Surprise VisitMature


It takes a few minutes for my thoughts to stop rushing, my heart to stop pounding, and my face and ears to cool down again. Once I'm calm, I push open the keyboard on my phone to reply to Amy's text. However, I'm only past the word "hey" before I get another message.

"I'm waiting for you in your front yard. -Amy.

I rush quickly over to the window and stare down into my yard. Sure enough, she's standing on the sidewalk leading to my front porch, grinning widely. Fumbling around, I unlock my window and push it open. 

"Amy!" I yell down at her. It feels like a year since I've seen her, even though it's been less than 12 hours. 

Something inside of me is tugging, willing me to tell her that I love her too. I swallow hard, panicking at the idea. 'I've never told anyone I loved them. At least, not anyone that isn't related to me.'

Yet, through the nervousness, I manage to race down the stairs and swing the door open.

"Hi Cam," she says, still grinning. "Did you get my text?"

I nod stiffly, suddenly unable to speak. The tug in my stomach dies down and then disappears altogether, forcing me back to a state of horror and panic. 'What do I tell her? Oh God, I wanna tell her how I feel so bad, but... I can't... I just can't.'

"Since Elliot and Ryder are busy, I thought maybe you'd like to go to my house. We've been kind of busy these last few weeks, I figured it'd be nice just to hang out with you and relax," she tells me. 

'I wonder if she forgot about telling me she loves me in the text,' I think to myself.

"Sure," I say, taking her hand and entwining our fingers. She blushes deeply.

Allowing her to take the lead, we walk down the street hand in hand, grinning widely at each other. 

The End

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