Minnie blurts, "Jeez Jeez". She calls the Chief.Mature

"Jeez......Jeez." Minnie's heart's racing faster than the first time Dante put his hand up her skirt. 

She blushed at the memory but quickly remembered what got her heart flying around like a trapeze artist at one of them fancy big top circus shows. 

She clicked her way over to the big CB set up and sat down, pulling the clunky old headset over her ears. 

"Chief Burntree. Somethings up down by Sara Ferguson's she says she's got old Nora Higgins, but Nora's...she's dead isn't she?"

The implication pushes a large pit in her stomach and that pit deepens as all she gets back is static. 

"Chief Burntree come in...I say Nora Higgins, she ain't dead."

Something comes through but its garbled. 

It sounds like "Nor..........shit fuck.......something........sweet moses.....big...." and then a truly terrifying scream that shakes Minnie to her core and turns the pit into an abyss. 

After that there's nothing but static and no matter how much she tries Nora cannot reach anyone on the CB. 

But Minnie Littlepot is anything but a coward, and she'll be damned if she's just going to sit in this office and wait for coffee to drip while everything goes to hell out there. 

She does the only thing she can think of, she calls her daddy, and then once she's off the phone with him, Minnie picks up her keys and heads for the door. 

Before she leaves she clicks her way back over to her desk and grabs her rain jacket before heading to the door and out into the dark afternoon. 

As the door closes behind her light raindrops begin to fall, lightly sprinkling against the windows of the detachment. 

The End

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