Elysia and DamonMature


When we arrive at the park, Aaron and Peter run straight to the other side, out of my sight. 

"Eh, they'll be fine," I mumble to myself as I settle down at my usual spot under an old oak tree. Unlike last time I was here, Elliot won't be interrupting me.

I wish he would.

Knowing that he won't be coming back, I lean my back against the tree and stare into the distance. I don't really feel like practicing right now. 

I watch kids run around the park, playing different games and having a good time as their family watches them. They all look happy, free of worries. I wish I was, too. Instead I'm sitting here, alone and miserable with no-one to talk to but myself.

Random memories of Elliot float through my mind, giving me a bad case of nostalgia. I shake my head clear of them, forcing myself to pick up my guitar. Within seconds, I'm playing "Part of Me" by Katy Perry; it was one of my favorite songs ever.


I'm just finishing playing a Lady Gaga mash-up when a baseball comes flying at me. Instinctively, I duck down, hiding my face so that my glasses can't be cracked and my guitar can't be hit. The ball bounces off the oak tree and lands a few feet in front of me. 

'Damn, that was close,' I think, sitting back up. 

Two teenagers hurry over to me. They look a few years older than me; probably 17 or 18. Both of them have black hair that's sticking up everywhere. I don't realize that one of them is female until she speaks.

"Sorry about the baseball," she says, leaning down to pick it up. Her brother smiles at me, his teeth perfectly white and aligned. 

"Damon," he tells me. "And that's my sister, Elysia."

I stare at them both, taking in their appearances. They've both got shockingly blue eyes, but Damon's are darker. Their skin is tan, as if they spend a lot of their time outside. Unlike my own skin, which is so pale that my veins show. 

"Um," Elysia begins, waving her hand in front of my face. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," I lie. I didn't want to ramble about my problems to them.

"Oh, alright," she says. "Well, sorry again about the baseball."

She turns around and leaves without further discussion. Damon, however, seems to have different plans.

He watches her as she leaves and then sits down next to me. I notice he's staring at my guitar, so I hand it to him.

"You know how to play it?" I ask him, anxiously watching him. I don't particularly like people touching my stuff.

He nods and begins playing a song I've never heard before. I have to admit, though; it sounds great when he plays it.

"What song is that?" I ask, glancing up from the guitar long enough to look at his face. He looks rather concentrated and I question whether or not he actually heard me.

There's a few seconds pause before he responds. "It's an Indian pow-wow song."

"It sounds nice," I say. It makes sense to me that he's playing Indian songs, since it seems like that might be his family's background, by the looks of him and his sister.

"I should get going now," he tells me, handing back my guitar and then getting up and walking away.

'Maybe I'm not as alone as I think I am.'

The End

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