The Storm Not Yet Passed

There was a feeling of unease in the air, as if the often-times cruel power of Nature was about to throw the worst storm to ever hit this simple sailing vessel that floated on open waters. The ship wasn't really following any specific course that the captain knew of, though he usually liked to believe that it was, so as to give the illusion that he was in control.

As the ship drifted in the waters, the creeping unease in the atmosphere slowly gained strength, since the transceivers weren't picking up any response from the mainland after information was requested about the possibility of a storm.

As the captain watched the sky, it began to darken. Slowly at first, then as time passed, the ominous clouds began to gather more rapidly. He wondered how serious this storm- for there was clearly a storm -was going to be, and if it would damage his vessel beyond repair.

He tried desperately to establish communications with the mainland to know what level of precautions to take, but no answers were given. The captain began to worry that this gale might be too much for his ship to handle, despite the numerous other times it had survived through intense storms.

Suddenly, with a crack infinitely louder and as determined as a whip meant to tame a wild animal, a blazing bolt of lightning furiously struck the ocean dangerously close to the vessel. Then, the winds began to batter the ship to and fro, threatening to capsize it, thus dooming those on board.

As the ship was battered back and forth by the ever-increasing winds, the captain thought he heard a strange voice among them, laughing as if all this was a cruel joke being played on him, purely to entertain another.

As if to confirm this thought, the bow of the ship was hit by lighting, and despite the fact that the wood was drenched in water from both the sea and the relentless rain that was plaguing the ship, a fire was ignited. 

Crewmen rushed to extinguish the fire that was blazing at the front of the ship, and within a few minutes the flames were doused and out, leaving some charred and blackened wood in its wake, but it didn't seem to be i

The captain had nearly given up hope of surviving, and lay himself down to be overcome by the storm, as it didn't look as if the ship would come out of this intact. This was the worst encounter that the vessel had ever gone through in its entire time at sea.

Just then, the radios in the cabin lit up, and a message was received from the mainland. It said that the storm was soon to pass, and to hang on until it moved away. As if on cue, the winds suddenly died down, the waves subsided, and the rain stopped.

The captain was amazed, and thanked whatever force had spared his ship and all on it. Though the sun shone for the time being, there was still black storm clouds dotting the sky above the ship, and a thicker patch was awaiting further on. 

There was a feeling of unease in the air, as the worst storm the ship had ever been through had passed, but the captain knew that it wasn't over yet.

The End

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