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I slump down onto the couch in my living room, take off my shoes, and toss them across the room. I've just gotten home from Amy's house and I feel utterly exhausted; her house is almost a 40 minute walk from mine.

"Watch it!" Raven exclaims, though her tone shows that she's joking. 

"Oh, sorry," I say carelessly, glancing over my shoulder at her and realizing I almost hit her with one of the shoes. 

She shrugs and sits down on the couch across from mine. After glancing around to make sure that we were alone, even though our parents were out grocery shopping, she speaks. 

"How are things going with Amy?" She asks, giving me a suggestive look.

Raven's the only person in my family that I told. She's the only one I trust not to yell at me for it.

"Her mother walked in on us kissing," I begin. "She and Amy had a really big fight and then  her mother made me leave."

Her teasing look turned quickly to a frown. "Sorry to hear that, Mills."

I shrug and change the subject. "What'd you do today?"

She keeps silent for a moment, busying herself with scrolling through the TV guide. "I had a fight with dad," is the only thing she says.

I watch her for a moment, my mouth opened slightly in surprise. Forcing it shut, I decide it'd be better not to push her into saying anything more about it. 


"Dinner!" Mum yells from the bottom of the staircase.

I get up, off my bed, and place a bookmark back in my book. I've been desperately wanting to read the Harry Potter series, but I didn't have time until now. 

"So good," I mumble to myself as I make my way down the stairs and over to the dinner table. I feel rather hooked to the book already and I'm only on page 60.

"What is?" Raven asks, following me down the stairs.

"My book," I explain, glancing at her.

"I didn't like that series. I only got to the fourth one and then it got boring," she tells me.

"I think I'll like it," I say. "It's really good so far."

"I'll bet you ten bucks that you won't make it past the fourth book," she says as I step down onto the carpeted floor of the living room. 


She steps down next to me and then shakes my hand. 

We walk into the dining room, side by side. I freeze when I see the looks on mum and dad's faces.

"Mrs. Evans, Amy's mom, called us at the store," dad says, staring at me with a bit of pity in his eyes. "Your mom and I feel that what she told us may be something we need to discuss."

The End

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