My plan... is disaterous!

I had a plan in my head but the only problem was that it was a terribal plan. It included killing every one on the planet for one love. Well it would get my point through but I would end up in hell, well I might.. But before I did any of that I had to quit my job.

Quitting my job wasn't going to be any problem, I had wanted to quit for years now. The problem was that I couldn't find any other way to get Grim back, the only way that I have come up with will make me a crimanal. But all that mattered was that I was quiting my job and persuing my love.

For the quiting my job, I just went to the tooth castle and gave the letter I had written out to reception. For the killing part I had to find a wepon that would suit. I know, a scythe. It matches my love. One problem is that it will take timer because Grim, knowing him will most likly refuse the first few times with one of his petty speeches. I will probally go mad during that time. He will definitly go mad. I'm couning on him comming back for me when he does go mad. Sad to say I am that despate.

I'm going to santa's place to see if he can get me a scythe for an early christmas preasent. I just hope he says yes.

The End

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