Sweet death, sweet romantic death...

The old man's death came acctualy quite loud! He screamed (like a little girl) then he cried for merci, for another chance in life, then he went out like a light. That was the moment I had been waiting for. That was when Grim Reaper came, the love of my life! I would do anything for him!

"What are you doing here," Now I halt the story here so that you know what my name will be when I get to court to change it. I think  I will change my name to Kathy! Now let the story commence! "Kathy?!" Grim asked supprised more than I had ever seen him before.

"I wanted to see you again before your work consumes you too much that you forget about me!" I replied stubbunly.

"How could I forget about you, you're the only one insane enough to acctually talk to me!" Grim normally has this unemotional voice when he isn't supprised about anything, his voice also has this commaning tone to it that I always reconise. You need to have a commanding voice to be able to send the dead to the dead. "Can I send him away before we talk longer, if they are kept waiting they tend to get restless and don't take it all that well..."

"It's okay, I can wait, I have been waiting for nearly two weeks already. Another five munites won't make any diffrence in the world!" He didn't even notice the sarcasm in my voice! Well he was a skeleton after all but- ah! I give up! He's a skeleton! Hows he ment to hear in the first place! Or even speak in that matter!

It was when I stopped listing to all those thought around my head that I noticed Grim had finished showing the old man to his realm. "shall we go to dinner, or do you have more pressing deaths?" I asked him.

"Acctualy I was thinking that we could try to stop time and make it a date now that you're here."

"Well there's nothing wrong with that except, how do you stop time?"

"Come with me and I'll show you, it's a bit difficult but it will be worth it!" Grim reached out his hand and I took it as he lead my away through the sub universe...

The End

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