Time seems to freeze, allowing the glory of the kiss to truly shine. She has me pinned against the couch now, lying on top of me. The position makes me thankful that she's only around 100 pounds. 

We're too far into a land of joy to hear the lock on the door turn or see Amy's mother walk inside. 

"Amelia Haley Evans!" She screams, dropping her purse in shock. 

Amy's lips break away from mine and she scrambles off of me and stands up next to the couch. Her expression shows pure fear as she stares at her mother, shaking terribly. 

"I-I'm sorry mother," she stutters out. I've never seen her this way before; she's always been so great when it comes to speech, unlike me.

It took me a minute to comprehend what was going on. Then I realized exactly what had happened- Amy hadn't told her mother she was dating me yet. Not that I can blame her, since I haven't told my parents yet either.

"I should be leaving," I say, starting to get up.

"No," her mother tells me, her voice firm with anger.

I sink back onto the couch without questioning it. The last thing I want to do was anger my girlfriend's mum more than I already have.

"Come, Amelia. I wish to speak to you separately," she hisses at Amy, dragging her down a hallway and into a different room.

Figuring I should just sit here and wait, I lean back on the couch. Strikey hops up and lies down next to me, resting his golden furred head on my lap.

From the other room, I hear yelling, and then the voices lower to frustrated whispers. The door that they entered swings back open so widely that it hits the wall and almost shuts again.

Amy's mum pushes it open wide enough to slip through and hurries back towards me, Amy silently following.

"Would you mind leaving, darling?" Amy's mother asks me, trying to keep civil. 

"Mom," Amy begins, scowling deeply. "She's not leaving. She's staying here until after dinner and then she'll go back to her house."

"I said leave," Her mother repeats, suddenly sounding vicious. 

I pick up Strikey and walk out the door without saying another word.

The End

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