I freeze at my dad's words, my heart beating hard in my chest. "Yes, dad..." I mumble, sitting down in my chair at the table. Raven glances at me and then my parents, then awkwardly walks away.

"She said she walked into you and Amy doing some... strange things. She wouldn't tell us what, said that her daughter had made her promise not to," my mum tells me. "She sounded shocked. So we want to know what you were doing."

My mind runs a mile a minute, trying to come up with a lie. "I was watching TV and Amy was making out with her boyfriend. She invited Elliot over too."

"Oh, so those two are dating now?" My dad asks. He looks relieved.

"Yeah," I say flatly. "Can I go now? I'm not hungry."

"Sure honey," dad says, flashing me a smile.

I get up and leave without saying another word.


After I get upstairs, I text Amy and tell her what happened downstairs. I sit on my bed for a few minutes and stare at my phone, waiting for a reply, but I never get one. 

"Come on," I mutter under my breath. I lie back on my bed, looking up at the ceiling. "I'm so bored."

I get up and walk back downstairs. After putting on my jacket and gloves, I yell "I'm going out for a bit. I'll be back by 9" and walk out the door.


I find myself at the corner of the street, waiting to cross the road, after walking down the street for a block. I want to be as far from home as possible; I swear, my heart's still beating abnormally hard. 

Strikey appears from behind a bush near me. He purrs loudly and rubs his head against my leg. 

"Oh, hi there," I say, picking him up. "I'm surprised you didn't come home with me earlier."

I look left and then right, making sure the road is clear, and then step forward. I don't hear the sounds of the car coming towards me.

The End

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