Beginning 'Bro Day'Mature


I wake up the next morning to someone beating me with a pillow. 

"Dude!" A voice that could only belong to Elliot exclaims. "Wake up. We've gotta get this bro day started!" 

I groan and kick him in the stomach, making him stumble a few feet backwards and drop the pillow.

"It's too early for this shit," I mutter, glancing at my alarm clock. 7:09. 

"Man up," Elliot snaps back at me as he brushes a bit of fur from his dog off his jeans. "We're gonna have a good time. Just you and me, like the good old days."

I honestly have no idea what "good old days" he's referring to. We've always hung out with Amy and Camilla, and even when Camilla wasn't around, Amy still was. It's rare for us to be alone; I try to avoid being alone with him because it makes me nervous.

"Fine," I say, rolling out of my bed. I hit the carpet with a dull thud and sit up, staring up at him. "What's first on our bro day list?"

"Well, you may want to consider getting some clothes on first," he suggests, pointing out the fact that I'm only in a pair of blue plaid boxers.

My face and ears turn a deep shade of red as he says this. Scrambling up, off the ground, I hurriedly pull on a dark red t-shirt from American Eagle and a pair of gray skinny jeans.

"Now what are we gonna do?" I ask as I pull on a black hoodie and zip it up. Even now, in the middle of December, the weather still remains a decent 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

"We're gonna get some girls, of course," he tells me, patting me on the back hard enough that I almost fall down. 

Before I can stop myself, the words slip out of my mouth. "I don't want to get some random girl. I don't want a girl at all. I don't like girls like you do, Elliot..."

The End

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