Waking Up EarlyMature


The next morning, I wake up at 7:12 exactly. 

"Of course," I mumble under my breath, blinking away the last remnants of sleep from my eyes. "The day that I don't have school, I wake up early. Of course."

Swinging one leg out from under the covers and then the other, I reluctantly stand up. 'How did I even manage to wake up early? I never do that.' 

Then I notice that the screen of my phone is flashing with the words "new message". The beep I use as a text notification must have woken me up.

"Who the hell gets up this early on their own?" I think to myself, though it accidentally comes out of my mouth instead.

As my phone loads, I consider the possibilities; even though there's only one that's actually likely. Amy is the only person that I know that likes mornings and willingly gets up early.

Finally, it's finished loading and the message pops up.

"Hey Cam. I know it's early, but whenever you get this, remember to reply."

Of course, she had to remind me to reply. I smiled slightly; Amy knows that I forget to do things like that.

"Also, Elliot and Ryder are having some kind of 'bro day', so neither of them will want to hang out with us today. I suppose they'll go and make out with some girls or something.

But anyway, I hope to talk to you soon. 

Love you. -Amy."

My stare lingers at the last two words, heat rushing to my face and ears. Nobody has ever texted me with such a long message before. Or said that they loved me.

I lean back, against the wall, trying to find myself some support. The rush of joy running through me right now felt like enough to make me collapse. 

The End

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