Just as I'm halfway across the road, a truck turns the corner and heads straight at me. I don't have enough time to move or even think before it slams into me, the weight of it knocking me flat to the ground. 

I land heavily on my arm, my head hitting the ground. Pain seems to erupt from every part of my body and I start to cry.

The truck doors squeal open and slam shut. I hear footsteps coming towards me but I feel too weak to look at who it is. My head is throbbing, my tears blurring my vision. 

"Who are you?" I just barely manage to choke out. Even talking hurts.

"Dad!" A familiar voice screams. "Dad, you hit Camilla!"

I try to remember who the voice belonged to and how the person knew my name, but my thoughts are too jumbled.

"Move out of the way. She's bleeding," a deeper voice replies as someone walks closer to me, stones cracking under their shoes. 

There was silence for a moment, then cold hands touch my arm. "Can you hear me?" The deeper voice asks. I moan in response. "Elliot, call an ambulance."

A deep shock of realization runs through me. I know now exactly who these people were- it was Elliot and his father. I try to sit up to look at them.

The cold hands hold me back, forcing me to stay on the ground. Elliot's dad, probably the owner of the cold hands, says, "Stay down, girl. You're hurt bad."

The End

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