, last time I saw her she was killing people, a mass muderer." From the way he spoke, the emotionless voice of his, I now new why my mother fell in love with his voice. It was like a spell, his voice, quite hypnotising. My mother said I had a simlar voice to his but it was never the same, not enough. "If you are my daughter, why didn't she tell me about  a child? Though, if you are my child why did you kill your self?"

"Because my mother told me that the only way to get your attention is to die, and since my mother can't, I have to do it for her."

If this was a normal family not my jumbled fairy tale one this would probally have the athoritys in it or include a lot of kissing and hugging but not this family, I have to commit suicide for anyone to notice me!

"Will you take me to see your mother then?" Now his voice was full of longing.

I was quite suprised he didn't try to prove I was his daughter, he probally missed my mother too much.

The End

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