Who am I? Well I'm...

By now you will all be wondering who I am becaue I haven't told you my name yet well I'm nameless- I don't want everyone to know my sick occupation so I might tell you later If I can find out a way to fire myself...

Of course you all know who the tooth fairy is! Sorry, sorry only raised that statment for no reason... (looking guilty)

Well if you're smart you would know who I am by now (hopefully not! It's such a stupid name!) so I'm going to change it for the sake of humanity.

So now I still havent writen anything about what happens so you're just going to keep on waiting! Haha! Anyway Grim's gone to South Africa and supprisingly I went with him! Although it wasn't by the same means of travel or cause he wants me to. In fact I think I took some flying reindeer and a jolly fat man along... but they only dropped me off! Didn't stay! (luckally)

I had a bit of trubble finding my way around but eventually found out where the third nearest hospital was (I had already gone about three quarters the way there by the time I foud out where I was.) Now all I have to do is wait for someone to die, hopefully the hospital got it right and the old guy I'm sitting by is going to go in one and a half weeks time!

The End

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