My daughter's sacrafice

From point of veiw of my daughter.

My mother had told me what I was to do. I was pleased to go through with it. i woul see my father for the first time in the sicx years that I have lived for.

I was wearing the cloak that my mum gave me yesterday, it waas a bit big for me, but otherwise it worked. I had  my scythe, it was what I was going to use to kill myself. That was all that I needed.

As the clock struck twelve, midnight, I brought the sharp point of the scythe down to my heart. It was harder than it seemed to reach there, you had to turn it upside down and hold it just  a couple of centimeters from the metal bit at the end, then I had to calculate where my heart was so I wouldn't miss. It was that hard!

Once the scythe had penetrated my heart I cearfully retraced the streps I took to get it there and held it upright. Suprisenly I was still standing, but now as I stood there, losing a lot of blood fast, the scythe was the only thing keeping me upright.

The End

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