Heading to the ParkMature


After watching the blood for a few more minutes, I stand up and walk across the room. I pick up the blood-covered razor blade and hide it again, under my mattress. The last thing that I needed was someone finding out about this. 

Peter and Aaron pop their heads in the crack between the door. Quickly, I shove my hoodie sleeve back down my arm, hiding the long slit across my wrist. 

"Ry!" Aaron squeaks, grinning at me. "Since we don't have school, we were wondering if we could go to the park."

"We wanna play ninjas," Peter adds, sounding irritated. "Dad won't let us play here because we're too loud and he won't let us go alone."

'He probably just wants to be alone so he can get drunk again,' I think to myself.

"Sure," I say as I stand up. "Let me get my guitar and we can go."

They dart away, probably back to their room to get their shoes and coats on.

Picking up a notebook and a pen, I shove both things into the front pocket of my guitar case and zip it closed. Then I pick it up and walk out of my room, throwing a backwards glance over my shoulder to make sure that the evidence of what happened is gone. 

I still feel dead inside at the thought of Elliot, but I shove the thoughts away. 'I have to act happy. I have to be a good big brother.'

As I walk out the door with Aaron and Peter, I try and think of happy things. I struggle to think of anything, my thoughts always wondering back to memories of the one person that ever made me truly happy in life. The same person that walked right back out of my life this morning.

'I miss him so much already.'

The End

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