Everywhere but nowhere

The place that Grim had taken me was very weird, everything was black and white, Like being in one of those old movies. Around us where graves, we where in a graveyard!

"Where are we?" I asked in amazement. I was amazed for no particular reason so don't ask.

"This is every where but no where." Grim said in his unemotional voice. "This is where I spend my free time."

"So how do you stop time?" I asked.

"I need to make a phone call. Then we will have about a week to our selves. Unless, that is if father time found out that I stole one of his muffins..."

As Grim went over to a building that looked like it might hold some dead corpses I started looking around, trying to get my bearings. THe sky was cloudy, all the tome stones looked about the smae excaept the names and inscriptions on them. A black fence with spikes on top of it. Beyond it-nothing!

I had started to try and make out a name on a nearby gravestone when Grim came back . "We have six days, father time know that I have probally done something mysterious, as was the way when I was a kid." He told me.

"Do you want to get started?" I asked, rather romantically.

"Well it wouldn't be such a bad idea..."

The End

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