The story of a life time

The pirate ship rocked through the red wine sea. Captain Jim farley scooped up a goblet of wine from the sea then took a sip.

"Captain Jim!" The cabin boy called him.

"Aye,?" He asked

"will you tell me of your first adventure on the redliner?" he pleaded

"Jacob, I be no story teller! you are on a Pirate ship, not some sort of.......daycare!" He scolded Jacob

Jacob looked at him with eyes of longing. Captain Jim could never resist that look.

"But i suppose it could be some sort of learning story...."

Jacob's eyes lite up.

Captain Jim took a sip from his wine and began

"when i was no more than 16 i was asked to Captain a boat, i would get everything payed for, crewman, the ship, food, rum, and more, but on one condition. I had to Sail to the land of forgotten Nightmares....."

Jacob gasped

"Bloody well right! That dammed island was the worst place imaginable....."

"The wind there howelled like a wolf, the trees were bare, and the clouds and water were blood red. Anyways i was asked to retrieve a single branch from the only tree with leaves."

Jacob nodded , a smile playing across his face

"This story lad, is filled with horror, monsters, Death, fights, love-"

Jacob stuck out his tongue, The captain just laughed.

"Heart break triumph ooh and i forgot, evil!"

"Now this story begins on our way too the island.. in the blood sea.." Cpatain Jim began.

The End

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