the story of a stalkerMature

Basically the idea just came to me one day, in stories and movies stars are always stalked but we never know anything aobut the people who stalk them. So why not do a story in a stalkers pov?
All the characters are from my imagination only so if they resemble any person living or dead it's not intended

I'd followed him before, so why should this time feel different?  There he was in his car kissing her in the moonlight. The woods were empty apart from them, me and the occassional animal.

They were speaking, though what they said I couldn't hear. He kissed her again and I knew soon I would need to leave before I did something I regretted. The sad thing was, he didn't even know I exhisted. I knew him though... I knew everything about him, where he lived, shopped, went drinking, who he was with. I even knew what shampoo he used.

See that man is the famous Richard King-Stevens. He's the most incredible actor, with a fabulous singing voice. I'd been completely in love with him for the last three years. I'd seen him on a gossip show one morning and knew he was my next man. I moved to England after that to be close to him, I'd even managed to get a house only two blocks away!

So after that I'd followed him. People called me a stalker but I knew the truth, he was destined to be mine. It would only be a matter of time before he found that out for himself.  

The End

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