I towelled off my damp hair and turned off the shower. I reached for my hair dryer and then thought better of it. I had to make this right. I got dressed and went back to the computer. I logged on and looked at the clock. 7:45 am . The only name that was online was James. Right away, a chat box popped up. 

James: Why, Zoey? Why didn't you tell us?

Zoey: I'm so sorry. 

James: Sorry doesn't change things, Zoey. 

James is offline. Any messages you send will be delivered when James comes online.

I shut down my computer and ran upstairs, collapsing on my bed. I needed them. But I guess I deserved what came to me. And now I had to go to school and pretend like nothing was wrong.

Like I hadn't just lost my best friends.

The End

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